Heroes of Mavia – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Heroes of Mavia is a solid addition to AAA blockchain-based builder games. This builder game lets you build bases, grow and improve your army, and fight enemies to conquer territories.

Heroes of Mavia has 4 segments

  1. Create a base to repel invading enemies.

Your base is your residence, and it must be protected by all means. Build strategically placed walls, turrets, and traps to keep opponents away from your valuable Gold, Oil, and RUBY riches.

  1. Command a force of infantry, vehicles, and aircraft

Choose from a variety of infantry, vehicle, and air troops to attack enemy bases. Each unit has unique weaknesses and strengths, so you require a proper strategy to best utilize your arsenal

  1. RUBY and other in-game materials can be earned.

You can earn RUBY in a variety of ways, including successfully defending your base, winning offensive fights, removing base obstructions, completing challenges, and more. Oil and gold are in-game resources that your base makes, as well as resources that your army can steal from opponents\’ bases.

  1. Upgrade Base, Hero, and NFT Statue.

Heroes of Mavia Token and Gameplay

RUBY can be used to improve the worth of your NFTs in the game. Bases can only be upgraded by using RUBY to raise the HQ level. Besides, Heroes assist your army in defending and attacking your base. Statues boost your overall performance.

This play to earn game requires you to effectively command your army like a general and use strategy to win your battles. Moreover, the game is playable along with other online users, whose bases you can choose to attack, and when they come knocking on your door, you better be ready to defend.

To be more effective and earn bigger rewards it is important to have a proper strategy, you must grow your base, and your character and utilize your earned RUBY carefully. A wrong decision may cause problems in the road ahead. Lastly, the game promises to be a truly immersive game and overtake the clash of clans.

Check Out the Game\’s Trailer