Highrise – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Highrise, a digital world that began as a simple social game in 2014, has grown to over a million monthly players and is now one of the internet\’s largest digital metaverse.

Players can live, play, earn money, and grow in a rich online environment with Highrise. And, because most people want a digital world where they can make money by spending time online. the game launched two key projects last year to provide maximum value to its citizens: cash out, and blockchain.

Highrise NFT and HCC

The company\’s first non-fungible token collection of game avatars in the form of Creatures is the Highrise Creature Club (HCC). Each creature has its own collection of items that it can use within the virtual world. Moreover, the game is more than a virtual reality experience. It\’s a fully immersive digital universe that you can carry around in your pocket. With immersive multiplayer capabilities and metaverse features, you can take gaming and social activities to a whole new level.

Players interact with NFT walls, flooring, furniture, and other in-game things that can be resold and traded with other Highrise residents, choosing from over 40,000 NFT avatars or creating their own. Furthermore, you can go around, communicate with other people, build houses, decorate your room, and even engage in online activities and make new relationships with virtual people.

The Highrise app has expanded at an exponential rate since its launch in 2020, earning $30 million in revenue and allowing users to trade over $100,000 in things every day with the option to pay out. Residents of Highrise also get to keep the majority of the money that flows into the gaming space.

Pocket Worlds is going to introduce Highrise World soon. Which will be created on Ethereum, it will give users proper digital ownership of their in-game assets. A marketplace will also be launched and there will also be gameplay improvements.

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