Infinite Fleet – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Infinite Fleet is a new AAA game on the Liquid Network blockchain. Liquid Network is actually a sidechain of Bitcoin. The play-to-earn game is an MMORPG or as it is being called MMORTS. Moreover, the game has great graphics and a rich storyline to give the players a true experience with an opportunity to win money on the side. Developed by veteran game developers like Charlie Lee, the creators hope to give a first-class game experience. Early access was granted to the players so that the developers may develop the game according to the taste and choice of the community.

Infinite Fleet Storyline:

The game allows the players the independence required to develop their own story and lore of the game as players participate to write in the chronicles giving it a rich history. The planet is under attack and humanity must join together to fight off the foreign foe. The United Sol Federation (USF) is the last defense life against the alien threat called the Atrox which has come to destroy mankind.


Each player will control a fleet of starships with an AI companion to roam around and participate in battles for space domination. Besides, the gameplay will be PvE enabling players to raise their stats. A “companion app” is also available which will help in trading NFTs, managing tokens, and sending assets to other players. The players will be able to achieve instant jumps in their stats by looking for Godspeed Zones.


To play, you must own a fleet of starships. These starships are NFTs that have actual value and unique characteristics to them. Moreover, the NFTs will include ships, shipyards, and fleets. The game economy runs on the INF token which can be used in transactions between players and vendors, as well as, players with other players. INF token is not up for sale, the only way to earn them is by playing the game so that no one would get an unjust edge in the game.