Influence – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Influence is based on a limited number of 250,000 asteroids, each with its own set of resources and extra unique bonus rewards. Asteroid rights can be purchased or players can start for free on Adalia Prime. Once a player has decided where they want to play, they can begin mining, building, and refining the material that has been pulled up from beneath their asteroid\’s surface.

Influence, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, provides players complete control over their content. Forget about gated communities that limit what you can do with ‘your’ in-game material. Instead, using SWAY as in-game money, influence allows users to breathe life into a thriving virtual economy.

Influence Gameplay


Ships are the lifeblood of Adalia, from carrying products to markets around Adalia aboard transports to battling off swarms of pirates invading your alliance\’s borders with heavily equipped frigates.


Asteroids are key to Adalia\’s basis because there are no friendly planets. Under their hard surfaces are the critical resources, the means to survival in the hostile atmosphere of space. With so much variety, each asteroid requires its own strategy.


You will construct facilities to meet your demands and expand your dominance within the belt, from mineral extractors and factories to shipyards and markets. Moreover, master complicated industrial chains, construct a system-wide trade hub, or strip-mine for minerals; the option is yours.


Each member of your crew can choose from one of five classes, each with its own set of skills. Consequently, increase mining efficiency, fly faster, and construct more complex structures; your crew\’s in-game actions affect their skill growth.

Influence places a strong emphasis on futuristic realism, and because there is no hiding in space, tactics, and strategy are crucial to your success. Moreover, you should be sure that you and your alliance\’s fleets are equipped to respond to threats. Traveling across the belt takes time, and you\’ll want to make sure you\’re in the best possible position to face your foes.

Influence Trailer