Karmaverse Zombie – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

In the Karmaverse metaverse, the world has been attacked with a virus that was to destroy it but the world survives barely but now roaming with zombies and mutants. Each player has a survival shelter that they need to protect and build a stronghold against any enemy attack. The game comprises both GameFi and SocialFi elements. Karmaverse metaverse consists of all the games produced by the studio in a single universe. Moreover, it is a Simulated Life Game (SLG) that is decentralized for better player ownership.

Karmaverse Zombie Storyline

A virus spread throughout the world with the intention of wiping out humans. However, due to the resilience of mankind, some still managed to survive the apocalyptic pandemic. Now the remaining survivors have each found a shelter accompanied by their fighters to ward off the zombies and mutants. The fighter will be a unique NFT with real value and players having complete control over them.


Karmaverse Zombie is claimed to be the world’s first play-and-earn game where the focus is on the game part first. The players can also create an ensemble of fighters to create a strong horde or team that can become the greatest mercenary group in the game’s metaverse. The NFT fighters have their rarity which is shown by the stars they possess. One star means the most common fighter while the five stars are the rarest fighters in the game.


The Karmaverse Zombie uses the SERUM and KNOT tokens like all the other titles under the Karmaverse universe. The Karmverse has its own marketplace where assets and NFTs can be freely traded among players. However, in order to withdraw in-game tokens, the players must at least have an in-game account, at least 3 NFT fighters in their account, and the amount withdrawn must be greater than the withdrawal fee.

Karmaverse Zombie Tutorial