Kawaii Islands – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Kawaii Island provides you with a fantasy universe, in which you can build, craft, farm, socialize, and more. You can earn NFTs with real-life value and can easily exchange them for fiat currency.

Each player will need one Binance Smart Chain account to link their MetaMask Wallet to the gameplay with NFTs. In the future, Kawaii Islands will expand and support other Wallets. To access the mobile versions, you\’ll need to create an email account with a password to store your progress.

For transactions they have the aiRight Exclusive Marketplace, Kawaii Islands allows users to sell all important game products as NFTs. All members of the Kawaii Islands have the ability to start their own business and trade or farm NFTs. As you use your wallet address to log in to Kawaii Islands, all purchased things from the Marketplace will automatically appear in your in-game Silo and Storage, and vice versa. Our gamers will benefit from smooth transactions and easy stock control. Winners of airdrops can also claim their prizes on the aiRight Marketplace, which will be sent directly to their wallets.

Kawaii Islands Gameplay

With the play-to-earn mechanism in place, Kawaii Islands will be more than just another leisure game. Each player will have the opportunity to utilize their business intuition and put their math skills to use in order to optimize their profit. Because each plant and creature require various input and produces different products, its owners must consider the number of items they must create for orders. Farming, Crafting, and Order/Quest functions will be used to make Decoration and Fashion goods for Home Decorating and Character Styling, as well as other Social Networking features.

Starting the game, each player will plant Magical Plants on Fields, wait for the fruits to ripen, and then harvest them. These fruits help players to make colors or to feed the Magical Creatures. Players can read the gaming items for further information about this feeding flow.

The Magical Creature\’s priceless eggs can be converted into Materials, and players can pay an in-game fee (in Silvers) to manufacture Decoration items or tailor Fashion outfits by picking a certain pattern.

Some More Features in Kawaii Islands

Players will earn and save the essential things to join the Home Decorating and Fashion Styling features after gaining farming and crafting experience. Players can earn MILKY tokens by participating in seasonal leagues. Kawaii Islands is a virtual community for users with different social networking activities and Clan features to interact and help one other, in addition to solo activities. The Clan feature will enable many activities to connect and link members, with the goal of creating a resourceful community that plays and earns together. In future updates, there will be various Leaderboards and events where players can participate and win rewards.

Kawaii Islands Trailer