Meda Shooter – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Meda Shooter is a series of minigames with super fun blockchain games with NFT rewards. Developed by the Cryptomeda Universe which never ceases to amaze us with new features and updates, comes the mini-game Meda Shooter. Designed as an infinite side-scrolling shooting game with simple 2D graphics, the game follows the storyline of two opposite groups waging an endless battle against each other.

Meda Shooter Gameplay

The two sides, the Goliath and the Renegade showcase a divided society. The game is free to play so everyone can take part in battles and tournaments. Moreover, the simple gameplay involves moving your hero up and down and blocking attacks while shooting enemies. The killing of Swarm enemies may sometime release tokens that players need to collect. The earned tokens TECH can be staked and farmed to enhance abilities and achieve other perks at the start. Moreover, killing the enemies increases the score, however, if the enemy is missed by the Hero, the score is reduced. The score defines the power of the hero which will be pivotal to upgrading the value of the NFT hero.

Before entering a battle, the players can upgrade their NFT heroes by buying different equipment, weapons, armor, and other accessories. Meda Shooter now offers new NFT weapons upgrade meaning that the weapons are also NFTs now. The Goliath group and Renegade group have their own set of special skills that the players can look at and opt for the side they have expertise in playing. The Goliaths have the Chain Gun ability and the Renegades have the Deep Wound ability, while both sides can use the Snap ability but require revolution cards. The in-game token TECH can be used to upgrade the NFT Heroes, buy weapons, accessories, armor, etc. Cryptomeda is now partnering up with some other gaming outlets to make cross-game dynamics possible, thus increasing the Cryptomeda universe. The ultimate goal of Cryptomeda is to make NFT gaming fun, accessible, and simple for everyone.

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