MekaApes are a highly advanced ape species that has spent thousands of years traveling across space. They came and found a planet coated in metallic waste materials one day while looking for new resources. When they came to this unknown planet, they found mini robot creatures that were made from scrap metal, they were called the Robo Oogas.

Robo Oogas are a hardworking breed, and they\’ve created factories to turn scrap metal into valuable $OG, which they use to create new Robo Oogas and expand the population. Each freshly generated Robo begins as a Scrap Scout and can progress through the levels to become an executive bot.

Robo Oogas are a highly capable and self-sufficient species. However, because they are freely exposed to the dangers of the cosmos, they are easy targets for the Space Droid Federation, an evil organization that steals from the Robos Oogear on a regular basis. To protect themselves from the ruthless Space Droid Federation, the Oogas formed a deal with the MekaApes to protect the factories from the nasty Droids in exchange for $OG.

The Meka Apes are a formidable race that, when in a combined group, can protect the factories even better. Mega Mekas earn a higher part of the $OG created in the factory because merging burns a significant quantity of resources. The formidable merging Mekas are occasionally handed newly produced Robo Oogas as a tribute for their assistance in defending the Robos.

The Factory in MekaApes

When Robo Oogas are staked in the Factory, they produce $OG. The MekaApes who protect the plant earn a cut of the $OG produced. As a token of gratitude, merging MekaApes are given newly made Robo Oogas and MekaApes.


At the end of Stage 1, the total supply will be 55,000 NFTs. You can use $OG or $DMT to create more Robo Oogas after the initial minting of 10,000 NFTs. Crafting is the name for this functionality. There\’s a 10% chance you\’ll get a MekaApe instead of a Robo Ooga when manufacturing Robo Oogas.


MekaApes brought a precious and rare material called Dark Matter ($DMT) when they discovered the Robo Oogas. Players can use this Meka Apes home planet Dark Matter to level up Robo Oogas. This will make them more productive and allow them to acquire capabilities that are valuable to the game. There are four different levels in Robo Ooga.

Each freshly manufactured robot begins as a Scrap Scout and progresses through the levels to become an executive bot.

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