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\”Outlaw Troopers\” is a play-and-own Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game set in the FGL Metaverse, in which players can collect virtual items using the WAX blockchain. This game offers an immersive and exciting gaming experience for players.

\”Outlaw Troopers\” offers virtual valuable items such as troopers, space stations, encounter passes, and more in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This game is the third play-and-own game on the WAX blockchain to use the FGL token, adding an extra layer of value and excitement for players.

Outlaw Troopers Game Overview

In \”Outlaw Troopers,\” players can send their troopers on missions to collect credits, gears, and ore. They can also participate in dangerous encounters to rank up on the leaderboard and win big prizes. The goal is to build the most powerful outlaw empire. The game consists of both a passive and active part, offering a diverse and engaging gaming experience for players.

The Passive Gameplay

Missions are where the passive part comes in. Go on a heist mission to stock up on credits! How about a hijacking mission to steal some ore from transporter ships? You decide!

When you go on your mission, be sure to pick the best ship for the job! Upgrade to ships from the Cosmic Clash game for max potential!

Collect and craft powerful gears to use on your missions. Want some better results from your missions? Apply some grunt gears to increase cargo capacity, lower mission costs, and more!Would you like to perform better in encounters?

Look for tactician gears to boost your ship\’s shields, armor, and weapon power! Finally, if you are looking for special abilities in your encounters, check out the powerful power gears! Summon a wingman to watch your back, become immune to all damage for a time, and much more!

Once you have leveled up your trooper and upgraded your ship with powerful gear, it is time to take on a dangerous encounter!

The Active Gameplay

Encounters are an active part of the game. Real-time combat-based instances feature a variety of game mechanics such as prison breaks, boss battles, tower defense, and more!

FGL Metaverse

The FGL Metaverse includes Outlaw Troopers! Upgrade your ships from the basic virtual trooper ships to powerful Cosmic Clash ships for big bonuses! Earn the FGL token by winning fun encounters and climbing the leaderboard!

The FGL Token is used across the entire FGL NFT game portfolio, including Cosmic Clash, Mecha World, and the upcoming Nifty Fish.ss


Now watch the video game review of Outlaw Troopers:


Outlaw Troopers on Youtube

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Best Game Review – Outlaw Troopers

Outlaw Troopers is a play-and-own NFT game in the FGL Metaverse based on virtual item collection using the WAX blockchain.

Outlaw Troopers

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