Planet Quest – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

In the exploration game PlanetQuest, users take control of their own planets and can evolve and improve them to raise their worth. Users can go on expeditions, gather resources, build bases, engage in fights with extraterrestrial monsters, look for game artifacts, and invite friends to play. The game has a decentralized plot that players, acting as representatives of their group, choose by voting on numerous dilemmas. Players, planets, and guilds all participate in PlanetQuest\’s play to earn economy. Both individual play rewards and quantum rewards are available. For a quantum price, users can lend equipment to other players, and planet and guild owners may receive quantum bonuses based on how well their players perform.

Genesis Engine for Developing Planets

Planets can be created via the Genesis Engine in a player\’s browser. It is claimed that every planet is unique and has detailed characteristics that are interlinked. The existence of polar caps on a planet depends on its temperature. The extent of any woods and other types of plants, as well as the number of clouds passing over the globe, are correlated with the accessible body of water. The Genesis Engine creates many details for planet creation in three dimensions adhering to natural laws.

The PQX Token in Planet Quest

Quantum (PQX) is the name of PlanetQuest\’s utility token. PQX is a currency that helps to interact with the market, make gear, get interplanetary travel, rename planets, and activate antiquated artifacts. Quantum has a 2.5 billion unit supply overall, and devs plan to distribute it completely over a six-year period. About 17 percent of its supply is sold in both public and private transactions, and 22.5 percent goes to its development staff. The remaining 5 percent is set away as a reserve, and 2.5 percent is set aside for advisors.

The remaining 46% is for reward distribution, with only 4% going into liquidity pools. Although the reception is not passive, players receive Quantum through ownership of planet and guild NFTs. It is the responsibility of planet owners to promote increasing player activity within their own area of influence, and it is the responsibility of guild leaders to persuade successful planet owners to join their guild. Additionally, gear NFTs also serve the purpose of a rental asset to other players by anyone who has them.

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