Revoland – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Revoland is an exciting new blockchain NFT game on the Binance Smart chain. The game resembles the Brawl Stars game and offers multiple game modes for the players to enjoy.

Revoland Gameplay:

The game offers six different gameplay modes which include the following,

  • Fruit Bash – You must gather 10 holy fruits in order to win this game. It is a 3v3 playing mode.
  • Bounty Hunter – You must defeat your enemies to steal their bounty. It is a 6-player game mode.
  • Clocktower – March upon the enemy bases and hideouts to destroy them and collect power-ups. This is also a 3v3 mode of playing.
  • Doodle Dash – The goal here is to cover as much land space as you can with your teammates to claim it. This is also a 3v3 playing mode.
  • Battle Square – This is perhaps the most epic flex mode in the game where a battle royale ensues. You against ten other players, fight for your survival.
  • Altar Assault – another property grabbing mode where you have to catch the altar to win. Another one of the 3v3 game modes.


The game economics is based on two tokens. The game offers a $LAND token for in-game rewards and winnings. While $REVO is the game’s governance token. The supply of $LAND tokens is 100 billion and it can only be earned through bounty fights. $REVO has a total supply of 120 million which will be awarded based on usage, contribution, and activity. $REVO is used by Revoland assets and NFTs in the game.

Revoland Assets:

The game requires three NFT heroes to participate in the game and it is the main asset of the game. The value of the NFT hero depends upon its rarity. There are three levels of rarity – normal, rare, and epic. These heroes are upgradeable and each NFT hero can be modified through changing skins which are only cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay.

Revoland First Steps Guide