Revv Racing – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Revv Racing is the first 3D car racing game in the realm of Ethereum blockchain developed by Animoca Brands. It is a P2E car simulation arcade racing game where the players enjoy the thrill of the race while making money. What makes the game different from others is its good graphics which are scarce in blockchain games. Secondly, the low gas fees are also a plus point the game enjoys.

Revv Racing NFTs

The cars in the game and their various parts are NFTs which are available for sale on the Polygon OpenSea platform. Using your arsenal of cars you can earn money by ranking yourself on the leaderboard by winning the races against other players or against the clock. Moreover, players can get involved in the business by buying some track parts as investment shares or even ownership of drivers and trophies. The winnings in Revv Racing are in the form of REVV tokens. These REVV tokens are also applicable in other games by the same developers. Such as Formula E, F1 Delta Time, and MotoGP Ignition which increase the potential value of REVV tokens.

At the start of the game, collectively the players get an award of 70,000 REVV in each challenge and a limited number of tries for free. Afterward, further tries will cost the players which is payable through REVV tokens. Another exciting feature in Revv Racing is driver hiring, where the car owner can hire a driver for the races. The earnings through this method are equally shared between the driver and the owner. This makes the game a lot closer to reality. The game is surely a great addition to the Revv Motorsport ecosystem as well as to the community. Playing your favorite car race game and earning real cash is something out of a fantasy world. But it is true and happening.

Revv Racing Official Trailer