Solitaire: Earn Real Bitcoin – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Solitaire: Earn Real Bitcoin is a fun-filled strategy board game, now comes with the option of earning real Bitcoin while you play it!

Solitaire is a classic game of cards that people have been playing for a long time. The game then came to the digital world, both on PCs and mobiles. However, now the game has advanced even further and you can earn Bitcoins as you play and win it. In association with the Bling platform, PlayDay Studios brings Bitcoin Solitaire – Get Real Bitcoin Free, whereas you play the game you get to earn Bitcoin.

Tokenomics of Solitaire: Earn Real Bitcoin

In this addictive Solitaire card game, players will earn Bling coins. These coins are exchangeable for Bitcoins. Moreover, the developers have made it apparent that the winnings in the game are not worth huge amounts. The actual earned Bitcoin will be in cents but still the game does not promise fake profits and you won’t be getting rich. However, it is still real money and if you are addicted to the game like I am, then you are surely going to make some cash on the side. Those players who are very adamant about playing it on daily basis get the edge of accumulating a fair sum of Bling tokens that can be exchanged for Bitcoins.

Gameplay and Features

The game offers multiple features which make it fun to play and the players are not bored by it. There is an option of drawing 1 card or 3 cards and the card decks are also customizable according to the players’ taste. Moreover, the game offers unlimited hints to the players so that they may continue playing as they wish. The difficulty levels lie with the players and they can modify it as they deem fit. If the players would like to make the gameplay difficult, they can initiate a time limit for their sessions.

The price of Bitcoin is ever soaring and it seems like the optimal time to get into this game which you can access from your mobile at your ease and earn cash on the side!

Solitaire: Earn Real Bitcoin Review