The Football Club – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

The Football Club is a play to earn NFT metaverse game that introduces real-world teams and players to the WEB3. Football is the most popular game throughout the world and fantasy football shares equal levels of craze among the fans.

The Football Club is initiated on the Flow blockchain technology because of its quick pace, rapid transactions, and user-friendly interface. The first of its kind, the Football Club connects the WEB3 and metaverse with the concept of fantasy football.

The NFT players are collectibles and are digitally licensed. The game is free to play so that every enthusiast of football can become a part of this community and sports gaming revolution.

Each player has an avatar NFT, and the lifestyle in the club and the progress as a manager are improvable by buying NFT items. The members of the Football Club Management will be able to manage their own team and they can choose from a collection of 1000 licensed original players.

The Football Club Gameplay

A tournament kicks off weekly and the winner gets to increase their XP. Moreover, winners also win coins which help in participating in more matches and tournaments of higher rankings. The matches are played in real-time and non-participants join the match as spectators.

The project is a fruit of Unagi’s fantasy football game partnering with the Arsenal Football Club. The project has a lot of support and investment from the DreamCraft Co. In addition, the players earn money not only by winning the matches but also by just participating and raising the ranks.

The in-game currency is $CHAMP which is the utility token, while the $MGC token is the main rewarding source for the managers in the form of manager contracts.

Moreover, according to the spokesperson for Arsenal, the player statistics in the game will increase or decrease according to the performance of the player in the real world.

So, are you ready to become the manager of a world-renowned football club!?

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