The Harvest – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

The Harvest is a fresh take on the classical MOBA shooting genre with the inclusion of a trading-card game to create NFT. These NFT heroes let a player dominate the world with a squad of heroes and fighters.

The Harvest Gameplay

The gameplay of The Harvest is multiplayer and you take part in expeditions with your team members. Each hero in a team is from a different civilization. However, the purpose is the same i.e. to land on a planet called O’Ree-Jin and harvest the “essence” as much as they can. Moreover, the team that harvests the most essence will advance in the game.

The four major civilizations introduced as of yet (a fifth one coming soon) include the Imperial Triarchy, Drifters Commonwealth, The Ascendancy, and the Sons of Venor.

Imperial Triarchy is a cyborg-like race of subterranean civilization on a planet\’s surface.

Drifters Commonwealth are intergalactic nomadic people roaming from planet to planet.

The Ascendancy is a race of higher beings made of pure energy with the ability to manipulate light.

The Sons of Venor are a hunting-gathering civilization that looks for dangerous creatures as a custom that makes them fit for overt operations.

The Harvest NFT and TCG

The game uses a trading-card format to wage battles by combining different ability cards to form unique battle attacks and combos or to use companion cards to use the help of companion gadgets and creatures. Besides, the game gives the players vast options from skins and items that help to modify their NFT heroes. Moreover, new skins will release every month to enhance the uniqueness and depth of the NFTs. The game is only available in an alpha version to some selected players, the open Beta-version will be available by the first quarter of 2023, and LiveOps is set to be available by the end of the same year. The in-game tokens $HAR and $EOL are ready to be released soon with a finite supply.

The Harvest Trailer