The Nemots – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

Once Wildcard, now The Nemots card game, the developers have renewed the name of the game.

The Nemots, developed by Playful Studios, is the first installment in the Wildcard Alliance game series on the WEB3. The game takes a lot of inspiration from glorious storytelling and rich lore to entertain and immerse the players in a world of power and magic.

Nemots Preface

The game takes you back to the 80s where a strange green energy beam is causing chaos and giving birth to celestials, creating NFT creatures. These strange creatures are a fusion of everyday objects and animals. In addition, the high-quality graphics keep the players hooked and provide a very riveting action-filled experience in an arena-styled battle royale.  Here, wildcards help summon powerful and mythical creatures with supernatural powers called nemot.

The Nemots Tournament and Gameplay

Initially, the game will hold an invite-only participation tournament between the two adversaries namely Locke and Bolgar. Both adversaries battle each other in a grudge match to increase their skills. The rest of the players are observers in the event and assist in the proceedings of the match. The result of this PvP match results in a grande tournament during the late summers of 2022 in the Frostburn Arena which will be broadcasted live online.

These battles along with the other proceedings of the game will help build the history and lore of the game. Nemots is all-inclusive, real, and immersive on its own, giving the players a lifetime experience. This format of gaming allows a decentralized platform for the NFT gaming enthusiast willing to earn money while having fun. Wildcard Tokens (WCT) is the in-game token.

Finally, the industry veterans with rich experience and expertise are leading the Wildcard game. Some of the previous projects by these industry veterans are Orcs Must Die and Age of Empires. Blockchain technology companies and platforms like Polygon and Paradigm are also associated with the project giving the game a well-established and reliable repute. So, what are you waiting for? Join in the action!

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