vEmpire: The Beginning – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

vEmpire: The Beginning is the pioneer in the metaverse world where it has owned properties and assets across all major platforms before metaverse was popular.

The vEmpire Beginning DDAO is a decentralized project where the players have independence and liberty in the decisions of the world. It is a play to earn, two-player, trading-card, strategy game, in which the players can battle each other out to conquer lands through their troops.

The game is set in the Roman folklore of the two legendary brothers Romulus and Remus who have built their armies over a long course of time and now they are vying to conquer the metaverse for glory.

The two brothers battle for the throne after their father’s death. Romulus is the man of the people and Remus is power hungry so everything goes. To start playing, you have to choose which army you are going to join. Each clan has 51 cards at its disposal, out of which each player must choose 25, and 15 will be assigned automatically to enter a battle.

vEmpire: The Beginning Tokenomics

The in-game token is called $VEMP and in order to enter a battle, they are required. Moreover, the amount $VEMP will decide your opponents and the earnings of that battle.

However, there is also a free-to-play option in the game. It is a 3-round battle mode, and each next round is played with the surviving cards from the previous round. The game is simple but very tactical giving it an exciting experience of power show and earnings.

Come and join the empire and rule together with the fraternity.

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