War Riders – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

War Riders is a unique game on the WEB3 side of gaming showcasing a vast post-apocalyptic world. In this world, you destroy vehicles and cars roaming around the wasteland and lot them for their parts. Moreover, each collectible part of the vehicle like the skin, the engine, the wheels, etc. is an NFT and is tradeable in the market using the in-game token called Benzene ($BZN).

The war machine vehicles in the game are customizable, and so are the garages. These upgrades are achievable by exploring and mining for $BZN in the vast wasteland of War Riders. Apart from this, $BZN helps players to buy weapons, nitro boost, armors, etc. Moreover, there is an additional option of looting other war machines of their equipment and their Benzene. So, players can attack them as they are taking their Benzene back to the garage to redeem it.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain technology, the game environment is very cyberpunk with rock music, machine guns, Western-styled characters, and sand dunes. Besides, the whitepaper of War Riders is known as “war paper.” This paper explains the gameplay, pointing out that it is a free-to-play project. However, players need to buy and own the cars to start playing, averaging between $30-$55.

War Riders Gameplay

There will be three categories of war machines available depending upon the rarity, value, and power of the vehicles, namely being, regular, mid-grade, and premium. War Riders will release 1000,000 regular war machines, and 150,000 mid-grade vehicles, and only 30,000 units will be made in the premium range. Even in the premium range, there will be a specialized class of War Machines with over 1000 units called the Special Vehicles. The very first time when the war machine is bought, it will have a full tank of Benzene, although later on, players need to mine for it which means they need to be careful about choosing their expeditions and missions.

War Riders Alpha Gameplay Trailer