WaveLings – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

WaveLings is a unique idea of introducing AI companions to the NFT characters which assist in the game dynamics. WaveLings is a full-world MMO game based on the Enjin blockchain ecosystem. The game dynamics depend on completing tasks and quests to achieve points, ranking, and of course cryptocurrency. The development studio behind the game is Axana Games.

WaveLings Gameplay

The game is set in a futuristic fictional world where blockchain technology has ended all the plights of the world. In this utopian world, you can buy or earn parcels of land that can be used to farm new resources and investments. Land parcels are tradeable tokens that can be exchanged or sold on the EnjinX marketplace and other marketplaces. In addition, the game dynamics allow the gamers to use the land parcels for advertising real-life products and create NFTs out of it. At the start, every player must join a giant corporation that will decide their friends and foes.

The AI Companion:

What sets WaveLings apart from all other similar projects is the AI companion that each player receives, as they enter the world of WaveLings. Moreover, WaveLings also works as an educational platform for the newbies in the blockchain and WEB3 world. The AI companion helps the new players in a step-by-step manner on how to make a crypto wallet; how to connect it with the game; what are the tokenomics of the game; and much more. Lastly, every AI companion is a collectible NFT asset using Enjin blockchain technology which is upgradable.

WaveLings is for Everyone

The game developers wish to make WaveLings an all-inclusive platform for all races, gender, disability, and sexual orientation. Therefore, there is an option for non-conforming gender identities.

Technology and Tokenomics:

WaveLings has partnered with the Enjin platform and uses the ERC-1155 token on blockchain technology. In addition, Enjin has Efinity which is a sidechain and not a blockchain that operates on Ethereum, providing the security and protection needed for such games.

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