World of Defish – P2E Game – Play-To-Earn Game

World of Defish is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology.

World of Defish is a DeFi gaming experience meaning the world of the game is decentralized. Moreover, it is the players that will eventually own all of the assets in the game.

The World of Defish offers the players a vast world to explore through fishing by introducing different types of water bodies. Players have the luxury to use these water bodies for fishing like seas, lakes, oceans, and rivers. Moreover, each zone consists of different types of fish with different. Getting a hand on these fish requires unique qualities.

World of Defish Token and Gameplay

The fish in the game are NFTs that have their own value and worth in the marketplace with different rarity and breeds. Moreover, the in-game token called $WOD helps players to trade these NFT fishes. $WOD is a BEP-20 token with a fixed supply.

There are other ways to earn money in the game through investments in land areas and water body territories. Players can earn money by renting out the water and land territories as fishing resorts with fares and entry fees. Moreover, players can also add more varieties of fish to their fishing farms. In addition, they can upgrade the infrastructure to attract fishermen to their resorts, in order to enhance their income.

The map of the fishing zones are viewable to the players and they can see the number of fisherman there, the variety and number of fish in the zone, and different other stats which will be pivotal for the players to make in-game decisions. The in-game currency WOD can be mined in the different areas of the game while fishing.

However, by increasing the quality of the equipment and tools for fishing, the players can catch more fish and mine more WOD. The game also offers trading and different fishing competition to increase their worth as a fisherman, earning more money while augmenting their NFT fish collection.

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