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Episode 29; Mobile Growth Association (MGA) And Their June Event MGS Global Virtual Conference 1.0 For Mobile Marketing Professionals

Some weeks ago I had a chat with Dave Westin of Mobile Growth Association (MGA), I have known Dave for a very long time. He updated me about their upcoming event MGS Global Virtual Conference 1.0 and their roadmap for 2020-21. Local communities is part of their plan. It sounded very exciting and he mention I should talk to the CEO of this association, Jen Laloup. I did a fun and interesting interview with her. 

Just a quick warning for people before you listen, her last name ‘Laloup’ means ‘wolf’ in french! It took the challenge and it turned out she was not scary at all, 100% passionate about her work. It got me excited!

MGA is organizing an online (virtual as they call it) event that is extremely interesting for every mobile game developer globally. It is called ‘MGS Global Virtual Conference 1.0’ and the dates are June 2 till 4, 2020.

What does Mobile Growth Association (MGA)

Mobile Growth Association (MGA) is a global community providing mobile marketing professionals with frontline content, education, and events to help grow their app businesses and their careers. Drawing on its roots as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to education, Mobile Growth Association (MGA)  is committed to building the world’s most comprehensive set of resources for an accessible community of mobile experts.

The events prioritize community and content quality above all else, attracting a high-caliber audience of mobile marketers, developers and user acquisition managers working in games, commerce, and other app categories, as well as executives representing Adtech, Martech, and data companies.

Interview with Jen Laloup

Jen is highly experienced in growing and scaling organizations. She brings to MGA a wealth of experience spanning, publishing, media, and news

Her skillset focuses on driving growth and performance, operations, organizational management, content strategy and distribution. She thrives in fast-paced and mission driven organizations. 

Jen believes in MGA’s mission to provide mobile app marketing professionals with a community that has the information, tools, and opportunities one needs to connect, grow, and thrive in this fast-paced industry.

Event information MGS Global Virtual Conference 1.0, June 2 – 4, 2020

Join your peers and experts from around the globe to learn, connect, and grow at MGS Global Virtual Conference 1.0—an event held entirely online that includes all the features you’ve come to expect from an MGS event. 

Together we can solve old problems and new ones to keep the mobile industry moving. Ask questions, network, visit the trade show floor just like an in-person event—all without stepping foot in an airport.  

This event spans four geo’s, and covers topics on UA, Monetization, Branding, Fraud, Mobile Gaming to surviving in a post-COVID-19 landscape. App Publishers can receive a complementary pass by using the Promo Code MGSINVITE when registering for a pass.

Furtheron, Cris Reed with his esport item “what is esports” and Joakim talks about option-plans and pitch decks. Latly, more online events, summer editions are coming up. E3 is dead, long live the 31 events replacing it.

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