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Episode 33; Niklas Of GameBuddy Talks About His Company, Twitch New Suspension Rules, Mixer’s Shutdown, Abusive Language Against Female Streamers And Future Insights

Today I am talking to Niklas Hatje of GameBuddy. He is talking about game streaming and his company. Interactive and entertaining esports is his motto. I talked about GameBuddy before in the podcast, meaning they are still on my radar!

Team based challenges, where you are not only striving for victory but also live challenges, power to the fans, who can vote for which challenge the streamer has to engage with and to which fans are being monetized.

Fans can buy additional votes and challenges to support their favorite streamers

Influence the gameplay of your favorite streamer!

Streaming is awesome! But streaming alone is broken according to GameBuddy. It lacks a way to directly interact with the streamer. As a viewer you either find yourself in an empty chat or in a chat that is completely overloaded.

“GameBuddy live” challenges change that. By choosing challenges for your streamer directly on Twitch you can let him/her know what to do next in the game. The best part is: You and the streamer get points that rank you in a leaderboard and that helps your streamer to unlock prizes for you. The more points, the better the prizes. How does that work?


Each viewer can vote for the next live challenges in our Twitch Extension and has one vote. By using Twitch Bits viewers can buy additional votes. Shortly after each voting, the most voted challenge is played by the teams.


Each live challenge averages a length of 2 to 3 minutes, depending on the game. There are many different challenges possible, that guarantee variety, funny moments and completely new strategies to win.


To ensure that challenges are fitting and being validated in a live context, each player has an application installed that tracts ingame data.

Furtheron I challenged Niklas with some topics on Mixer’s shutdown, Twitch’s suspension policy on abuse and hate and some insights for the future. But also second screen, broadcasters tried, gaming did it!

Lastly I did also a sanity check. Is my son abnormal with 3 screens? NO, he is not, thank god! He just started on Twitch and has 2 followers. Obviously he wants 10mio followers. Who knows, but for now he is playing because it is fun, he can talk to friends and listen to music. Oh, and he does his homework!

Loved the interview and impressed with GameBuddy, do check out their platform

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