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Episode 35; Esports Be Like, And Its Business Model, MegaDev Introduces Cheats For Esports With Plitch And Torque Esports And Fan Engagement

Esports be like! A full episode where I get to talk to Darcy of Torgue Esports. Actualy it is part 2 of our talk earlier this month. First part was in Episode 34. Next to that I am talking to  Semih of, who is in the Hype Program of Borja, who I talked to in Episode 32. Blocksport supports (e)sport clubs, streamers, influencers, federation and leagues with a dedicated white-label mobile app. Furtheron I had a chat with Rob from MegaDev, who tells with great passion about cheats and how esport pro’s can become better, train etc. His new training (software) platform Plitch will be all about that, and for us of course, the ones that thought we were so good at gaming but still like a challenge.

Paul is taking us through a week of gaming. Interesting news, views and insights.

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