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Topics like China, GameBizCon, GameRefinery, Big Karma Games and more!

Topics like China, GameBizCon, GameRefinery, Big Karma Games and more!

Changed the format a bit, not just one topic per episode, but address things that I feel that are relevant for & about the gaming industry. 

GameBizCon with Dirk Schmitt had a conference this week, a jury selected a top 10. Realy nice talking to people via video calls, but also the panels were realy great. Of course my panel was awesome, jokie-joke, but seriously all panels had great gaming people involved and they shared their vision, epxerience and thoughts. And you know, it was great cause you could sit at your desk and be part of it!

Also with Dirk, I am thinking about a concept where the top dogs of the gaming industry will help the young and potential gaming companies to be able to visit conferences like GDC and Gamescom. More to come asap!

China is in the news. Does this Coronavirus affect you, your company and/or others?  Let me know since learnings are important.

Pascal Clarysse is working on something new; Big Karma. A social impact entertainment startup in stealth mode. Big Karma is taking the Best Fiends/Angry Birds playbook, which is to create a character-centric entertainment franchise through mobile gaming first, and applies it to the first ever cast of action heroes who overcome their disability to win. I am going to assist Pascal to find angel investors to fill up a 500K initial funding. So angels, do you want to know more, ask me or pascal. 

Lastly; GameRefinery. The guys did well in the GameBizCon pitch and announced an acquisition. Congrats to Markus and his team.

Big thanks for listening, more episode here, and do send me input, thoughts and topics, but also the latest news. 

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