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Benji Bananas Game Review: A Fun Playable, Swinging, and Earning Mobile Game 

In today’s gaming news, we bring you the super popular free-to-play mobile game Benji Bananas. The game is from the leaders of branded blockchain games, Animoca Brands. Benji Bananas is a play-to-earn mobile game that uses physics elements, making it a platformer/runner action game. It is quite famous among mobile gamers, with more than 50 million downloads since its launch as a casual game in 2013. The game recently introduced play to earn elements in March using APE coins by joining hands with the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Now, it has its own $PRIMATE token, which players may earn after acquiring the Membership Pass. The game has now reached its fifth season at the end of 2022 and is enjoying solid momentum. So, swing from vine to vine, eat bananas, earn crypto, and go hu-hu-ha-ha.

Benji Bananas Game Overview

Benji Bananas is a free-to-play physics mobile game. However, if you want to earn crypto tokens from this game, then you need to purchase the Benji Bananas Membership Pass NFT (ERC 1155). The game is simple; it is a platform runner where you guide your monkey and swing from vine to vine to collect fruits. The fruit collection will help you get upgrade items that cover the new skins of the game\’s cosmetics. Moreover, you will also get your hands on a jetpack, an eagle ride, a speed boost, and more.

How to Play Benji Bananas?

The first thing you need to do is download this mobile game from either the Google Play Store or the App Store. The next step involves connecting your wallet to the game. In case you already have MetaMask on your mobile device, you can head directly from the app to the game. Besides, you can also go to Benji Bananas and attach the wallet. Then you must obtain a membership pass in order to play-and-earn. Head to OpenSea, or Coinbase, or Rarible, or LooksRaer, and buy the Benji Bananas Membership Pass for 0.1 Ethereum. Once you buy the pass, go through the pass verification and sign in to Google or the App Store. Finally, you will need the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification that is required on every Animoca Brands game. KYC makes sure that everyone has the same chances and helps stop identity theft, cheating, money laundering, and other bad things from happening.

Benji Bananas Game Membership Pass

Benji Bananas Tokenomics

The game\’s \”play to earn\” system revolves around the PRIMATE token, which is its core element. Players having PRIMATE tokens can swap them with other fungible tokens in the Animoca Brands ecosystem, like SAND, REVV, PROS, TOWER, GMEE, QUID, and BONDLY. However, the primary pairing of the PRIMATE token is with APECoin from Yuga Labs and BAYC. The total supply of PRIMATE tokens is 206,000,000,000 tokens. These tokens will make it into the game in stages via different launch events. Also, the tokens will be given out by two different systems: the liquidity allocation and the play-to-earn pool, and the reserve treasury and marketing allocation.

All tokens will be minted in the four categories mentioned above. The reserve treasury may transfer tokens from its own place to others. The division of the tokens is as follows:

  • Total Supply: 2,060,000,000
  • Play-to-Earn: 235,000,000
  • Liquidity: 125,000,000
  • Treasury: 1,500,000,000
  • Marketing: 200,000,000

Benji Bananas Gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple and addictive, but the interesting part of this casual game is the addition of the physics element. Once you start swinging with the help of vines and gain momentum, the game gets super exciting. The momentum is the key to getting farther on the stage and collecting bananas. If you grab the vine from the top, you will lose momentum, and vice versa. The more you progress into new worlds, the more challenges you will face. So, watch out; you might grab a snake instead of the vine.

Benji Bananas Game

Benji Bananas Latest Swing-and-Earn Event

The latest Benji Bananas event is underway and will last until January 2. The top performers in the game will earn big rewards, but a minimum of 10 games during the event period is required to become eligible. The bonus division is as follows:

  • Furthest Distance 10%
  • Total Distance 20%
  • Furthest World 20%
  • Average Bananas 50%

This is it for Benji Bananas\’ game, do check out more on blockchain games on our weekly update where we have covered a plethora of news all in one place. Additionally, a recent survey on Web 3.0 games have covered the opinions of game developers. Finally, if you are interested in knowing about the future of blockchain gaming in 2023 and beyond, then do check out our detailed report.

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Eternal Dragons has released Alpha, Season 5 of Benji Bananas, and a new tokenomic system is deployed in Spider Tanks to avoid crashes

Greetings, gamer community! Today we are here with important updates that happened during the week. We see games coming up with interesting updates that resonate well with the holiday season. This will surely keep the gamers warm and cozy while keeping them focused on playing games and having fun while making money. Additionally, a lot of activity is also happening where blockchain and play-to-earn games are finding ways to avoid collapsing. We see blockchain games switching genres, launching alphas and new seasons, Christmas events, new tokenomic systems, and more. All in time to keep the community busy during the holiday season and entice them to return for more.

Let’s have a look at what happened during the week.

  • Axie Infinity game launches a Christmas event.
  • The Sandbox game holiday season event
  • Eternal Dragons game have released Alpha.
  • The honor system is introduced in Spider Tanks game.
  • Benji Bananas game New Season

W3 Play wants to thank all game developers who send in their games. We have seen a rapid increase in organic visitors from all over the world in recent months. The games are indexed by Google in over 130 countries and are ranked in the top ten in several of them. counting and growing!

Axie Infinity Celebrates the Holidays

Axie Infinity game was and still is the most popular Web 3.0 game, with about 470,000 users who play it every month. Sky Mavis has put out a new update for its Christmas Event to keep the community busy. The event started earlier this week and will last until January 3rd. The event aims to give a boost to the declining Axies, which is currently trading at $2. The game requires players to release Axies if they are to stack up some accessories. All you need to do is go to the Lunar Express tab and release Axies by following the instructions.

The accessories were available at the recent event and fell into different categories. The rarity and drop of accessories differ. The top 20 and top-1 Axie releasers get a unique Mystic rarity as a reward.

  • Typical: Drop rate: 80.56%
  • Rare; drop rate: 17.25%
  • Epic\’s drop rate is 1.92%.
  • Mystic: Drop rate: 0.27%
  • Taro: Top 20
  • Ube, number one

If you haven’t got any clue about accessories, these are only cosmetic items for your Axie. So, they aren’t much help when it comes to competitive advantage.

Season\’s Greetings from the Sandbox

The Sandbox game starts its Season Greetings event, which gives players a lot of NFTs and SAND tokens. The event comprises six parts, each with special rewards. The event is well underway and will last until January 3rd. The game will bring back Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, and Dead Mau5 from previous games. However, there are new experiences as well, like Care Bears, Mecha Santa’s Workshops, Eleventown, and more.

The prize pool has a total of 100,000 SAND tokens, and you can become part of it by completing at least 80% of the quests. If you are up for some investment in land NFTs, then there is a dedicated special reward for you. There is also a \”memorabilia\” for someone with lady luck on their side.

The next event in the Season\’s Greetings series is Care Bears. You will need to own a Care Bear avatar and finish its quests completely to become a shareholder in 50k SAND tokens.

The Midnight event is another metaverse event with a strict time limit. This event will go underway from December 27th till January 3rd. This event will require players to visit Club XYZ, take a screenshot of themselves, and tweet it. The prize in this case is one NFT and some memorabilia.

You can also earn a mystery box by completing every single quest in the Season\’s Greetings event in the Sandbox game. After you complete every quest, you need to tweet about the mystery box. Once you do it, you will receive a mystery box with an NFT inside. Who knows? You might end up with one of the valuable ones.

Eternal Dragons has released Alpha 1.0.

Over the past six months, Eternal Dragons game has stayed in the news thanks to its many mints. Now, it\’s time for gameplay, as the Alpha is now available for you to test the gameplay. The Alpha was only open to those with Genesis Dragons on December 21st. So, you need to get your hands on NFTs to test the game. In Eternal Dragons game Alpha, you can play in either Dungeon Mode or Hard Mode to get a feel for how the game works. The Alpha will also host regular PvE tournaments with rewards for players.

The honor system is used by Spider Tanks

One of the toughest challenges in blockchain games for developers is to come up with a sustainable economic system. Games like Axie Infinity game and Pegaxy game suffered dramatic crashes due to disparities in the economic system. By using the Honor System, Gala Games\’ Spider Tanks game is trying to make an economy that will last. The honor system will work in a way to discourage massive cashouts and a steep decline in $SILK’s value.

Eternal Dragons has released Alpha, Season 5 of Benji Bananas, and a new tokenomic system is deployed in Spider Tanks to avoid crashes

The more honor points a player has, the more victory points he will get after winning the game. Victory Points are important as these are exchangeable for $SILK. So, low honor points will result in less $SILK. So, how can one lose honor points? The solution is to commit dishonorable acts. check the Spider Tanks game.

Dishonorable Acts:

Bridging out $SILK from GYRI to Ethereum, and taking out $SILK and transferring it to another Project GYRI wallet. There are also honorable acts and redeeming actions in this new system.

Introducing this new system will surely help sustain the economy. Most importantly, Spider Tanks is a fun game, and the element of fun is a strong feature to keep the community as well as the economy intact.

Season 5 of Benji Bananas is now available

Finally, Benji Bananas game has Season 5, in which you can play and earn $PRIMATE. Or shall we say \”swing and earn\”? But first, you have to play 10 games on the World Tour and meet the requirements to be eligible. The leaderboard will be based on certain weighted points like going the farthest distance in a single race (10%), total distance (20%), single game furthest world record (20%), and total bananas collected during the event (50%). The season is already underway and will last until January 2nd. If a player has more than one membership pass or a lot of $PRIMATE, the rewards they get will be multiplied.

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Happy Holidays!