Crypto Whales Expect Rise in Altcoins

As the year 2023 starts, financial experts and cryptocurrency advisors are eyeing the bullish behavior of bitcoin and predicting a massive surge that will surely make or break cryptocurrency investors. Bitcoin has already seen a decline, which has led to rumors that the mini-bull run is over. However, bitcoin will follow the bullish run that will result in the rise of other digital assets too.

According to reports, bitcoin is expected to skyrocket and reach a staggering $1.5 million by the end of the decade.

ARS predicts: “Contagion caused by centralized counterparties has elevated Bitcoin’s value propositions: decentralization, audibility, and transparency,”

He further added: “Its network fundamentals have strengthened and its holder base has become more long-term focused.”

ARK Insights on Cryptocurrency

In support of this assumption, ARK cites an increase in hash rate, long-term holder supplies, and identities with non-zero balances when compared to previous recessions.

According to ARK, bitcoin has continued to outperform conventional asset classes due to this stability.

Financial report says: on a five-year CAGR basis, gold is up 2.2%, global stocks are up 6.1%, global debt yields 1.4%, and bitcoin is up an average of 272%.

 ARK and its CEO, Cathie Wood, have previously made such audacious forecasts on the rising trend of bitcoin. During a Bloomberg appearance in May 2021, Wood made her first audacious forecast: she said bitcoin will reach $500,000 by 2026. She then increased the wager to $1 million by 2030 in early 2022.

It is essential to remember that \”crypto whales\’\” thoughts and predictions are arbitrary and prone to quick change. We cannot predict with precision any single cryptocurrency impact in the future. Before investing any money in the cryptocurrency market, it is always advised to conduct an in-depth study and financial consultancy.

Cryptocurrency is influenced by various factors among them market demand, governmental regulations, and digital advancements are notorious. Being an extremely volatile market sometimes it follows a reversal approach. So we can say that past performance is not highly indicative of future results.

Crypto Bull Market Run

At the end of 2022, bitcoin made a bullish run and eventually uplifted other cryptocurrencies and digital assets. January 2023 runs bull and bitcoin showed the biggest run of more than $5000 in a single month. The $1 million figure is echoed by various notable market experts and every individual is eyeing an opportunity to make their first step into the crypto market. When it comes to blockchain technology, it surpasses cryptocurrencies and has the potential to impact a wide range of industries. Blockchain technology offers a wide range of investment opportunities, from entertainment to securing intellectual property.

Make a stable investment; Follow the Crypto Whales

We all know risk comes with high-reward opportunities and cryptocurrency and blockchain are surely among them. Cryptocurrency is like one moment up and another moment down. That’s why ample research and analysis are required before making any assumption. In this market, one cannot be successful by just following the footprints of some expert advisor. Cryptocurrency demands time and accuracy more than money.

Cryptocurrencies run on a framework that is not governed by a centralized authority since they are decentralized. They have a high degree of volatility and their value is dictated by market requirements. The possibility for significant profits and improved access to financial services are just a couple of the possible advantages of investing in digital assets. 

Remember that dealing in crypto assets is not similar to trading in investment products. It should only make up a small fraction of your overall equity investment. To protect the security of your assets, it\’s also crucial to store them appropriately.

Evaluation of digital investment

  • To evaluate the coin or assets\’ financial situation, earnings, and development prospects, look at its financial statements.
  • Look for the connected elements that contribute to market ups and downs by analyzing the market. Take into account elements like market size, competition, and growth possibilities.
  • Analyze the operation of the blockchain sector and a company\’s holdings of digital assets.
  • Analyze the investment\’s risks, taking into account any regulatory, financial, and technological ones.
  • Calculate the probable return on investment, taking into account both immediate and long-term goals.
  • Evaluate the investment’s fair value on the basis of financial indicators like changes in the digital market, the stability of the dollar, and a cash flow analysis.

Crypto whales are investing in cryptocurrencies like MEMAG, FGHT, and CCHG that fulfill these criteria, indicating their potential to succeed.

MEMAG Mastering Web3 Game

The Meta Masters Guild\’s community-based platform and cutting-edge approach to game production have the potential to transform cryptocurrency. The technology has a strong probability of succeeding since it solicits user feedback, gives users full control of their resources, and creates games with real gamers in mind. Due to a strong online presence, the Meta Masters Guild preorder has exploded in the past weeks. It enjoys a good time with some 24-hour periods catching a revenue of $100,000. Traders or gamers can visit the official website and use any digital wallet to trade MEMAG with ETH or USDT.

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Play to Earn Games News

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Zebedee, Viker intro Scratch Match

Play Chess for Bitcoin: Zebedee and Viker Introduce Two New Casual Classic Mobile Blockchain Games.

In 2023, blockchain games are expected to continue improving and becoming even more popular. Exciting new projects and partnerships are in the works, including a collaboration between two big names in the gaming industry, Zebedee and Viker, to launch two new blockchain games that reward players with Bitcoin. The games, Bitcoin Scratch Match and Bitcoin Chess, offer players the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by playing and winning. This adds an additional layer of excitement and value to traditional games like chess, making it more rewarding for players to flock to web3 gaming platforms. So, if you want to have fun and earn valuable rewards at the same time, look out for the new blockchain games in 2023.

Zebedee and Viker Launch Scratch Match and Bitcoin Chess

Zebedee is a payment processing platform that specializes in the gaming industry, while Viker is a gaming studio that focuses on developing casual mobile games. By partnering with Zebedee, Viker has been able to add new and exciting elements to its classic games. Their latest project is Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch, which are available on both iOS and Android. In addition to these games, Viker has developed several other classics that are powered by Zebedee, such as Solitaire and Sudoku. This partnership has resulted in the release of 10 games that follow the \”play and earn\” model. These casual mobile blockchain games use Bitcoin nano transactions, which means that players can earn Satoshi (the smallest unit of Bitcoin) as a reward for winning. Overall, the partnership between Zebedee and Viker has produced a wide range of fun and rewarding games for players to enjoy.

Bitcoin Scratch Blockchain Game

Scratch match games are a unique and exciting way to earn Bitcoin. Similar to a traditional scratch card game, players will receive a pack of scratch cards with different combinations. The goal is to scratch off the cards and match the right combination to win Bitcoin. Unlike other games, such as chess, there is no specific strategy to win in a scratch match game. It is completely based on luck. The game process is similar to what you would encounter in daily life at a gas station or convenience store. You buy a scratch card for a dollar, scratch it off, and if you hit the right combination, you win! With the integration of Bitcoin in the scratch match game, players can now earn cryptocurrency while playing a simple yet exciting game.

Bitcoin Chess Bitcoin Scratch

Bitcoin Chess game

Chess is a classic game that is known and loved by people of all ages. It requires intelligence, patience, strategy, and a learning curve to master. However, before the introduction of the Bitcoin Chess game by Viker, it wasn\’t possible for players to earn by playing chess, except for professionals. But now, with the Bitcoin Chess game, players can earn Bitcoin as a reward for playing and winning. The game is available online, and players can play against millions of other online players, or against the computer in casual games. The game is free to play and players can play unlimited matches to improve their chess rating. The game also allows players to play against friends and family, and make new friends in the Bitcoin Chess community. With the added incentive of earning Bitcoin, the game of chess becomes even more exciting and rewarding.

The Bitcoin Chess game by Viker not only offers players the opportunity to earn Bitcoin but also challenges their intellect through different game modes. These include solving hundreds of chess puzzles, racing against the clock in Puzzle Rush, playing against a computer opponent, and competing against other online players. These different game modes add an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the classic game of chess. Not only are players earning Bitcoin, but they are also improving their chess skills and challenging their intellect. The game is available on both iOS and Android for players to enjoy and earn Bitcoin in the process. The game is an excellent example of how blockchain technology can be used to enhance traditional games and make them more engaging for players.

\”Play-and-Earn\” in Zebedee and Viker Games

Viker and Zebedee have implemented a unique tactic to keep their player base engaged and growing. They follow a revenue-sharing model, where a percentage of the earned revenue is distributed back to the players. This model leads to better retention and creates a more engaging experience for players, making the game more profitable and sustainable. The winning amount may be small, measured in cents or Satoshi, but it is still a significant incentive for players to continue playing and engaging with the game. This revenue-sharing model is unique and innovative and sets the game apart from traditional mobile games. It is a great example of how blockchain technology can be used to create a more equitable and sustainable gaming experience for players. By giving back to the players, the game becomes more attractive and engaging for the players, which in turn leads to better retention and growth.

Dean Beasly, Co-Founder Viker

\”The implementation of rewards through Zebedee\’s platform is not just about earning money for the players, it\’s about creating a more interesting and fun experience,\” said Dan Beasley, co-founder of Viker, in a statement. \”Earning these small rewards simply feels great, even if the amounts won\’t have a significant impact on most people\’s lives. But at the same time, it\’s real money that you earn just for having fun. So, when you can play chess and earn Bitcoin for it, why would you play a version without that? They\’re both chess, one is just more rewarding.\” This statement highlights the value of the partnership between Viker and Zebedee in creating a more engaging and fun experience for players through the integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency rewards. It emphasizes that the real value of the game is in the experience, and the rewards are just an added bonus, but it\’s a bonus that players will find hard to resist.

Zebedee Chief Strategy Officer Remarks

\”These games have a massive global audience that mostly doesn\’t care about Bitcoin, and we\’re not asking them to,\” says a representative from Zebedee. \”It\’s extremely easy to set up a Zebedee account, connect it to Viker\’s games, and withdraw Bitcoin to your Zebedee app. From there, you don\’t have to withdraw it anywhere or exchange it for your local currency to use your rewards. This makes it very easy for players to start earning Bitcoin without having to worry about the complexities of buying, storing, and managing the cryptocurrency. The integration of Bitcoin rewards into the game is seamless and accessible to all players regardless of their level of knowledge about cryptocurrency.\”

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BitCoin Video Games

Bitcoin Video Games

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Many businesses now accept bitcoins and as a result, bitcoin prices are rising. Bitcoin can impact traditional payment systems and the video games industry. Bitcoin is based on Blockchain technology it can help to solve the problems of the gaming industry. We already see the gaming industry using cryptocurrencies and many crypto games are in development.

Bitcoin Video Games
Bitcoin Video Gamesgaming consultants







The use of Bitcoin in gaming is a new trend. Many games have introduced the Bitcoin payment system in in-game purchases as well as Esports. So we expect more development of Bitcoin in the gaming market in near future. In this article, we discuss Bitcoins and its impact on the gaming industry.

What is cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, unlike traditional currencies like dollars, euro it is based on a decentralized system, and the value is decided by its demand and supply. Unlike dollars and euros, cryptocurrencies have no physical presence some of the popular cryptocurrencies are:

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that still remains the most popular and valuable cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was launched in 2009. Many people invest their capital in Bitcoins and if  the market is in favor then they can earn huge profits.

Why is Bitcoin popular?

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies available but noother crypto currency comes close to the Bitcoin.. The question everybody asks: Why is Bitcoin so popular?

Cryptocurrencies’ price is based on their demand and supply. Many people prefer Bitcoin because of the security that Blockchain technology offers. Many businesses are accepting Bitcoin as a trading currency, which is the main reason for its popularity (not enough research here). Many formidable companies like Tesla and Samsung are showing interest in Crypto currencies which leads to more and more people flocking towards crypto currencies with their investments.

As it is based on Blockchain technology, there is a very low chance of fraud. The main problem with Bitcoin is the severe fluctuation of prices. A lot of people avoid investing in Bitcoin because its prices are not stable.

Asian video game publisher Nexon buys 100 million worth of Bitcoin

Nexon, a video game publisher, bought 1717 Bitcoin for about $100 million. The average price of a Bitcoin was $58226 including fees and other expenses. This is a huge step by Nexon, total purchase represents less than 2% of companies’ total cash and cash equivalent on hand.

Bitcoin Video Games
Bitcoin Video Games – gaming consultants








Other big companies like Tesla and MicroStrategy are exploring the potential of cryptocurrencies,  (no coherence)Nexon’s CEO said that, “In the current economic environment, we believe Bitcoin offers long term stability and liquidity while maintaining the value of cash for future investments.” After seeing such big names showing interest in Bitcoin, we assume that Bitcoin’s price will increase in the near future and we expect more people to show interest in Bitcoins.

Bitcoins and gaming

The gaming industry is booming nowadays, however, we see gaming servers being attacked, and with virtual reality and 5G, this problem may arise. Blockchain technology helps to solve this issue; Blockchain isbased on decentralized system and end-to-end encryption, so the gaming servers are safe. Security is one of the main reasons for Blockchain technology’s popularity.

Using Bitcoin enhances transparency because everyone can see Bitcoins’ transactions. Nowadays, games require you to purchase in-game assets like guns, skins, cars, etc. now; you can use Bitcoins to purchase your in-game assets. (no need, tautology). For transfer, their assets take days for processing payments, but with Bitcoin, you can easily and instantly send payments with no restriction.

How does Bitcoin work in gaming?

You can buy or sell Bitcoin via exchange wallets, which means once those who want to send payment can use bitcoin wallets to send payment (not clear). (repetition, already discussed above).

You can buy games through crypto wallets; Bitcoins can also be used in online fantasy games. Through Blockchain, the overall experience of fantasy games increased(not clear). The platform eliminates the complex verification system and makes the system transparent.

Benefits of Bitcoin Video Games

Cryptocurrency can solve problems related to transactions and fraud in the gaming industry. Here are some benefits of Bitcoin/cryptocurrency in gaming:

Bitcoin works on decentralized systems and removes bureaucracy and intimidators and allows players to enjoy their favorite games and pay quickly. With Bitcoin, you can instantly and easily send payments anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin allows gamers to play games without worrying about security and exchange rates. You can pay anyone without exposing your identity.

The main benefit of bitcoin is its security system; many online games have trust issues. But Bitcoin prevents this fraud transaction because it keeps records of every transaction. Bitcoin also eliminates the risk of hacking and ensures secure and safe payment.

Normal payment systems like credit cards, PayPal require transaction charges but Bitcoin has no hidden charges. In gaming, if you use Bitcoin, there are no hidden charges and fees and because of peer-to-peer transactions, you need not to worry about payment security.

Sometimes,  in-game purchases requires you to share your personal information. If you are not comfortable sharing your personal information you can use Bitcoin for these payments.

Final words BitCoin Video Games

As we see there is considerable development in the Bitcoin and gaming industry. Bitcoin is popular but expensive; many prominent players promoting Bitcoins expect it to be more popular in the future. New technologies are coming in the field of gaming like VR, with these new changes we need a secure system where Bitcoin and Blockchain can help. Bitcoins are helpful in online fantasy games, sports fantasy, and many people now use Bitcoin in fantasy games because of its security system.

In the gaming industry Bitcoin can solve many problems related to Esports and gaming. The main problem with Bitcoin is its fluctuating prices. But there are many other benefits of Bitcoins like end-to-end encryption, secure payment, etc. But all in all, we can expect some major developments in the near future.

If you wish more details about how gaming can work with crypto’s, contact gaming consultants.

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