Seedify\’s ChainGPT and Other Blockchain Gaming Updates

NFT Minting Events, Blockchain AI, Updates from Eternal Dragons, Arc8, and Other Web3 Games!

Welcome to our weekly gaming news overview! Today we have some exciting updates to share with you, including Seedify\’s new AI tool called ChainGPT, as well as pre-registration for StarGarden and WAGMI Defense. There\’s also news about The Final Genesis T1 Mint, Blast Royale\’s Free Mint, and new player cards for Eternal Dragons. Lastly, we have some new updates from Arc8. Keep reading to find out more!

The Web3 gaming industry has been very active this week with many events happening. They have been minting NFTs, releasing new games, and getting funding. The blockchain industry has also released a new AI tool called ChainGPT. Two new games, StarGarden and WAGMI Defense, are available for early access.

There have been many NFT minting events, such as Hunters On-Chain Final Genesis, Blast Royale Free Mint, and Tearing Spaces character Mint. There are many more events to come, and we will keep you updated in our Super Sunday News edition.

In addition to all the exciting news in the Web3 gaming industry, is launching their own Event Calendar next week. This calendar will keep track of all the upcoming gaming events, NFT minting events, and other related activities in the world of blockchain gaming. It\’s a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings in this exciting industry. Be sure to check it out!

NFT Minting Events, Blockchain AI, Updates from Eternal Dragons, Arc8, and Other Web3 Games!

  • Seedify’s ChainGPT
  • Pre Registration StarGarden
  • WAGMI Defense Pre Registration
  • The Final Genesis T1 Mint
  • Blast Royale Free Mint
  • New and Exciting Player Cards for Eternal Dragons
  • Arc8 New Updates

Seedify’s ChainGPT

Seedify, a company that supports the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, has created ChainGPT. It\’s an AI chatbot that helps people use crypto and blockchain technology.

ChainGPT is different from other chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard because it focuses on blockchain-related tasks. It can help with things like analyzing markets, developing smart contracts, and managing risks.

The chatbot is launching its own token through an IDO (Initial Dex Offering) on the Seedify platform. Seedify has already launched over 50 projects in the past two years and is known for supporting blockchain, crypto, and web3 developers.

Pre Registration StarGarden

Project Eluune has opened pre-registrations for their new free-to-play game called StarGarden, which is an auto-battler. While the company has already released a few NFT collections, this will be their first game. StarGarden aims to focus on social cooperation to help players advance in the game.

There isn\’t much information about the game yet, but the StarGarden team recently attended GDC, and more details will be revealed soon. The team behind the game includes people who have worked on popular games like Call of Duty, World of Warships, and DOTA 2. Players can pre-register now to get early access to the game.

WAGMI Defense Pre Registration

WAGMI Games has announced that pre-registrations for its new mobile game, WAGMI Defense, are now open. The game uses NFTs and play-to-earn features, and it will be available on Android and iOS. WAGMI Defense combines deck-building with auto-battling to make the gameplay more dynamic and strategic.

This is the first game in a planned series by WAGMI Games, and it has partnered with Immutable X to allow players to use fiat or cryptocurrency for in-game purchases. WAGMI Defense aims to make web3 gaming more accessible to mobile players and to onboard web2 players easily. To register for the game, players can visit the official website.

The Final Genesis T1 NFT Mint

Magic Eden\’s March Minting Madness has a new offer by Hunters On-Chain, allowing players to mint Chests for T1 Genesis Hunters. These NFTs are limited to 3,333 with legendary artifacts that increase earnings. Although on a testnet, Hunters On-Chain has gained significant attention and popularity. The Genesis Hunters are divided into three tiers, with different levels of the artifact. The game combines blockchain technology with a collectible card game, offering a play-to-earn system. It\’s an attractive investment for gamers looking for alternatives to traditional games. The Hunters On-Chain project is expected to become even more popular as it moves towards its official launch.

Blast Royale Free NFT Mint

Blast Royale is releasing a new NFT called \”Corpos\” that can be used in the game and outside of it. The first sale for the NFT will be for a whitelist, with the public sale following soon after. There will only be 888 Corpos NFTs available, and those on the original whitelist will be guaranteed to get one. However, the FCFS whitelist is oversubscribed, so it\’s not clear how many NFTs will be available for the public sale. The sale will take place on Magic Eden.

New and Exciting Player Cards for Eternal Dragons

Trailblazer Games has introduced a new feature called Player Cards for their upcoming game, Eternal Dragons. These cards let players connect, create teams, and share rewards in the game. In the Alpha version, the PvP mode has been very popular, with players forming guilds and dominating the top charts of the League. The Player Cards feature promotes teamwork and community among players, both in-game and outside. An upcoming Alpha tournament with 20,000 USDC in prizes will demonstrate the new feature\’s abilities.

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Arc8 New Updates

GAMEE, a popular game on Polygon, has announced a major upgrade for one of its games, Arc8. The upgrade will include an NFT collection, improved app features, live multiplayer games, and an easier onboarding process for Web3. The GMEE token will serve as an access token, allowing players to purchase NFT league passes, in-game items, and vote on platform features and game roadmaps.

The company has a strong foundation for the upgrade, having recorded 116 million gameplays, created 2.5 million wallets, and partnered with 20 blockchain partners. The upgrades will take place in the third and fourth quarters of 2023, and existing features will remain intact.

The GMEE token will be primarily used as an access token in 2023, allowing players to buy NFT league passes, in-game items, and vote on the game\’s roadmap. It can also be used to fund the breeding, upgrading, and evolution of G-Bot NFTs, and web3 projects and communities can use it for sponsorships and custom game experiences.

Currently, there are 53,800 GMEE token holders on Polygon, Ethereum, and BNB chain, with Polygon having the highest number of token holders at 50,000. GAMEE has also announced a buy-back of the GMEE token in 2023. Read also our story on Arc8 in 2022.

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