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Crypto Gaming for Beginners- 4 Things to Keep In Mind

Crypto Games for Beginners: 4 Things to Keep In Mind

Today we talk about Crypto Games. For most people, gaming served as a pastime after a long and stressful day at school or work. It was nothing more than just a passive hobby, and everyone expected nothing more than happiness and satisfaction after completing a difficult task.

But as technology advances over the years, so is the gaming industry. The rise of the blockchain paved the way for crypto NFT games or play-to-earn games, where players can generate income from crypto or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by only using their smartphones or PCs. So, instead of players shedding cash to purchase a game, the developers create opportunities for gamers to make money.

While this concept is appealing, understanding how it works can still be challenging for many beginners. So, to help you, this article will discuss four things you need to keep in mind about crypto gaming.

What are Crypto Games?

Before diving deep into the concepts and terms, let us first understand what crypto games mean. Crypto games, considered the next generation of gaming, let users earn cryptocurrency by engaging in various tasks. For instance, some games give players in-game currency that they can use to buy characters and items that can be sold in marketplaces or subsequently swapped for more common cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to this concept, the gaming community now has a new option to be compensated for the time they spend playing games. The play-to-earn model has gained much traction in recent months, and more and more players are now joining online crypto gaming groups.

Currently, players can choose from various game genres in the blockchain gaming sector, including pay-to-play games, which demand an initial investment from players to unlock a specific character or, at the very least, an item. On the other hand, mining games pay out coins to players for producing specific resources or finishing particular tasks. Of course, there are also free-to-play games that you can start playing immediately and earn cryptocurrency.

4 Things You Need To Know About Crypto Gaming

Store extra funds in the form of crypto

Most crypto games are built on the Ethereum blockchain. So, to play a game, you must have funds to purchase Ether. Also, whenever you use the Ethereum blockchain, you must pay a GAS transaction fee. This fee is something crypto gamers will use in every action they do in the game. Your browser wallet will ask you to sign a transaction before you proceed and display the cost.

But thanks to sidechains on decentralized games, players don’t need to pay fees each time they perform and complete an action unless otherwise stated.

Choose a cryptocurrency exchange platform

You’ll need to use a cryptocurrency exchange site to convert your money into Ether, and there are plenty to choose from. Be sure to complete this phase and pick the option that best suits your needs, such as your country’s currency or the payment method you choose. Before diving into it, research everything you need about exchange platforms.

Use a digital wallet

Using a digital wallet is the best way to ensure that your crypto is safe. Unlike Paypal or Apple Wallet, a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies saves keys rather than money. Many wallet options enable you to keep keys on your PC, in the cloud, on your mobile device, or even offline using a hardware device, similar to exchanges. Select the option once more based on your unique requirements.

Enjin Wallet is essential for crypto games as it lets users view items in their wallets. Think of it as an inventory for various games where you can store all your earnings and items collected.

Select a crypto game that interests you

Finding a game that fits your interests and budget is the next step after deciding to try crypto games. Finding the best one for you requires investigation, as over 400 active games are currently available online.

The data tracking websites DappRadar and CoinMarketCap are critical places to keep an eye out for new crypto game alternatives. CoinMarketCap provides information into a game’s token price movements, allowing you to decide when is the best moment to participate in a game, while DappRadar offers insight into the GameFi marketplace based on users and volume.

Most games are in their alpha or beta stages, as the industry is still extremely young. Be prepared for a jerky gameplay experience, and be ready to see glitches. On the other hand, you’ll join the community that aids creators in discovering what players find most engaging and desirable. That in and of itself is a thrilling experience.

Bottom Line

Crypto games combine the excitement of video games with the chance to get paid for your time with actual money. However, no “average” earnings exist, and your returns may vary as with any financial product.

Play-to-earn cryptocurrency games can be profitable, but they frequently need a one-time financial input and ongoing time expenditures to understand the game and increase your investment. You can have fun with GameFi and receive worthwhile cryptocurrency rewards for your time by completing your research and getting ready to go long.

Also, remember that every player has a unique playing experience, and we all have various priorities. Crypto games are not for everyone, just like any other genre. But part of the joy is experimenting, fiddling, and widening your gaming horizons.

Is it Possible to Earn From Play to Earn Games? Can Play to Earn Games Deliver?

Let\’s just combine fun and finance, entertainment and making money with it, how does it sound? Quite the ideal isn’t it? This is what Gamefi is all about. Gamefi, to put it simply, is game and finance. The idea behind this notion is to play video games and earn money in the shape of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs. When you get your hand on it, cash them out, and voila! The advocates of play to earn games say that you don’t have to put in hours of grind, just a couple of hours a day to get a couple of hundreds in USD. 

Can We Earn from Gamefi? How is it Turning Out?

So, is it really possible to earn from play to earn games? And is it really lucrative as its advocates suggest? Well, let’s talk about numbers and stats, which of course do not lie. According to recent data, people flocking toward blockchain games are surely increasing manifold. According to DappRadar, a total of 1.2 million daily unique users have joined such games in March this year, games that promise real money. This is a 2000% increase when compared to last month’s data. So, the idea itself is quite lucrative and gamers around the world are buying it. Industry insiders and veterans are of the opinion that this is a natural evolutionary phenomenon. Everything changes and transforms with time, and video games are no exception to it.


The Idea Behind Play to Earn Games

The idea is simple, what if we can trade the in-game items for real money? In-game items, and digital assets like avatars, weapons, in-game currency, attires, skills, etc. after achieving levels and grinding for hours could hold value, real-world value. Players playing games like PUBG often sell their accounts to other players only if the account has accolades and avatars that are valuable. So, the idea was already in play. Now, when you make this mechanism official, the game transforms into play to earn game.

So, Does Play to Earn Games Deliver what it Promises?

The question comes to everyone’s mind, are they really lucrative as they sound? Some of the play to earn games require money up front in the shape of tokens which players need to buy to even begin playing. These tokens require a solid investment. The critics of play-to-earn games have criticized the practice and termed them something like a Ponzi scheme. The investment of new gamers is used to clear out the investment of early entrants and the cycle goes on. And in some cases, a rug pull happens. 

There is also a risk of hacking when earlier this year one of the most popular play to earn games Axie Infinity lost virtually millions of dollars when the Ronin network was compromised. Moreover, there is also a risk of high volatility in crypto and tokens. So, combining all of it, can you still earn from P2E games? Is it worth it?

Play to Earn Industry is in Nascent Stage

The deluge of constant criticism towards play to earn industry is a bit unfair as it is still in a nascent stage. The developers and companies behind the play to earn games are learning from their mistakes and making amendments along the way. The advocates still believe that this is the future of gaming. Besides, the investors too have shown belief in it and poured a whopping $2.5 billion in the first quarter of 2022 alone. Why? Because people love to play games and it is the gaming platform that is the most suitable to introduce Web 3.0 to people all over the world.

What is at Gamer’s End?

Players need to carry out thorough research before investing their time and money in a play to earn the game. This is where comes into play where you can find the upcoming, old, and new crypto games with all the necessary information you need. Apart from the research, players also need to understand and learn how to, when to, and what to invest. Players need not take loans, or sell their valuables and go all in on play to earn games. Just make sure that the fundamentals of a crypto game are solid. Check out if the developers are giving native cryptocurrencies in the shape of rewards. This is one of the ways play to earn games are operating where developers use their own cryptocurrencies and tokens. The second approach is the use of existing cryptocurrencies like Cardano, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc. And last but not least is the game’s NFTs which hold their own value. 

Check out our previous blog on the list of most promising play to earn games and if you are a newbie then check out this article.

Blockchain Games That Become Popular in 2022 and onwards

The blockchain has revolutionized the gaming industry, as it has proven to us that there is a viable way of earning through playing video games. However, these play to earn games have a small catch, they need to be popular enough in order to provide gamers with a stronger income. The more popular the play-to-earn game is, the more money players stand a chance to make.

Gamers are rewarded and often quite handsomely for their time and skill. Though there are many different P2E blockchain games out there. But only a few of them are able to deliver the quality that users are now accustomed to. Today we have compiled 5 games that have a robust community already and will only grow in the future.

Getting in on these games early will help blockchain gamers make a decent profit in the long run. Just like any new technological advancement, the early birds get the best worms.

My DeFi Pet


Our first pick also has to be the most unique type of P2E blockchain game out there, and it’s called my DeFi pet. The game revolves around breeding, collecting, trading, and battling pets. It offers players instant incentives based on the idea of seasons to encourage them to use the platform regularly. Pet NFTs, which spawn once every hour, is the game\’s main focus. They are yours in a variety of ways. The first is by using DPET, the game\’s native token. 24 hours are allotted for the bidding. The pet is sent to the Altar for future use if no one claims them.

Breeding is a crucial component of the game. The children of a DeFi pet will have a distinct set of traits from each parent and the child pet will be owned by the player who owns the mother in this process. Moreover, you can always level up your DeFi pet by using DPET tokens.



No list can be complete without having this metaverse-based game, where everything you own is represented as an NFT. The games market is self-sufficient and is powered by the MANA Token. You own a virtual character in this game that has its own unique look, traits, and upgrades. There are 90,601 unique plots of LAND (every 100 square meters in size and a different NFT) that make up the whole Decentraland metaverse.

These lands once owned, can be completely developed according to the players\’ wishes. Here players can use these lands to create experiences, rent, and even develop and sell to the highest bidder. Those who hold on to their MANA tokens can vote on future upgrades for the game, making it an autonomous organization.

Alien Worlds


Alien Worlds is one of the most popular blockchain games in the market and will only continue to do so as the developers are aiming to add new features. These features may include wars to determine who rules the planets and forms governments.

The current gameplay revolves around players mining the in-game TLM token, by discovering new planets through cooperation. Players also compete for territory and resources and get access to in-game goods in the form of NFTs.



Splinterlands has remained at the top of DappRadar\’s list of the greatest blockchain games ever since its introduction in 2021. Playing the turn-based card game Splinterlands is quick and simple to pick up. Each card is an NFT with traits for power and rarity that determine its worth.

In contrast to other card games, Splinterlands\’ conflicts are short-lived, occasionally overextended conflicts. Even beginners can easily understand the rules because they are quite simple.

Splinterlands receives updates and features more frequently than other games, which draws in an increasing number of new players. As an example, recent updates added new rare cards to the game. Although Splinterlands uses the Hive blockchain, tokens can also be traded on Wax and Ethereum thanks to cross-chain features.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Play To Earn Game

Though the game lost popularity for a bit when it became susceptible to hacking. However, the Ronin blockchain has improved its security and the game is once again reaching the same heights it had throughout the past year. There have been over 500,000 new game accounts in the last two months alone.

The game itself revolves around collecting, breeding, and fighting Axies. Axies are small cute pokemon like creatures and they can be staked, bought, and sold in the market.

If you want to know some of the best blockchain games so far, check out our other blog on Best Play to Earn Games in 2022. But if everything is becoming too overwhelming for you, then check out our article for the newbies on What are Play to Earn Games.

Crypto Gaming Count For 59% Of All Investments In Video Gaming Sector

Crypto Gaming is still hot, was and will be!

It not only shows in a variety of researches and data, but every day I am talking to game developers that are working on new games. Sure, some will fail, but that has been the case all along in gaming all-over.

What is proof for me, is the current growth I am seeing with my own startup W3 Play. Since we have launched, (both are testphase) and, our number of unique visitors have been staggering. Every day we see more people reading up on crypto games. Content is king!


And we are still working on 50+ other domains for localization and niche offerings, and is our V2 is development where we give the power to the gaming community. Everything focused to talk, play and share stuff around Crypto Games. Community is emperor!

And so today’s article is about investments in Crypto Gaming.

Despite the severe crypto winter, there is still a sub-sector niche that is braving the storm all alone. Crypto downturn has had a severe impact on the general interest levels in the crypto world and digital ownership domain.

However, according to a recent report by Delphi Digital, one of the niches is unfazed and investors and venture capitalists continue to pour in money. It still remains the beacon of attention and has stood strong, the niche is crypto gaming.

According to the report, the interests of investors and venture capitalists haven’t faded but continue to grow despite the massive decrease in total worth.

The upward trend started in Q1 of 2021 and continued to grow till Q1 of 2022. A slight decrease is evident in Q2 of 2022, but it is fractional and still more than Q3 of 2021 in terms of deals value.

Moreover, the number of deals is at an all-time high reaching more than $1.6 billion in Q2 of 2022. Furthermore, the data shows the amount of investment the gaming sector enjoys.


According to the data, in 2021, a whopping $3 billion worth of investment was received from the private market. However, a slight decrease in the first of 2022 takes it to $2.9 billion with $1.7 billion and $1.2 billion in Q1 and Q2 respectively. But the significant point here is that it accounts for 56% and 59% of the total investments in the gaming industry.

Besides the rising investments, Dapp Radar suggests that the gaming sector is and will remain an essential part and support for blockchain technology.

The gaming sector uses 50.51% of blockchain usage month over month. Moreover, the blockchain games account for 47,230 new unique active wallets every day along with $698 million worth of transactions.

Although the reports are promising, the decrease is also evident in the reports. The gaming sector suffers a decline of 6% in August when compared to July. But still, the figures are phenomenal in the age of crypto winter and represent a solid value for the industry.

What Are Play-to-Earn Games?

Gone are the days when video games served the sole purpose of unwinding, entertaining, storytelling, and or killing time. The majority of the gamers didn’t earn a single penny by playing their favorite games but rather spent a lot on in-game items. Unless you are among the handful of gamers that have a masterful skillset in your favorite games, you can’t earn much in conventional gaming. This is where gaming is experiencing an evolution, things are turning out differently now. We have a new category of games among us, the Play to Earn games using blockchain technology. This avenue provides players with plenty of options to make quick bucks, lunch money, or heck, even thousands of dollars.

However, play-to-earn games too have different categories in them. One of the most popular ones is the P2E NFT game. Let’s find out what makes NFT games different, and what they hold for gamers. When we look at the P2E concept, it is easy to understand, you play games, and you earn real money. However, different developers have different ways to implement this technology in games.

As of now, we have two different types of games that stems from P2E, games that revolve around the collection, and games that focus on creation. An example where developers launch the NFT collection is The Walking Dead franchise. Its collection dropped in March this year and comprises 5000 walkers each with traits totaling 30. The other idea is creation, where you can relive the best moments of your lives in a metaverse. You will have the opportunity to rebuild your memories in the metaverse. The best example to understand this phenomenon is in the upcoming metaverse game Reflect. Both ideas have NFTs as their foundation.

What are Play to Earn NFT Games?

NFT games are also commonly known as crypto games. These games provide players with an opportunity to claim real-life ownership of in-game items. These items undergo minting as NFTs on a blockchain. This is where the NFT games share common grounds with traditional games; in-game items, and in-game currency. However, minting digital assets as NFTs and using cryptocurrency to buy or sell opens a plethora of opportunities for gamers to earn money.

So, to put it more simply, any in-game asset like skin, character, attire, currency, virtual land, house, etc. player may earn or buy and later sell for profit. And you never know which item may bring you a ton of wealth.

How Do P2E and NFT Games Work?

One word: decentralization, it is the biggest distinction that NFT games have. The player feedback is what runs the changes in the game and improvements are introduced accordingly. Moreover, dedicated modders and players often join hands to launch a decentralized autonomous organization to further the community building among play to earn gamer base.

Moreover, taking part in the game and getting involved in the game’s economy adds value for other players as well as developers.

Types of NFT Games

Well, there are two types of NFT games, one requires an investment upfront and the others are completely free. Take for example Axie Infinity, it requires a player to buy Axies to begin playing and earning. While others like Splinterlands and the Sandbox are totally free, to begin with.

Top NFT Games to Play and Earn



Decentraland game metaverse is a lot similar to Minecraft, Second Life, and Roblox. But, of course, with the benefit of making real money out of it. This game has tremendous industry support and is a complete decentralized 3D virtual world. Here, players can purchase plots and create their own creations on them.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians

Second up, we have Guild of Guardians which is a must-play NFT game. It is a famous mobile RPG where players build their dream team of guardians and compete in the guild to win and earn rewards. These rewards are tradable in the market space with the real value behind them.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a massively popular trading card game much like Hearthstone. It has a 24-hour trading volume of $2.57 million on Immutable X. It also reigns supreme in NFTs with over 13 million NFTs launches and over 65000 asset holders. The game will require you to strategically outsmart your opponents by building a powerful deck of cards. Moreover, if you get your hands on certain limited cards, you may make a ton of money as some cards are highly valuable ones.

Head on to our website and check out more play to earn games to make a permanent side hustle.

The Best Play to Earn Games 2022

Earn money when you play games? It is possible in 2022.

Gaming is about much more than what meets the eye. It’s a realm of wonder and excitement, a place where people go to reflect, distract, relax, and even inspire themselves. But no matter who you are or where you are, your time is important and it is no less an investment. So, while we play regular games like PUBG or Call of Duty to have a good time, we are also kind of wasting time.

Nowadays, pro-gamers who have masterful skills, as well as casual gamers, have a new venue at their disposal and it’s a profitable one as well. This avenue is the Play to Earn model thanks to blockchain technology. Now here’s another fun bit, these games are playable on mobile, computers, and even consoles.

The play to earn niche has the internet by storm in the past couple of years. According to a recent report by DAPP Radar, Q1 of 2022 manifests more than 50% of the total Dapp activity. Moreover, despite the crypto winter, the investment inflow in Play-to-Earn didn’t stop. The P2E and blockchain tech record $2.5 billion in VC investment this year. So, as the saying goes, time is money, how can a regular gamer make money from P2E games? What is in it for gamers? Are these games any different from conventional games out there?

The games are quite similar to regular games like Clash of Clans and Call of Duty, the only difference is that in-game currencies are crypto exchangeable, and in-game items are NFTs. Moreover, there are hundreds if not thousands of them on the internet, and more are waiting for the launch window every other month.

The Best P2E Games in 2022

The play to earn model has already made some gamers a generous amount of money, to say the least. You can find them easily on Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms.

So let’s get to it.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Play To Earn Game

This is one of the most popular P2E games in the market. This play-to-earn game is quite similar to the classic Pokemon game. Moreover, the creatures in the game are known as Axies and they are all NFTs. The games Token (AXS) is the in-game currency and it has real-life monetary value.

You can win the native token, Axie Infinity Shards, by pitching your Axies against other players online. Moreover, you can also exchange this governance token for actual money. Additionally, you can also stake them to gain cryptocurrency. You will need to acquire 3 Axies to play the game which can be brought from their marketplace, or you can buy eggs and wait for them to hatch.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox

There are many ways to make money in The Sandbox P2E game. To earn SAND, its metaverse coin, you can work as an artist, game developer, or landowner.

The platform\’s tool, VoxEdit, allows artists to produce valuable assets. However, only those with a selected portfolio can sell on the market.

Purchasing land to rent or creating experiences are two other ways to make money in the Sandbox (ex., games). To create games, a game designer does not need to know how to code. Once the game has been created you can charge other players to play it. You can also buy, sell and rent land in the game to earn money. The token SAND can also be staked to earn money. This game really does use a real-life approach to making money.



Pegaxy is a P2E horse racing game where you can purchase, rent or lease a horse for racing. Those who finish in the top 3 earn rewards in the form of VIS, which is the in-game currency.

Your only responsibilities as a Pega owner are to confirm the track components, select the proper Pega, and select the necessary equipment. The race is virtually done without the use of any controls by the players.

You can buy and sell Pega’s in the official Pegaxy marketplace. You can earn through breeding, staking, renting, and winning races.

Blankos Block Party


The Blankos Block Party is all about having a good time with the tiny, toy-like blankos.

In this play-to-earn cryptocurrency game, collecting blankos, leveling them up, and then selling them for a profit represent the main source of income.

The characteristics and rarity of a blankos determine its worth. The most valuable one has a $5 million price tag, while the least expensive ones can be purchased for as low as $10.

However, the majority of blankos are frequently priced at thousands of dollars.

Stay with us for more on Blockchain, P2E, and NFT games.

Web3 and Blockchain Gaming will Eventually Win Gamers’ Hearts

A change in the status quo, tradition, customs, or ‘normal’ often meets criticism, skepticism, and repulsive attitude from society or communities. 

The same is the case with Web3 and its integration into gaming. However, the mainstream audience and their grievances hold weight as there are myriad challenges in the niche. Starting from scams to hacking, boring gameplay to poor graphics, massive initial investments and to top it all off, the primary purpose of playing video games is lost.

Web3 and Blockchain Gaming will Eventually Win Gamers’ Hearts

However, the upcoming Web3 games are addressing these issues and improvement is by leaps and bounds. 

The upcoming blockchain games are playable on PC, console, as well as mobile with AAA titles. One such example is the game Shatterpoint, an action RPG inspired by the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

The game has a single-player campaign and multiplayer modes based on seasons. The decorated avatars of top players reset every season and the players have to start from scratch. So, the idea is to turn top-performing player avatars into NFTs with a limited amount per season. The minted avatars will stay permanent and players will also have the choice to sell them in a marketplace. 

Additionally, new games do not require players to break their bank as many are free to play. And most importantly, the games are made with a focus on fun, not economics. 

Another example is the Rabbit Hole game which started with the NFT collection of cute little rabbits. The collection sold out in minutes and people were inquiring about the video game, movies, and animations based on the same NFTs. 

The Rabbit Hole game is already under development with the creators making it a fun game so that people actually want to play it. 

Lastly, the wild west persona of Web3 is changing with regulators playing a crucial role. The key also lies in safeguarding gamers from crypto speculators. It seems that it will take at least a couple more years before gamers will actually start to make some lunch money whilst playing their favorite games and that too without any worry. And do check out our our article Best Play to Earn Games 2022.

Will GTA 6 leverage Web3 gaming tech?

Rockstar Games is damn good at drawing a satire on our society with GTA. So yes, GTA 6 will most likely be about the crypto world of the 21st century. Around dogecoin millionaires. About Elon Musk, Space X and the technology that\’s coming: self-driving cars, robots that cook for us. But what about NFT implementation and web3 gaming? 

By Benjamin Kratsch 

Does Rockstar Games approch GTA 6 with a web2 mindset, or will we see some form of NFT implementation. Because Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive & Rockstar Games actually likes the technology: 

\”We believe NFTs are real, and why wouldn\’t they be? We believe in digital goods, and we\’ve been selling digital goods for a long time. We believe in rare goods, we believe in collectibles. Our concern is that there will be speculation. We want to make sure consumers have a good experience every time they engage with our products. And losing money on speculation is not a good experience, so we will stay away from speculation. However, we strongly believe that NFTs could fit into Take-Two\’s offering in the future.“

– Strauss Zelnick, CEO Take-Two Interactive 

Rockstar Games boss is however sceptical about people who see the metaverse as the end of all challenges the games industry faces:

“I’m not sceptical at all about huge, interactive, dynamic, entertaining worlds because our company is responsible for housing, minimally, three of them. So I’m a dyed-in-the-wool believer that people will go to digital worlds to be entertained, and if you offer a super entertaining experience I think people will flock to it. I think where my scepticism lies is every company suddenly believing that by saying the word ‘metaverse’ adjacent to their company’s business strategy, that means that somehow they’ll be transformed and nirvana is around the corner, and naturally that’s not the case.”

GTA – Rockstar Games – Strauss Zelnick – Web3

Why GTA 6 was in development since 2014 

In a very interesting conversation with Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, Strauss Zelnick gave a lot of insights into his mindset, when it comes down to the quality of their games: 

\”We take the time to make something that we think is truly phenomenal, a piece of entertainment that is groundbreaking. And we also give games a rest so that the next in line is a special event. I\’ll go to a James Bond movie because there isn\’t another one in two months. I\’ll go see any Bond movie, and if it\’s bad, I\’ll be really upset – it would be like a personal affront, because I think the brand is so strong in its core. And that\’s the contract Rockstar has with its customers. We see it as our mission to deliver the next creative benchmark for not only gaming, but the entire entertainment industry.“  


How to Begin Axie Infinity? A Step-by-Step Easy Guide for all the New Axie Infinity Players

Axie Infinity is a massively popular blockchain game with millions of users playing and earning money out of it. But for beginners, knowing it all is quite a daunting process. Today, we make it easy for the noobs and newbies by dismantling the whole process in small easy steps so that you may start playing and earning right away.

How to Begin Playing Axie Infinity?

First up, you need to have a solid investment to begin playing the game. Sorry, to break it like this but you need to buy Axies to play the game. Now, the game is downloadable from the official website of the game (

The Mandatory Wallet

As Axie Infinity is based upon blockchain technology and involves cryptocurrency, it requires a digital wallet like MetaMask, CoinBase Wallet, or MyEtherWallet. The player must load the wallet with some Ethereum cryptocurrency in it. Ethereum, as you all know, can be acquired through Binance, CoinBase, or other exchanges via some local crypto exchange. Following that the players need to download the Ronin wallet and using the Ronin Ridge, transfer the Ethereum from Binance to the Ronin wallet.

Shopping Axies

Then comes the fun part, buying your first-ever Axies. Players can purchase Axies from the Axie marketplace which should be at least 3-5 because you need at least this number to participate in the PvP battles. So, what Axies to buy early on? We have another blog for this important step, so no worries here.

Now, that all the preliminaries have been achieved, you are ready to play!

How to Play Axie Infinity:

In order to start playing the players need to build a team of 5 Axies which can then participate in PvP battles. As of now, an Axie can cost from a meager $3 to a whopping $1.5 million. The game is a mixture of card-trading games like Pokemon and fantasy action-strategy games like Hearthstone.

The gameplay involves card moves like any card-trading game. Each Axie has four cards that are randomly generated for each battle with differing values and characteristics. It depends upon the order of using the cards in the battle. However, the card can only be played if you have the required energy needed for that card.

The attacks are random and not directed therefore usually the closest target is attacked in midst of a battle. If a player loses the PvP battle, they also lose Matchmaking Ratings (MMR) and vice versa. In case of winning the battle the player wins MMR and Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

SLP, What is it?

SLP is the in-game crypto token that is volatile like any other cryptocurrency meaning the price of the coin is rising with time. Currently, the SLP stands at $0.003849 and it can be bought on the Binance exchange or the UNISWAP exchange. Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) is the governance token of the game which can be earned through playing the game and winning the PvP battles.

After winning each PvP battle, the value of these particular Axies increases in the marketplace. Because as the MMR phase increases so does the SLP winning ratio. The SLPs can also be won through daily quests and participation in the game’s events. Moreover, this is also healthy for the Axies as it increases the experience of the Axies hence raising their value. The players can also breed these Axies to create new or evolve old ones.

The Rookie Mistakes You Should Avoid in Axie Infinity

Players often get involved in only one gaming mode, either the PvP battles or the PvE battles. You should keep a balance between the two modes. If you want your Axies to grow in a healthy manner and actually earn some real money.

Interested players often shy away from starting the game in fear of the high prices of Axies. Don’t worry, we got you. There is an Axie Scholarship program by the veteran Axie Infinity Players holding a large number of Axies. They lend their extra Axies to the newbies who then play and earn while taking care of these gullible pets. The lending players are called the Managers while the players on the other side of the bargain are called Scholars. The managers charge a rent as well as some commission and the scholars get to keep the remaining cut.

The Closure

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular blockchains NFT games because it is fun and a good investment. As of now, there are a total of 6 million Axies. However, the origin Axies are capped at 4088, so they will be the rarest in the Axie Infinity world. Axie Infinity is worth the investment of cash and time. It is a legit source of earning money while having fun.

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All you need to know about the different classes in Axie Infinity

A beginner guide to learning Axie Infinity Classes

Let’s turn back time to the good old days, by playing this Pokémon-inspired NFT game. In Axie Infinity, you can breed, raise, and fight against lovable creatures called Axies. Through an in-game marketplace, NFTs are used to buy axies and virtual property (Lands). The majority of transactions happen on Ronin, a quick, tailored sidechain developed by developer Sky Mavis to have fewer fees than the primary Ethereum blockchain.

We will go deeply into Axie Infinity\’s class structure in this guide to classes. Being competitive in the game requires you to understand how your class influences your playstyle. For example, learning how to manage greater damage and calculate your stats can help you go up the Axie Infinity game\’s arena ladder.

What are Axie classes? And how do they differ?

An Axie is the main character in the game that you will use to play the game. Each Axie has its own personality, specialties, and charm. As you keep playing the game, you begin to understand the charm of different Axie’s. Though the characteristics vary from Axie to Axie, there are certain things common to all of them, but they vary in terms of stats.

Each Axie has a distinct set of stats that fall into one of four groups:

Health (HP): This is the amount of damage your Axie can take from other opponents. The higher your HP, the longer you can battle it out.

Morale: Morale is a critical strike probability on your axie that can deal opponents 200 percent of their defense power in damage. Morale affects the likelihood that the last stand will succeed (a temporary life extension after HP runs out).

Skill: This is basically the amount of bonus damage you can inflict on your opponent thanks to combo cards.

Axie Infinity – Axie Infinity Classes

Speed: Axies in your team take turns in the sequence determined by their speed, thus those who are faster typically take turns first. Axies\’ HP, Skill point, Morale Point, and ID will be used to determine turn orders if the speed point is equal.

There are 9 classes and each has its own Axie’s

Additionally, Axies can be divided into nine classes, each having unique stat points and weakness statistics, demanding careful team planning. Let\’s learn about nine of them!

Tank Class

  • Plant

Strength: has the highest HP stats and the greatest capacity for damage absorption. They have more defensive points and the ability to regain energy on their own.

Strong Against: Bird, Dawn, Aquatic

Weakness: compared to another Axie class, has poor damage and speed points.

Weak Against: Mech, Beast, Bug

  • Reptile

Strength: With the exception of the plant, the reptile has the best damage on attacks and strong HP stats. Additionally, Reptile Axie has the capacity to deflect damage from rivals.

Strong Against: Bird, Dawn, Aquatic

Weakness: comparatively has less speed and damage can often be limited.

Weak Against: Mech, Beast, Bug

  • Dusk

Strength: Dusk is a popular Axie with the very best speed point stats in the Tank class. In terms of attacking damage and HP, it has the most balanced stats in this class. Moreover, the high endurance factor makes it a formidable fighter.

Strong Against: Bird, Dawn, Aquatic

Weakness: Dusk is unsuitable for individuals on a restricted budget to use because it is the most expensive Axie in the Tank class. Weak Against: Dusk, Plant, Reptile

Critical Class

  • Beast

Strength: The Beast Axie has two times more chances of hitting a critical strike on an opponent of another class and you can use combos to increase the damage of strikes.

Strong Against: Reptile, Dusk, Plant

Weakness: The low HP makes this Axie more vulnerable to attack and requires additional cards for combo moves.

Weak Against: Aquatic, Dawn, Bird

  • Bug

Strength: Bug Axie has the ability to tease opponents during their turns. Teams that contain Bug players are more likely to frequently succeed with their Last Stand.

Strong Against: Reptile, Dusk, Plant

Weakness: When compared to other classes, HP, its attack damage, and speed point are all below average.

Weak Against: Aquatic, Dawn, Bird

  • Mech

Strength: A very quick-moving Axie with massive attacking power which can be doubled by using combo damage.

Strong Against: Reptile, Dusk, Plant

Weakness: Since this Axie has a low Morale point, it has fewer chances of landing a critical strike and getting towards the Last Stand.

Weak Against: Aquatic, Dawn, Bird

Damage Class

  • Aquatic

Strength: it deals damage which is more than the average and also has good HP.

Strong Against:  Mech, Bug, Beast

Weakness: Due to its low Morale score, Aquatic Axie has a very limited chance of scoring a critical strike and earning Last Stand.

Weak Against: Plant, Dusk, Reptile

  • Bird

Strength: When compared with different classes, Bird deals the most damage on strike and also is the quickest among the Axie.

Strong Against:  Mech, Bug, Beast

Weakness: It has bad defense points and has limited HP.

Weak Against: Plant, Dusk, Reptile

  • Dawn

Strength: Combo moves help you deal lethal damage to opponents.

Strong Against:  Mech, Bug, Beast

Weakness: It is comparatively slow compared to others. Weak Against: Plant, Dusk, Reptile