Decentraland, Undead Blocks, and More on Web3 NFT Gaming

Decentraland fashion week, Champions Ascension tournament, NFTs making headlines, and Undead Blocks rolling out Play and Earn features in this week\’s Web3 gaming news.

A lot of play to earn and blockchain gaming activity happened earlier this week. Several games like Undead Blocks, Champions Ascension, Decentraland, and more have come up with their updates. Now you can earn ZBUX by killing zombies, play Champions Ascension without a Web3 wallet, and more. We also saw the winner of Dookey Dash Key NFT making millions by auctioning it off. Moreover, we also have a Web3 metaverse fashion week coming up in Decentralnad. Mirandus also has a playtest open for players to test rolling dice. We also saw some big partnerships where Animoca Brands expands to the MENA region and join hands with Manga Productions and more.

  • Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week
  • Undead Blocks Daily Play and Earn Feature
  • Champions Ascension First Blood Tournament
  • Mirandus Roll the Dice Game
  • Dookey Dash Winner Bags Millions
  • Lets you Burn NFTs

Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week

Decentraland announces its annual metaverse fashion week eyeing the end of March. The fashion week will host iconic fashion names in the industry like Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, and COACH. From March 28th to March 31st, the event will show how virtual fashion and interoperability have changed. This year\’s Metaverse Fashion Week has the theme \”Future Heritage,\” which encourages both old-school and new-school fashion designers to connect.

Within Decentraland\’s Luxury Fashion District, a virtual event will be held that includes storefronts for multiple fashion brands. Adidas will be participating in Metaverse Fashion Week for the first time, offering an experience that connects users who own a piece from the company\’s Virtual Gear digital wearables NFT collection. Those who possess Virtual Gear NFTs will be provided with a 3D replica of their NFT, which can be worn by their Decentraland avatar.

Undead Blocks Daily Play and Earn Feature

Undead Blocks is gearing up to launch a novel \”play and earn\” feature on a daily basis! Players who own Undead Blocks weapon NFTs will have the opportunity to participate in a special solo VIP mode where they can acquire Gold ZBUX, the most dazzling of all the ZBUX available.

This feature, known as VIP Mode or \”grind to earn,\” enables players to earn Gold ZBUX while playing the game. These Gold ZBUX can be used to upgrade weapon packs, add weapons and attachments to their inventory, obtain exclusive in-game items and Loot Coffins, or exchange them for various cryptocurrencies.

Champions Ascension First Blood Tournament

The Emperor\’s heralds announce and fight to earn a tournament in Champions Ascension. It will host sixty-four fighters who will compete in the arena to determine the ultimate champion!

Sign-ups for the tournament are currently open, but with only sixty-four slots available. The Champions Ascension team has created a waitlist for those who may drop out. Those who are interested are asked to sign up only if they can make both times.

Round one will take place on March 11th, featuring six rounds of a Swiss-style tournament. The top eight competitors will advance to the final round. Players will compete in a single elimination tournament on March 18th to crown the ultimate champion of the lands.

The victor of the tournament will receive an Elemental Eternal NFT, with another one being raffled among all the participants. Audiences can track the tournament matchups and status here once they are posted.

Mirandus Roll the Dice Game

Mirandus is slowly but surely at it and the development continues for this Web3 game. The Mirandus team conducted an initial tech test of their Tavern Games in late 2022, and they are now prepared to offer a more comprehensive playtest to players in early March 2023. This Mirandus playtest is designed to assess the Tavern Games, a collection of mini-games within the game that are intended to amuse players. The Three-Eyed Snake, a game involving dice rolling and betting, will be featured in this testing phase.

The playtest is available to anyone who has a Gala Games account, which is free to create and does not require KYC verification. To play Three-Eyed Snake, players must have copper coins. Each player will get six copper coins every six hours, for a total of 30 coins. Also, players may get more copper coins depending on how many NFT and MTRM they have in their wallet. At the end of the playtest, the top ten players with the most copper coins will be able to get a Tavern Tankard from the first edition as a prize.

Decentraland, Undead Blocks, Web3, NFT, Gaming

Dookey Dash NFT Winner Bags Millions

Who said NFTs were dead in Web3 and elsewhere? It is still pretty much making headlines around the world. An 18-year-old pro gamer \’Mongraal\’ sells Dookey Dash NFT Key for a whopping $1.63 Million

The Dookey Dash NFT competition by Yuga Labs is finally over and the winner made quite a bank. We have seen traditional esports stars make their way into the competitive scene of Web3. Fortnite esports star Mongraal was the winner of Dookey Dash key NFT and eventually sold it for $1.63 million. Kyle Mongraal Jackson sold the NFT key to a billionaire entrepreneur, Adam Weitsman, for 1000 ETH. However, the professional gamer wanted to sell the NFT for 3333 ETH, which is $5.43 million in USD. This whole NFT episode affirms that NFTs are surely down but not out at the moment. Dookey Dash Key NFT is associated with Bored Ape Yacht Club, which has a history of popular NFTs. Lets you Burn NFTs

Another NFT news where, an award-winning FPS game, has introduced a new feature called \”item burning.\” It marks the first step towards crafting in the game. Item burning allows players to enhance certain game NFTs by burning them to improve other game NFTs. Although this feature may seem unexciting at first, it has the potential to spark players\’ interest in crafting and item customization.

This new feature revolves around the concept of \”earning NFTs\” and \”non-earning NFTs\”. Most NFTs in have an earn value of 1, which means that players can receive bonuses to their token earnings when equipped with those items. However, some special edition NFTs have an earn value of 0, and this is where item burning comes into play.

Players can burn an earning NFT to convert a non-earning NFT into an earning NFT. The improved NFT receives an earn rate appropriate for its rarity, regardless of the rarity of the burned NFT. This means that players can burn common NFTs to upgrade higher rarity special edition cards into earners, potentially receiving a higher NFT value than what they put in.

Play to Earn Gaming News

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The 10 Best Crypto NFT Games of 2022

Imagine playing a video game having fun and making real money out of it in the shape of rewards and owning in-game assets. Video games have undergone changes thanks to the evolutionary phase it is in. The new model where players can earn and own from video games is known as Play to Earn or P2E. And subsequently these games are known as P2E games. These games have taken the center stage in past couple of years and now have become an integral part of every metaverse out there. Moreover, the idea is still in nascent stage and investors around the world are interested in it.

So, what is in it for you? You can play and earn cryptocurrency, tokens in the shape of rewards. Moreover, you can play and earn NFTs that hold value and are digital assets. In today’s blog, we will enlist the top 10 crypto NFT games of 2022 for you, so you can start playing and earning.

10 Best Crypto NFT Games of 2022

We have several play-to-earn games available in 2022. Let\’s have a look at the top ten of the best ones among the lot.

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is arguably one of the top crypto games of all time. It is a trade and battle play to earn game using the Ethereum blockchain. The game revolves around Axies which you can collect, breed, raise, trade, and pitch in for a fight. However, you will need to buy at least three Axies to begin playing the game. Each Axie has a different class structure which you need to learn beforehand to win the battle. The winner gets Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens which will help you get Shard tokens, the main token of the game.

The game is doing great with over 1.48 million daily active users even after the unfortunate hacking attack. The game is popular in South East Asian region.

2. Decentraland

Decentraland is a digital real estate metaverse where you can buy, rent, and sell digital land in a 3D world. You can do whatever pleases you on your piece of land. You can erect buildings, run a shop, rent it out, create a video game, and more. Decentraland uses MANA currency and players are required to connect Ethereum wallet to begin activities on the platform.

3. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a treat for those players who got a nag to explore, enter uncharted lands, and love the universe, space, and mine on exoplanets. The game is immersive and lets players encounter alien species that a player can capture and use to mine. The goal is to mine and upgrade.

You need to meet the prerequisites before playing the game: own land on a planet, mining tools, and TLM deposits.

4. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a metaverse just like Minecraft but with a catch of having ownership over your stuff. The game has no limits and lets you go creative and build, craft, and survive in this blocky and pixelated metaverse. The game also has a mode, Game Maker, where players create and test their games, and eventually sell them. The in-game items are NFTs and the game’s currency is known as SAND.

5. Zed Run

Get hold of your NFT horse and pitch it up against others to win a horse race and earn rewards. The game uses the Ethereum blockchain and doesn’t have its own cryptocurrency. This means that the game uses Ether as the default currency but the game’s token ZED Run will soon hit the market. 

The play to earn game also offers horse breeding options to players to get more powerful horses. Moreover, players can also upgrade their horses by winning the races.

– A thought on NFT Games –

Play to earn, NFT games hold the future of gaming guaranteeing fun and digital assets. More and more game developers are flocking towards P2E, play and own, play and earn, and other approaches to give it back to gamers.

Play To Earn Games 2022

6. Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is a fun MMO NFT game where the players have complete ownership of the characters they own. The game introduces players to several mini arcade games and in-game quests which players need to complete to earn MOOLA or MLA. Moreover, players have the liberty to buy, sell, or trade their Blankos NFT characters. Each Blankos has unique and special abilities. The game offers a lot of earning venues including NFTs, crypto, and coins.

7. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a fantasy NFT trading card game that offers full ownership of decks and cards to the players. The game has a gripping setting of magical folklore surrounding Gods and mortals. The Gods in the game have unique powerful abilities that can impact the game. The in-game currency is GODS which players can use to do trading activities for their cards.

8. Star Atlas

The blockchain game Star Atlas is a unique blend of metaverse crypto and RPG that offers exciting gameplay, storyline, and opportunities to make real money. The game is a sci-fi adventure that takes you on an immersive virtual adventure in the year 2620. The player needs to choose among robots, aliens, or people and then fight for the resources and survive faction conflicts. The game has two modes, PvE and PvP.

9. Castle Crush

Castle Crush is another fun play to earn NFT competitive card game where players enter into 1v1 game modes. The cards hold values, some of the cards are rare NFTs that are highly valuable. The game also offers a Trophy system, Competitive tournaments like Grand Tournaments and Master Tournaments. So, a lot is up for grabs for gamers in Castle Crush.

10. CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is an RPG where powerful sword-wielding characters engage in duels, raids, expeditions, and ravaging enemies. The game introduces SKILL tokens which the player needs to start playing the game. The SKILL token has a value attached to it that players can earn as a reward for defeating enemies. Moreover, the players can sell the tokens on the secondary market or purchase in-game items.

So hope you like it. Dont forget to share this post if you want to tell your friends which play to earn to play!

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Animoca Brands acquires Power Rangers developer nWay

Animoca Brands – The Full Story

There is always a handful who bear the torch and lead the way in uncharted lands. Animoca Brands is one of those beacons in Web3, digital entertainment, video games, NFT, and the blockchain technology that is leading by example. Most of us who are familiar with games are already aware of this rising video game giant. However, if someone isn’t then delve right with us into the story of Animoca Brands and its fairy tale success.

Animoca Brands Suffers Ups and Downs Along the Way

Animoca Brands, like many other gaming companies, took off on conventional gaming focusing on mobile platforms. It was one of the biggest and leading mobile gaming companies in Asia until a tragedy struck in 2012. The company had a solid fanbase for its games with more than 40 million downloads on Apple’s App Store. They were sailing smoothly with annual revenue of over $20 million. However, Apple’s decision to deplatform Animoca due to the cross-promotion of its apps had a severe impact.

Fate Takes Auspicious Turn for Animoca

The fate took a turn for good after a couple of years in 2017 when Animoca Brands got into blockchain. Their very first venture was in a cute little meek blockchain and NFT gameCryptoKitties. The company’s decision to acquire CryptoKitties’ developers Fuel Powered and Axiom Zen was spot on. The game wasn’t supposed to be a huge hit when before its release, but it soared in popularity. Right at that time, Animoca also jumped into Dapper Labs and become its shareholders. It was the potential that NFTs have that made Animoca go all in into the domain.

decentraland - Animoca Brands -video games - blockchain games
decentraland – Animoca Brands -video games – blockchain games

After that, it was as if Animoca had a hand of gold, whatever it touched turned gold. Animoca Brands was just getting started with its acquisition of Sky Mavis, the creator of the massively popular Axie Infinity game. Then the company also got its hand in OpenSea in the early days, now OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Besides, Animoca also owns Wax, Decentraland, and Sandbox. All of these are astronomically popular among gamers. All of these major buying and investing came in during 2018 and 2019.

The Sandbox - Animoca Brands -Web3 - NFT Games
The Sandbox – Animoca Brands -Web3 – NFT Games

Animoca Brands Suffers Another Bump

However, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine after getting into crypto. Another deplatforming or delisting was waiting for Animoca. The company was publicly listed in Australia on ASX. The decision to indulge in NFTs and crypto led to Animoca losing its status on ASX. The event led to crunch time and valuation dropped drastically. But now, the company stands tall with more than a $5.7 billion valuation after several successful acquisitions. It might seem that it’s a walk in the park when it comes to acquiring companies, not for Animoca.

The Trick of the Trade

Animoca Brands is a serious prospect when it comes to research and development. Rigorous research takes place before each and every acquisition. The company looks at several different factors like gameplay, game category, market size, market competition, and finally the result of playtesting. Their research layout surely does work if we fare in Axie Infinity and Alien Worlds. Moreover, their success also lies in timing, Animoca Brands is more of a seed investor and series A investor in projects.

The shopping spree for Animoca continues all year round. Recently, the company entered into partnerships with Yuga Labs, OneFootball, Planet Hollywood, Cube Entertainment, and Untamed Planet. Despite the crypto winter the company didn’t stop investing in blockchain technology and Web3 projects. The mantra is still the same in 2022 invest in projects that are working on open metaverse, conducive, and innovative. Animoca’s commitment to this radical ecosystem is unwavering.

The Future of Web3 According to Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands believe that Web3 is an evolutionary phenomenon and it will become the new normal in the future just like the internet. Digital property rights, economic decentralization, and freedom will give become beneficial for billions. Moreover, according to Animoca, Web3 is still in its early days, and its application is also in the nascent stage just like how the internet and smartphones rolled out. They believe that the current market crash will not kill Web3, NFTs, open metaverses, and or cryptocurrency. These are cyclical variations and bumps along the way. The future is only apparent to those who see the broader perspective and consider the technology in the long-term view.

Animoca Brands Upcoming Titles

As for the upcoming titles, Animoca Brands is eyeing AAA titles with top-notch production. Titles like Life Beyond, Phantom Galaxies, and new partnerships indicating a football game, have us all revved up and excited.

Phantom Galaxies

Check out this report on crypto gaming, and how it fared up in 2022.