Delysium: Blockchain Game Review: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to Delysium, where you can immerse yourself in a stunning open-world metaverse and experience the next generation of blockchain RPG gaming. Developed by Kurosemi Game Developers, a team of renowned game industry veterans, Delysium is a WEB3 crypto game that combines the excitement of massive multiplayer online gameplay with the unique play-to-earn role-playing dynamics of blockchain technology.

Featuring stunning, lifelike environments and digital worlds, Delysium is supported by AI partners like rct.AI x Deterrence and funded by industry giants like Galaxy Interactive and Makers Fund. With the backing of these industry leaders, Delysium is poised to become a true AAA game on the WEB3.

Enter the world of Delysium and take part in epic battle royale competition against other players. Explore the vast, immersive metaverse and conquer it as your own. Choose your own avatar and NFT characters to stand out from the crowd and dive into the AI-powered Delysium, which is home to various universes each with their own unique gameplay elements and laws. With different game modes available, there\’s something for everyone to enjoy in Delysium. And the best part? It\’s free-to-own and play.

Delysium Game Overview

The metaverse of the game consists of various phenomenal universes, each governed by a different Delysium Multiverse Operator (DMO). According to Kurosemi, DMOs serve as an extension of the developers and have the ability to tailor rewards policies, on-chain incentives, and distribution rules based on the behavior of players in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the metaverse community.

In Delysium, players can interact with AI MetaBeings, which are non-player characters (NPCs) that have the same rights and privileges as human players. These AI MetaBeings can own assets, trade, participate in various game modes, and even earn their own income. This dynamic makes Delysium a game that is inclusive and welcoming to all, not just humans, but also Metaverse beings. Players are encouraged to socialize and engage with these non-human entities to experience what the future may hold.

Delysium introduces a new twist to the classic first-person shooter formula by incorporating free-world dynamics. This fresh approach to the genre creates a world where humans and AI coexist, even if they don\’t always see eye to eye, adding a level of realism and enjoyment to the game. The developers of Delysium hope to create a believable and immersive experience where players can imagine what it might be like to live in a world alongside AI.

Delysium Metaverse avatar -blockchain game

Delysium Gameplay

In Delysium, players have the freedom to explore the metaverse and participate in various game modes using their avatars. These game modes include player-versus-player (PvP) and battle royale, in which players can form teams of three and compete against five other teams. In battle royale mode, players must gather resources such as ammunition, gear, armor, weapons, food, and medicine in order to strengthen their team. The battle area gradually shrinks, and the last remaining team is declared the winner, earning them tokens and assets as a reward.

Delysium is a game that is built for, by, and of the community. It gives players the opportunity to suggest and introduce new game modes by working with the Delysium Multiverse Operators (DMOs), who have direct communication with the developers. The game is only available for PC and can be accessed through the game launcher on the Delysium website.

The game has certain minimum specifications that must be met in order to play it. To run the game, you will need a computer with the following specifications:

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3570K or AMD FX-8310
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 or AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

Delysium NFTs

The game offers a variety of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for players to choose from, including cosmetic items such as outfits and collectibles. These NFTs can be used by both human players and AI players like MetaBeings, adding an element of competition and realism to the game. NFT assets are available in five rarity levels, ranging from common to ultimate. As the rarity level increases, so does the price of the NFT.

Delysium Tokenomics

The in-game economy is powered by DES tokens, which give holders the right to participate in governance voting. These tokens also allow players to buy and sell assets within the game\’s metaverse. Additionally, holders of DES tokens can become Delysium Multiverse Accelerators (DMAs), special members of the community who support the game\’s economy. DMAs play a significant role in the Delysium world and can earn profits through staking, which may also allow them to bypass entry fees for special events.

Delysium Pre-Alpha Test

Delysium Pre-Alpha Test

Don\’t wait any longer! Join the world of Delysium, a metaverse for everyone where you can shape the rules of the multiverse. Experience all that Delysium has to offer and become a part of this exciting virtual world.

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Why Is the Immutable X Web 3.0 Platform A Developer Favorite?

Immutable X is a well-known Web 3.0 platform for games that provides a layer-2 solution for NFTs and advanced scaling technologies. It has gained popularity due to its commitment to being 100% carbon-free and its ability to quickly scale with zero gas fees. As a result, many new blockchain gaming and NFT projects are launching on or migrating to the Immutable X platform. Some notable examples include the AAA game Delysium and DC Comics characters Batman and Superman. The platform is attractive to these projects because of its low transaction costs and fast speeds on the Ethereum network, as well as its security, scalability, and stability.

From Polygon to Immutable X

Several blockchain games that were originally hosted on the Polygon network have made the decision to migrate to the platform. Examples include Cross the Ages, Delysium, and Ember Sword. Delysium, which is now hosted on Immutable X, is a play-and-earn MMORPG that utilizes artificial intelligence and allows players to be an integral part of the game\’s virtual world.

Delysium Immutable X – Web 3.0

Collapse of the Terra Network 

The collapse of the Terra Network has prompted several blockchain projects to migrate to Immutable X, including Deviants’ Factions, Tatsumeeko, Undead Blocks, and Star Heroes. Nifty League, a blockchain game, has also made the switch from Ethereum Layer 1 to Layer 2 on Immutable X. The process of moving from other platforms to Immutable X is made easy thanks to its user-friendly API and comprehensive solution.

Additionally, projects that opt for the platform often do so because of the low gas fees and fast transaction speeds it offers, as well as its dedicated gaming chain.

Immutable’s developer and venture investment fund

The services offered by Immutable X are not the only factor attracting blockchain projects to the platform. Its commitment to supporting the development of new projects through its $500 million developer and venture investment fund is also a major draw. This fund is designed to help accelerate and support blockchain gaming projects by offering support in game design, tokenomics advice, community building, and marketing. As a result, both new and established projects can find a range of assistance on the Immutable X platform.

New Blockchain Projects on Immutable X

Many new blockchain projects are choosing to launch on Immutable X. For example, in March of last year, Cartamundi and Warner Bros. Consumer Product announced the release of NFT cards featuring popular superheroes like Superman and Batman on the platform. Immutable X also offers the ability to mint digital NFTs

Additionally, the VeeFriends NFT collection from Gary Vaynerchuck launched its gamified Book Games on Immutable X. In addition to these new projects, Immutable X also hosts its own highly popular blockchain games such as Gods Unchained and the upcoming Guild of Guardians. Other top blockchain games available on the platform include Illuvium, Ember Sword, Planet Quest, and many others.

According to the President and Co-Founder of Immutable X, the company is experiencing an increase in demand for security, stability, and scalability within the industry, which has resulted in many partners joining their platform. He noted that ImmutableX offers a gas-free and carbon-neutral environment with 99.99% network uptime, and provides vertically integrated APIs for game studios to deliver dependability, streamlined integration, and an improved user experience for gamers. He added that as the web3 industry continues to grow, ImmutableX believes this trend will continue, and as a result, they offer additional advisory services, white glove launch and post-launch assistance, and a world-class support team.

Immutable X is an open source platform that hosts and builds open source projects. This includes a range of projects from simple independent stage projects to AAA game projects like Delysium. The company is also partnered with GameStop for its NFT marketplace. In addition, Immutable X has a venture fund of $500 million that is supporting the promotion and development of innovative Web 3.0 gaming projects.

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