EA Co-Founder Enters Web3, Gala Games May Mayhem in Full Swing and Many More Web3 Gaming News

Another week full of exciting Web3 gaming news playtests, reviews, and new content has made the weekend all the while. The alpha and beta playtests for several games are already underway and there is plenty to keep the weekend fun. We have Gala Games May Mayhem, ZooRacers Beta testing underway, Mojo Melee beta, revenge zombies open beta, and more. Spider Tanks adds new content and updates to the game with May Mayhem. Finally, we have Champions Arena playtest 2.0, and P2Earn Inc hiring Jeff Burton. Our weekly newsletter bulletin covers all the essential updates happening in Web3. Let’s get straight to it and see how the week is so far in Web3 gaming.

  • ZooRacers Beta 
  • Mojo Meele Open Beta
  • Jeff Burton Joins P2Earn
  • Spider Tanks May Mayhem
  • Gala Games May Mayhem

ZooRacers Beta V4

ZooRacers Beta test is open for players to get their hands on kart racing, shooting, and winning races. The game offers massive tracks and maps that can host up to 16 players. Just imagine the mayhem and sensory overload when the lobby is full of your friends and families eager to race, destroy, collect, and win. The first thing you gotta do is sign up on the Zoo platform and create a Google authentication code for the game. Oh, and don\’t forget to have a wallet like Meta Mask ready too. Once you\’re all set up and connected, it\’s time for the really fun part!

The game has a super user-friendly interface where you can give it a test run for free. You\’ll have four vehicle slots as a player, and you can totally customize your vehicles and adorable little characters. The default character is a tiger, but there\’s so much more you can do!

You can even equip your vehicles with explosives, energy, and heavy weapons to let loose and dominate your opponents. And hey, in the final version of the game, there\’ll be loads of other cute little animals to discover too.

Mojo Melee Open Beta

Hey, guess what? Mojo Melee is totally going all out with their open beta, and it\’s free to play! And here\’s the really exciting part: by participating in the beta, you can actually earn a spot on the whitelist for their upcoming Chest mint. How cool is that?

So, here\’s the deal: jump right into the Mojo Melee beta and get ready to battle it out. And the best part? It won\’t cost you a dime. No need for any fancy NFTs or tokens. Plus, they\’ve made it super convenient by making the game playable right in your browser. Just head on over to their website and start having a blast in the Mojo Melee beta!

Jeff Burton Joins P2Earn, Enter Web3 Gaming

Who says Web3 gaming space is dying? It continues to expand and progress as EA co-founder Jeff Burton joins a reputable gaming guild P2Earn Inc. Jeff Burton confirmed this incredible news in a statement: “I am delighted to join the advisory board of P2Earn, as play-to-earn gaming prepares to go mainstream. However, I believe that the concept of players earning a share of the profits through gameplay is the future.”

Burton is really excited about these \”guild\” frameworks. They\’re kind of like those gaming and esports organizations you see in the traditional gaming world. He thinks they have a ton of potential. And get this, he also believes that play-to-earn gaming can actually help promote \”social mobility\” and create a whole new economy. How awesome is that?

But that\’s not all. Burton sees a world of possibilities when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In fact, he even got to be on the Board of Advisors for BitDegree, a platform that offers crypto courses. You can check out his LinkedIn profile for all the details.

Oh, and did I mention that he\’s the chairman of the board of advisors for this cool crypto game called Engines of Fury? It\’s based in Lithuania and combines the best of multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) and role-playing games (RPGs). You get to raid dungeons and battle all sorts of epic monsters. Talk about an exciting adventure!

Spider Tanks May Mayhem

Spider Tanks is going all out with their tank-based, MOBA, e-sport game. They\’ve been working hard on some awesome updates to improve the game and keep it growing. Spider Tanks is expanding and enhancing its tank-based MOBA esports game through recent updates. As part of the Gala Games May Mayhem event, they are offering enticing bonus rewards to players who achieve ten or more victories per week. This event aims to boost player engagement and raise awareness of the game.

During the event, Spider Tanks will host weekly events from Tuesday to Sunday, with four tiers of rewards available. The first tier requires a minimum of ten wins, while the fourth tier demands at least seventy wins. Each tier grants guaranteed supplies of components and Arachnium, the in-game currency. Additionally, players earn tickets for a weekly raffle, where winners can obtain Tank Parts. May is the opportune month to either return to Spider Tanks or give it a try, given the exciting May Mayhem event and the rewards awaiting participants.

Gala Games May Mayhem in Web3 Gaming

Spider Tanks is just one of the many games participating in the May Mayhem event hosted by Gala Games. This month, virtually every game in the Gala Games portfolio has something special to offer or announce. The best part? Most of these games are accessible to anyone with a Gala Games account!

Let\’s dive into some of the exciting events happening in May across the Gala Games\’ lineup:

  1. Town Star: They are relaunching their game on a new game engine called Godot. In addition to new content, they will host weekly competitions where players can earn rewards. Top performers in these competitions will receive even larger rewards.
  2. Champions Arena: They are currently conducting an ongoing playtest that extends into May. They have also hinted at the first-ever Champions Arena NFT sale this month.
  3. GRIT: This FPS game with a Western theme plans to open up 24/7 for all Gala Games account holders. This is a significant step forward since the game was previously only available for a few hours each week.
  4. Echoes of Empire (EoE): Although their recent five-day playtest has concluded, the EoE team has teased some \”extra special excitement\” in May. Fans can hope for a new playtest or beta announcement, rather than another sale.
  5. Mirandus: They will be conducting another playtest in May, featuring goblin hunting and a substantial bounty for the player who achieves the first kill on the new Boss creature.
  6. Superior: The game is set to become free to play for everyone in May. Additionally, Legends Reborn, which is already in an open playtest, promises to bring special competitions for venue owners in the upcoming weeks.

Gala Games has also mentioned two mobile games, Meow Match, and Dragon Strike, which will soon connect to the web3 world. These games were acquired through Gala Games\’ collaboration with mobile developer Ember Entertainment earlier this year.

Gala Games May Mayhem in full swing, Jeff Burton joins P2Earn, Mojo Melee Open Beta, ZooRacers test, Spider Tanks, and more Web3 gaming news.

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EA Founder Working on NFT Games

Trip Hawkins Joins Games for a Living GFAL to Work on NFT Games Starting with Elemental Raiders.

Two of the gaming industry’s top veterans have joined hands to work on NFT games. Recently, the founder of Electronic Arts gaming studio, Trip Hawkins, joined Games for a Living video gaming studio. Along with Trip Hawkins, Manel Sort the VP at Candy Crush Saga developer King is also in this project. The team will start with Elemental Raiders which is already available in a free-to-play version on Steam. However, in March, the game will introduce NFT, token elements, and a battle pass. The studio plans to roll out its own token; Games for a Living token.

Games for a Living and Hawkins Addition

Despite the slump in crypto and challenges in Web3, we are seeing industry veterans exploring the niche. Trip Hawkins, the original founder and CEO of Electronic Arts (EA), is the latest addition to the list of famed video game industry legends. Similar legends of the gaming industry are flocking to the crypto world. Another example includes developers such as Will Wright and Peter Molyneux. These developers are currently working on NFT-based games.

A couple of days ago, Hawkins was announced as the co-founder and chief strategy officer of Games for a Living. GFAL is a startup that focuses on creating games using NFTs and blockchain-based tokens. Manel Sort, the former first vice president at King, the developer of Candy Crush Saga, is one of the co-founders of Games for a Living. He teamed up with Hawkins, his former colleague from the mobile gaming startup Digital Chocolate, to create this new venture.

Trip Hawkins Announcement

“I’m confident that blockchain, combined with our vision, can create a new gaming paradigm for the benefit of all,” Hawkins said. “We plan to do it in a way that helps enhance game performance and value for players, while keeping things fun.”

GFAL’s Elemental Raiders

Elemental Raiders, the inaugural release from Games for a Living, is currently available on Steam as a conventional free-to-play game without tokenized features. However, the publisher has already introduced Ethereum NFTs linked to the game as promotional items and is set to launch an NFT \”battle pass\” in March, along with its own GFAL token.

In early March, an official Elemental Raiders tournament will take place, offering NFT and token rewards, but it will not be available on the Steam version of the game. Additionally, Games for a Living has hinted at a new game, Diamond Dreams, which is a matching puzzle game powered by NFTs.

GFAL Token

According to a representative from Games for a Living, the GFAL token and most in-game NFTs will be minted on the BNB Chain. However, certain NFTs, such as the upcoming battle pass, will be minted on Ethereum but will later be \”converted\” into an NFT on BNB Chain via the company\’s user portal.

Games for a Living plans to eventually utilize its own private blockchain for its games, instead of relying on an open, permissionless network like Ethereum or Solana. According to the publisher\’s whitepaper, the company intends to establish a foundation. It plans to govern the blockchain network and establish regulations for other developers to follow. These developers will create their own NFT-based games on the network.

Private or permissioned blockchains are viewed by many crypto developers as being contradictory to the Web3 ideology. They are not open and permissionless networks that allow anyone to build freely. Although in some cases, networks established by a centralized company can gradually become decentralized over time and transition to community governance, the publisher\’s whitepaper does not explicitly mention any such plans.

The representative said that \”at some stage in the future,\” the company will \”bridge everything to their chain.\”

More About Trip Hawkins

Before establishing Electronic Arts in 1982, Hawkins was a key employee at Apple during its early years. Today, EA is one of the world\’s largest video game publishers. Its most popular franchises include sports brands like FIFA and Madden NFL. It also owns top game series like Battlefield, The Sims, Need for Speed, and Mass Effect.

After leaving his leadership position at EA in 1991, Hawkins went on to establish 3DO. It was a startup that launched its own video game console but failed to achieve commercial success. In 2003, he founded Digital Chocolate, which has since closed down. Hawkins served as CEO of Digital Chocolate until 2012, and has since advised or sat on the board of various gaming, technology, and esports startups.

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