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The Sandbox Breach, Messi, Dr Disrepect, Champions Ascension, ImmutableX and Warner Bros

Check out all the updates in Web3 on blockchain games including The Sandbox breach, Champions Ascension, Messi, Dr Disrespect, Immutable.

Welcome to our Super Sunday news roundup, where we put together the best Web3 gaming stories from the week. Several new things have happened this week that show that the blockchain gaming trend is still going strong. Several non-fungible token (NFT) blockchain games are adding new features, and blockchain companies are launching new projects and forming new partnerships.

This week we saw football legend Lionel Messi’s company supporting an upcoming blockchain game Matchday. We also saw the popular video game streamer Dr. Disrespect coming out guns blazing in support of NFT games. Immutable X entered a partnership with Warner Bros. and the Sandbox security breach. As for Web3 games, we have Continuum World First Explorers going live, Champions Ascension rolling out team arena battles, launching Snipe the Streamer Mode, NFT crafting in Chronos, and more.

Let’s check out the highlights of the game below:

  • Champions Ascension Team Arena Battles
  • Make NFTs in Chronos
  • Continuum World First Explorers Now Live
  • Matchday Gets Support from Messi
  • Dr. Disrespect Reiterates Support for NFT Games
  • ImmutableX and Warner Bros Partnership
  • The Sandbox Security Breach

Champions Ascension Team Arena Battles

Exciting news for fans of Champions Ascension, as the Emperor of Massina has announced the introduction of team-based combat in the arena. The new mode features two teams of three battling it out amidst a more complex map, with destructible fences, a spike trap in the center, and two types of power-ups available on the map. One power-up provides a damage boost, while the other heals players. In addition, players can now lock-on to specific targets, and upcoming improvements include the ability to queue as a team and voice chat. Expect ongoing tweaks and changes as the Champions Ascension team works on balancing this new mode.

Make NFTs in Chronos

Fans of Chronos will be happy to hear that the multiplayer, side-scrolling, action blockchain game is getting a new crafting system, which is great news. Players can now craft NFT items and trade rare items they find in-game with the Shady Merchant. Chronos has kept building and adding to their game since the open beta came out earlier this year. They have added new game modes, new maps, a mail system, tournaments, new biomes, and more! And their most recent update gives players the chance to make their own game NFTs. To craft, players have to go to town and talk to the Shady Merchant. The Shady Merchant\’s stock is always changing, and he gives different players different choices. So, the best way to find the best deals is to visit him often.

Also, players will have to pay a small amount of Gems, the game\’s currency, to make new items. But you can get everything else you need to make things in-game. Active players can even turn this into a way to make money by gathering resources, making NFTs, and selling them on the markets. Travelers and Item NFTs are for sale on Open Sea for anyone who wants to buy them.

Continuum World First Explorers Blockchain Game Now Live

After a few weeks of delays, Continuum World has finally released the first live version of their blockchain game, First Explorers. In this free-to-play game mode, players can collect resources, build structures, and finish missions to get different rewards. In First Explorers, players can get materials from land plots, either in the wild or through a building made by another player. Wild resources appear at random, and players can get harvest bonuses by putting clothes or accessories on their Umi. In this blockchain game, there are also random chests that show up. You can put UM tokens or trophy points in these. Players need energy to gather wild resources, which come back slowly over time or can be bought in the form of batteries.

Matchday Gets Support from Messi

Play Time, which is owned by Lionel Messi, has put money into Matchday. It is an upcoming football game on the Web3 blockchain that gives real ownership through NFTs. FIFA and Matchday\’s studio are working together to make Web3 games, and the project just got $21 million in seed money to make a variety of soccer games. One of the companies that helped fund Matchday is Play Time Sports – Tech HoldCo LLC, which is owned by soccer star Lionel Messi. Other venture capital firms have also put money into the project. These include Courtside Ventures, Greylock, Capricorn Investment Group, Horizon Ventures, and HackVC.

Dr. Disrespect Reiterates Support for Blockchain Games

Dr. Disrespect is known for his aggressive gameplay and controversial videos on Twitch and YouTube. On his Twitter account, he has been showing more support for NFTs and blockchain gaming. Even though some of his fans criticize him, he is still committed to making Deaddrop, a blockchain game, through his studio, Midnight Society. In recent tweets, he has shown how much he likes the technology and called those who don\’t like it \”brain-dead headline followers.\”

The Sandbox Breach, Messi, Dr Disrepect, Champions Ascension, ImmutableX and Warner Bros

ImmutableX and Warner Bros Partnership

Warner Bros. Discovery Sports is using the blockchain platform from ImmutableX for their upcoming mobile Web3 game, Blocklete Golf. Through this partnership, game players can fully own tokens that can\’t be exchanged for anything else (NFTs). Players can buy, train, and trade virtual golfers with them. Warner Bros. Discovery Sports and ImmutableX have been working together, and the partnership will grow when Blocklete Golf is released using the ImmutableX blockchain platform.

Blockchain Game The Sandbox Security Breach

In 2023, the first security breach on Web3 makes the news. The blockchain game Sandbox gets hacked, and phishing emails are sent to users of the game. After a security breach, The Sandbox, a popular metaverse company, warned the people in its community. Unauthorized third parties got into an employee\’s computer, which could have put user information at risk. Phishing emails were sent to users because of the breach. These emails have links to malware that could give attackers access to their digital assets. This is the first big Web3 breach of 2023, and The Sandbox is telling its users not to open any strange emails.

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Azra Games Secures Funding

Azra Games Secure Promising Funding for its NFT Games

Azra Games gets another solid funding for its upcoming sci-fi NFT game. The gaming studio has secured an additional $10 million in funding from A16z to develop games featuring non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Thus far, the Sacramento-based company has raised a total of $25 million in seed funding. And is actively developing a game titled Legions & Legends, an NFT game. The investment round was led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) from their $600 million game investment fund. Other investors who participated in the funding round include NFX, Coinbase Ventures, Play Ventures, and Franklin Templeton.

“We believe that the unique ownership and economic models Web3 provides will revolutionize how people play online games,” wrote Arianna Simpson, partner at A16z.

Investments Flowing in for Promising Blockchain Projects

The recent funding round demonstrates that despite market downturns, top-tier game companies can still secure funding for blockchain games. In 2021, blockchain games made up half of all funding for game companies. However, following the cryptocurrency market downturn and the collapse of FTX, NFT games have encountered greater difficulties.

Mark Otero Journey and Web3 Objectives

Mark Otero, who oversaw the creation of Electronic Arts\’ popular mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, is at the helm of Azra Games. According to EA data from 2021, the game has generated over $1 billion in revenue to date.

Earlier, Otero stated that Azra Games aims to build intricate and immersive game worlds. It aims to offer a specialized in-game economy and virtual collectibles, all powered by Web3 technology, including NFTs. Otero is collaborating with Sonny Mayugba and Travis Boudreaux, both of whom are seasoned entrepreneurs. Additionally, Azra Games has recruited veterans from Capital Games.

Following his departure from Capital Games some time ago, Otero took a hiatus from gaming. He later began experimenting with programming on the blockchain, and he experienced an \”aha moment\” as he became enamored with the idea of gamers being able to own the assets they purchased in a game. In most cases, players merely rent the items they buy, and if the publisher shuts down, players lose their entire investment. Moreover, Otero believed that with NFTs, players could verify the authenticity of their one-of-a-kind items and truly possess them.

Otero, who spent his formative years in South Korea playing Dungeons & Dragons before eventually moving with his family to Sacramento, expressed his delight at being a Dungeon Master once more.

Otero on Web3 Future

Despite the skepticism surrounding blockchain games, Otero expressed hope and promise. He is confident that his team\’s credibility would help them succeed with their NFT-based game. For this reason, the company chose to begin its funding journey with reputable game venture capitalists rather than an NFT token sale.

Otero has his own perspective on what makes games enjoyable and how to create great games. He pointed out that some of the entrepreneurs in the NFT game space have never created games before.

Azra Games Project Legions & Legends and NFTs

Previously, Azra Games launched its ‘The Hopeful’ NFTs collection for the Legions and Legends game. 

Owners of Play Forever Pass™ (PFP) NFTs receive access to a variety of high-end benefits, including:

Exclusive content from all Azra Games, including Legions & Legends

Valuable in-game items at no cost

Access to Private Discord, Sneak Peeks, and Epic Drops

Early demos and other perks.

Mark Otero on The Hopeful

“Our collection’s name The Hopeful reflects both that promise and the spirit. The graphic novel art style is a tribute to the golden age of comics where Azra’s Paul Martin, a former Marvel comic artist, led the finalizing style. We are excited to partner with Magic Eden to bring our mint to all the crypto hopefuls.”

Azra Games aims to develop rich and captivating game worlds with a unique in-game economy and digital collectibles, utilizing Web3 technology like NFTs that rely on the blockchain to verify distinct digital assets. The company plans to utilize the seed funding to expedite the creation of its inaugural game, an exciting, mythical RPG that features collectibles and large-scale combat.

Azra Games\’ first game is a sci-fi fantasy universe collectibles and combat role-playing game.

More About the Game

Players will be able to command Legions in a new battle experience, craft massive war machines, trade in-game NFT collectibles, and earn rewards in a new kind of in-game economy.

The characters in the Hopeful collection are members of the Genesis Merchant Company, the adventurous miners, traders, explorers, and scrappers who discovered the Corvus Galaxy featured in Legions & Legends. Those who own this genesis collection will have the first chance to beta test the game.

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Super Bowl Sunday Gaming News

It is almost Super Bowl Time. Ready for the commercials? It did hit the news this week: Super Bowl LVII will Not Feature Crypto Ads: Deals Fell Apart and Limit Break Invests Millions in Live NFT Minting during Super Bowl 2023.

For our USA friends; Happy Sunday. Go Eagles, Go Chiefs.

Welcome to another edition of Super Sunday news with all the important news on blockchain gaming from this last week.

The momentum from last week continues this week, with several new alpha gameplays being released, new partnerships and fundings, new NFT launching and Mint, and much more. The past week we also saw FTX fallout in Super Bowl advertisement deal cancellation for the crypto industry. So, this year people will see only beer ads instead of crypto or blockchain. As for the gamefi, we have Project Red inviting players to play and test gameplay for free. A couple of other games like Faraway Lands, BattleFly have alpha and early access respectively. There are also plenty of alpha gameplays already live and running so a lot is happening in Web3 games. In another update, we have Illuvium eyeing to introduce yet another game to its already pumping IP.

Let’s check in detail what’s new in blockchain this week:

●     Illuvium Announces Illuvitars

●     Planet IX Launches New Missions and Updates

●     Project Red Announces Free to Play Weekend

●     Shrapnel Announces Free Mint

●     Bullieverse New Soulbound Reward Badges

●     The Sandbox and ZepetoLabs Enter into a Partnership

●     BattleFly Early Access is Open

●     Faraway Land’s First Public Alpha is Out

Illuvium Announces Illuvitars

Illuvium is on a roll and continues to impress its fanbase with new, unique, and exciting features. This week Illuvium came up with Illuvium: Beyond where players will enjoy customizable NFT avatars based on in-game characters. These customizable NFTs are Illuvitars that will work everywhere in the Illuvium DAO. These Illluvitars will work as your profile picture which of course is customizable with plenty of cosmetic items. You can check the news in detail here.

Planet IX Launches New Missions and Updates

Planet IX has just released a new Tile Contract that offers players the chance to expand their Mission Control by 12 extra hexes. This exciting development provides ample space for growth, and for the time being, accessing these tiles is offered at no cost.

Planet IX has gained a massive following in recent months, becoming one of the most sought-after web3 games. This PIX-collecting, click-mining, and building game continues to thrive, with the latest update featuring an improved Mission Control and the ability to construct n additional twelve hexes.

Project Red Announces Free to Play Weekend

Project Red, which recently launched its public alpha, now presents free-to-play weekends for everyone. Starting this weekend (Feb 10th-12th), Project Red becomes part of the growing list of high-quality FPS games in the web3 arena.

Every other weekend, the public alpha of Project Red will be accessible to all, allowing anyone to download the game and participate in playtests. This Mafia-themed FPS is still in its early stages, with the current alpha limited to the Blood Arena, an FPS competition within the game world.

While Project Red is currently in alpha testing and hosting contests with prizes, free-to-play players will not receive rewards at this time. However, this is an excellent opportunity to try out the game, offer feedback, and get a glimpse of one of the latest FPS games in the web3 space.

Shrapnel Announces Free Mint

Shrapnel, a super promising FPS extraction NFT game announces its free mint for Sigma Containment Units or SCU. You need to get a hold of the whitelist spot if you are eyeing these limited NFTs. These NFTs will will provide additional benefits like:

●     Membership to a holders-only community

●     Early access to the Creator Tools

●     Exclusive content for the Creator Tools

●     Limited Edition content from Partner Collabs

●     Rare in-game SCU skins

Making it to the Shrapnel Whitelist has multiple ways. The quickest and most straightforward way is to possess an Operator NFT and verify your wallet on Discord. Additionally, keep an eye on contests, giveaways, and community collaborations on Shrapnel\’s social media channels. They also plan to launch an application form in the near future.

Surprisingly, this mint will take place simultaneously on three different blockchains – Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche. The NFTs will be divided evenly among each chain, with a total of 3,333 SCU units available on each. One lucky minter on Avalanche will even receive a rare 1/1 SCU airdropped directly to them!

Bullieverse New Soulbound Reward Badges

Bullieverse never forgets its early supporters and loyal fanbase as they dedicate new Soulbound badges to them as BLISS tokens. BLISS, or Bullieverse Soulbound Badges, serve as a perpetual community recognition system through soulbound (account bound) rewards.

These badges keep a record of an owner\’s involvement in various activities across the Bullieverse. The first badge is awarded to those who participated in Beary\’s Bootcamp, a staking event for holders of hibernated BarBearian NFTs. In addition to the Badge, the Bootcamp event also granted hibernating Bear owners with CuraBull tokens, which vest into BULL tokens over a 12-month period.

The Sandbox and ZepetoLabs Enter into a Partnership

This week we also saw the Sandbox entering into a partnership with ZepetoLabs. For those of you who don’t know, ZepetoLabs is a world-renowned gaming company responsible for hugely popular games. Some of the games are Cut the Rope, CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, King of Thieves, and Bullet Echo.

As per The Sandbox\’s statement, the partnership will expand the metaverse, bringing new offerings and Web3 engagement opportunities to the ZeptoLab community through engaging experiences and true digital ownership-based collectibles. This collaboration will help drive the growth of The Sandbox and further establish its presence in the Web3 gaming world.

BattleFly Early Access is Open

The web3 gaming space has welcomed a new auto-battler game with the launch of BattleFly\’s early access. This play-to-earn game, which features butterfly-themed ship customization, is open to anyone with a BattleFly NFT and a few MAGIC tokens. To participate in the early access, you must need at least one BattleFly NFT available at Moreover, you will also need at least 5 MAGIC tokens to stake with your Battlefly. So, there is a little investment early on. Furthermore, you will need to join BattleFly Discord channel and complete the onboarding formalities.

Faraway Land’s First Public Alpha is Out

Faraway Land, a town-building game under Mini-Royale, opens up its first public alpha. The game offers players to craft NFTs for Mini-Royale. Please note that Faraway Land is not the official land gameplay for Mini-Royale but rather a separate, cross-project game.

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Super Sunday Gaming News

Welcome to another edition of our Super Sunday News Roundup! As we continue to navigate the exciting world of Web3 gaming, we\’re thrilled to bring you the latest and greatest developments from the past week.

This week saw major news from the corporate sector, with the Premier League joining the Web3 space through its agreement with Sorare. Meanwhile, Amazon is also jumping on the Web3 bandwagon, exploring new opportunities in this growing market.

On the gaming front, there was a lot of excitement as well. Axie Infinity wrapped up its first season of Homeland, and Big Time continues to dominate the Web3 gaming world by taking home the biggest prize at the Gam3ers\’ Choice Awards.

In addition, we\’ll be taking a look at the latest alpha and beta tests, as well as the upcoming Mojo Meele competition.

So, let\’s dive into this week\’s news highlights:

  1. W3 Play Update
  2. Premier League Teams Up with Sorare for Exciting New Web3 Gaming Experience
  3. Immutable Launches Its Passport for Gamers
  4. Introducing Amazon\’s Web3 Exploration: A Game Changer?
  5. Axie Infinity Homeland Season Zero: A Successful Conclusion
  6. Gam3r\’s Choice Awards 2023: Player-Voted Winners Announced
  7. Exploring the World of Mist: A Preview of the Pre-Alpha Stage
  8. Gala Games Unveils 2023 Roadmap: Focus on Mobile Gaming and Blockchain Growth

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Premier League Teams Up with Sorare for Exciting New Web3 Gaming Experience

Are you ready for the next level of fantasy soccer? Sorare, the global leader in fantasy soccer games, has teamed up with the Premier League for a multi-year agreement worth $4.3 billion! With this landmark deal, you now have access to official player cards from the world\’s top soccer league and can purchase and use official NFTs licensed by the Premier League.

Step into the future of gaming with Sorare. With over 3 million global users, this Paris-based startup is changing the game with its innovative features. Play with the best of the best and experience real-time player performance. And with the new \”financial fair play\” option, you can prevent yourself from building unbeatable teams, making the game even more exciting and fair.

Don\’t miss this opportunity to be part of the Web3 market revolution and join Sorare in bringing the Premier League to the world of fantasy soccer. Be one of the hundreds of thousands of new gamers who are taking their gaming experience to the next level. Get started today!

Immutable Launches Its Passport for Gamers

The Immutable Passport offers a non-custodial wallet, gamer profile, and authentication solution for Web3 gamers, making it easier for gaming studios to onboard their players into the Web3 ecosystem.

The Passport operates like Xbox Gamertag or Apple ID, without the need for passwords, making it secure and user-friendly. Players will have access to a range of integrated features, including a secure digital wallet, anti-fraud protection, and seamless authentication for Web3 games and marketplaces.

Game studios and developers will also benefit from access to valuable customer information such as behavior insights and player preferences. By integrating with the Passport, studios will have access to a large pool of active players within the ImmutableX ecosystem and will have immediate access to a robust web3 ecosystem of tools, APIs, and infrastructure solutions to support their global expansion.

Explore the many benefits of the Immutable Passport and how it can help you grow your gaming business.

Introducing Amazon\’s Web3 Exploration: A Game Changer?

It\’s official, Amazon, the world\’s largest retailer, is reportedly exploring the Web3 space. According to a report by Blockworks, while the details of the project are not yet clear, there are rumors it could involve blockchain gaming, NFTs, an NFT marketplace, or a combination of these.

The entry of a tech giant like Amazon into the Web3 space is big news for the industry and could bring the technology to mainstream attention. This could lead to new opportunities for the sector and accelerate its growth. However, the regulatory landscape and uncertainties surrounding Web3 may present challenges for Amazon.

The potential impact of Amazon\’s Web3 project is yet to be determined, and only time will tell how the company navigates the regulatory environment and what the future holds for the technology. Nevertheless, this is an exciting time for the Web3 space, and we\’ll be keeping a close eye on Amazon\’s developments in the coming months.

Axie Infinity Homeland Season Zero: A Successful Conclusion

The team at Axie Infinity is thrilled to announce that Season 0 of the Homeland feature has come to a successful close. The first season saw a strong player retention rate and longer gaming sessions, demonstrating the high level of engagement and enjoyment among players. Despite some feedback, the overall response from players was positive and has given the team confidence in their work and direction.

As the team gears up for Season 1, they have announced that all player progress will be reset to ensure the smoothest and most enjoyable experience for all players. This reset may occur once more as the game transitions to beta and ultimately its full release. The Axie Infinity team is committed to providing the best possible gaming experience and is looking forward to taking the next steps in the development of their game.

Join the growing community of Axie Infinity players and be a part of shaping the future of blockchain gaming. Get ready for an exciting new season filled with new challenges, experiences, and rewards.

Gam3r\’s Choice Awards 2023: Player-Voted Winners Announced

The highly-anticipated Gam3r\’s Choice Awards have finally come to a close, and the results are in! Players from around the world came together to cast their votes in 18 different categories, recognizing the best and most popular games in the web3 gaming community.

The awards ceremony took place in Miami, where physical trophies were presented to the winners. The event was also live-streamed, allowing gaming communities to join in on the celebration from anywhere in the world. The night was a huge success, and Web Gam3r set a new standard for web3 gaming awards.

The big winner of the night was \”Big Time,\” which took home three awards, including Game of the Year. Although these awards are based solely on player voting, it\’s still exciting to see the top games and studios recognized for their hard work and innovation in the industry.

It\’s important to note that with player voting, fan votes can sometimes dominate, meaning the technical aspects of the games may be overshadowed. However, the Gam3r\’s Choice Awards is still a great way for players to show their support for their favorite games and for the gaming industry as a whole.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, and thank you to all the players who participated in the voting process. We can\’t wait to see what the next season of web3 gaming has in store!

Exploring the World of Mist: A Preview of the Pre-Alpha Stage

Get ready for an exciting adventure with Mist, the Web3 MMORPG on the BNB Smart Chain. The Mist Pre-Alpha access is now open for everyone and it\’s time to jump into the world of Mist. The pre-alpha gameplay showcases outstanding graphics and an immersive soundtrack that will keep you hooked for hours.

Create your character, take on challenging monsters, complete quests, and equip gear to level up. Although the content is currently limited, the pre-alpha stage offers a glimpse into the future of Mist. Keep in mind that as it is still in its pre-alpha stage, there may be some bugs and limitations present, but rest assured that these will be addressed before the final release. Don\’t miss this opportunity to be one of the first to experience the world of Mist!

Gala Games Unveils 2023 Roadmap: Focus on Mobile Gaming and Blockchain Growth

Gala Games is gearing up for a big 2023 with an exciting roadmap full of new developments. With a focus on mobile gaming and the growth of the Gala blockchain, the company is poised to continue its rise as a leading player in the gaming industry.

In addition, the integration of web3 and the acquisition of a mobile gaming company has positioned Gala Games for even greater success. And with the announcement of the replacement of TOWN token with GALA as the primary currency in the Town Star ecosystem, the company is poised for even more growth in the coming year.

Stay tuned to see what the future holds for Gala Games as they continue to make waves in the gaming industry.