ZooRacers Beta V4: Karting Comes to Web3 Games

Karting is now heading to Web3 gaming thanks to Zooracers efforts, now everyone can race and earn. In this fast-paced, guns and laser beam blazing kitties, and super fun play-and-earn game, the experience is highly rewarding and enjoyable. The beta version of Zooracers showcased chic graphics and solid movement mechanics of karts. The game offers massive tracks and maps that can host up to 16 players. Just imagine the mayhem and sensory overload when the lobby is full with your friends and families eager to race, destroy, collect, and win.

Zooracers Beta V4 Gameplay

First and foremost, you need to signup on the Zoo platform and create a Google authentication code for the game. Moreover, you also need to have a wallet, like Meta Mask. Once you connect and are all set to play, then comes the more fun part. The game offers a user-friendly interface where you can test the game via free-to-play. As a player, you have four vehicle slots where you can customize vehicles and cute little characters, the basic character is a tiger. Moreover, you can also add explosive weapons, energy weapons, and heavy weapons to unleash wrath on your opponents. The game will surely offer plenty of other cute little animals in the final version of the game.

ZooRacers Game Modes

ZooRacers Beta v4 offers players two game modes, each with its own unique reward mechanism. In the Free-to-Play mode, players can earn a share of vZOO without spending any of their own. Instead, rewards will be distributed from an incentive pool via the ZooGames protocol. To win, players must collect as many blue orbs as possible to earn points and increase their ranking.

On the other hand, the Join Match mode allows players to create or join a custom room with the option to set the number of players, the overall score needed to join, and the amount of vZOO required to enter. The vZOO investment made by players will contribute to the total pot, increasing the potential reward for the winner.

With these two options, ZooRacers offers players the flexibility to tailor their gaming experience to their liking. Whether you prefer a no-risk approach or a more high-stakes competition, there\’s a mode for you. Which one will you choose?

Turbobolts TB in-game Currency

Welcome to Turbobolts (TB), where you can earn in-game currency called ZooRacers, allowing you to purchase Ultraboxes containing a random NFT and one-time use Perks. TBs are an important addition to the game and provide an alternate gaming experience for players. You can aim for the top of the match ranking with vZOO rewards, or still be rewarded with TBs during the battle to participate in ZooRacers player’s progression. The TurboBolts store will also feature different purchase options with vZOO to improve players’ gaming experience.

What to Expect from ZooRacers?

ZooRacers Beta version 4 is now available, but not all features are included in the final version. In the final release, players will be able to acquire ZooRacers-specific NFTs like kart parts and weapons. While Beta v4 allows players to customize their karts and select weapons, the final version of weapons and kart parts will only be available as NFTs in Ultraboxes. To obtain NFTs, players will need to purchase Ultraboxes using TB, the in-game currency earned through battles, or through a TB pack with vZOO in the TB store. The ZooRacers website is where players can view their assets and assemble their karts.

This version offers a range of improvements and new features, such as access to all karts and weapons, improved performance and frame rate, new gameplay mechanics (including blue orbs and Turbobolts), bonus perks, and improved UX/UI. Most importantly, this beta connects the game to the blockchain and the ZooGames protocol, offering a taste of the play-and-earn possibilities on ZooGames. Players can battle against each other using digital assets in the form of NFTs, and earn rewards for participating in the game. The team behind ZooRacers is constantly working to improve and expand the game, with ZooRacers-specific NFTs such as kart parts and weapons becoming available upon final release. To earn NFTs, players will need to buy Ultraboxes with in-game currency (Turbobolts) or with vZOO in the TB store.

ZooRacers Beta V4 Karting Comes to Web3 Games

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