XSET Enters the Web3 Gaming World by Signing Up Renowned Creator Brycent

Web3 gaming content creator Brycent and Esports Pioneer XSET are all set to join forces for unprecedented development and expansion in gaming. XSET focuses on creator-driven narratives and their vision led them to collaborate with one of the most dominant web3 content creators. Brycent aims to expand its Web3 gaming content with XSET, a company renowned for devoted esports teams and popular gamers.

Additionally, Brycent will continue his collaboration with Gary Vaynerchuk\’s VaynerSports as his talent management company. Brycent Johnson has joined the renowned esports organization XSET as its first web3 gaming content creator. Brycent, a software engineer turned full-time web3 gaming content developer with 295,000 followers across multiple social media platforms, identified huge demand in the industry. Later that year, Brycent established Loot Bolt, a Web3-based social payments platform aimed to promote community development.

He stated in an interview that he started making much more money from creating content for web3 games and streaming video games than from his job as a software engineer.

Brycent shared his positive remarks on XSET:

“For me, being part of XSET is about being part of the tomorrow of gaming culture. The gaming industry is changing and the evolution of change involves all of us. Gaming is an important part of my identity and I love this brand for what it stands for.”

This collaboration is XSET\’s initial attempt to broaden the Web3 community. The present esports winter has led to many esports teams expanding their sources of income. The new partnership will further extend XSET\’s vision beyond conventional video games. They will have absolute support from the veteran for creative content production and innovative ideas. Moreover, Brycent is all set to add value and expand the web3 network to new highs.

At the intersection of gaming and culture, XSET\’s extensive offerings are among the most in-demand activities in the business. They include high-profile collaborations and unique items that fans can only purchase at XSET. For emerging gamers, XSET sets out what it takes to be intellectual leaders in the market.

XSET Making Plans for Web3 Adoption

Similar to other esports groups 100 Thieves and TSM, XSET is planning to delve into the developing Web3 gaming market.

Former FaZe Clan leader Greg Selkoe established XSET, which also includes well-known creators like rapper Swae Lee, NASCAR driver Anthony Alfredo, and game developer (\”The Mole\” finalist) Avori. Along with professional teams for Call of Duty: Warzone and iRacing, XSET also boasts a team dedicated to the battle royale shooter Apex Legends.

Greg Selkoe, CEO of XSET highlighted the scope of XSET in web3 and why they preferred Brycent Johnson over other content creators:

\”XSET was created to reimagine the gaming industry and truly champion voices and gamers that are driving change and innovation in the industry. Brycent is rigorous in his advocacy for the intersection of gaming and Web3. His passion to educate and inspire the gaming community combined with his authenticity and work ethic make him the perfect addition to XSET.\”

Brycent\’s countless educational initiatives demonstrate his invincible passion for Web3. The well-praised content creator recently took part in Yuga Labs\’ Second Trip for its Otherside universe. The new metaverse experience, along with four other captains, where he quickly distinguished himself as the most popular and interesting captain. Weekly Deadrop Tournaments, the game regarded as the original vertical extraction shooter (VES), will also be held at the Web3 sensation. This collaboration will support the development of blockchain technology for game developers and players. It further promotes both parties\’ growth and enables exploration of the industry\’s unveiled territories.

Brycent Influenced Axie Infinity

Johnson claims that after he uploaded his first Axie video to YouTube on April 27, 2021, titled \”How to Win: Axie Infinity Arena! (Beginner\’s Guide),\” he quickly gained prominence as \”the face of Axie.\” His timing couldn\’t have been better as the interest in Axie Infinity was skyrocketing. The game produced $17.5 million per day at its peak in August of last year.

Johnson was the guy Axie needed to promote its family-friendly image. He is not a paid crypto projects marketer. However, the companies that support cryptocurrencies depend on enthusiasts like him to bring new participants and money. Johnson\’s passion helped him establish his brand and launch his own crypto startup.

About XSET:

XSET is a renowned American professional esports league. A number of well-known names in the game business. XSET includes Greg Selkoe, the creator of Karmaloop, and Grammy-nominated music producer and DJ Clinton Sparks, founded the organization in 2020.

XSET fields competitive teams in Fortnite, Valorant, Call of Duty and some other popular esports games. Additionally, they have content producers that broadcast on Twitch and YouTube as well as create content for other platforms. XSET is creating the leading brand for today\’s expanding gaming audience by developing its reputation in diverse and inclusive gaming culture.

XSET Enters the Web3 Gaming World by Signing Up Renowned Creator Brycent

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