MLR Major League Rugby is Coming to Web3

Major League Rugby Enters an Exclusive Fantasy NFT Partnership with OVAL3

The Major Rugby League MLR and OVAL3 partnership will bring a unique fantasy NFT game, a valuable addition to Web3 and blockchain gaming.

Major Rugby League fans will get their hands on an exclusive Fantasy NFT game using blockchain technology. The official announcement came from OVAL3, a renowned name in Web3 and fantasy sports games, especially rugby. As for MLR, it is a top league in North America and it recently entered its sixth season last month. OVAL3 intends to offer top-tier blockchain immersive experiences and Web 3.0 engagement to the expanding North American rugby fanbase. It aims to achieve it through the procurement of MLR\’s exclusive NFT and Fantasy licenses. NFTs are now making a solid transition from profile pictures to in-game valuable assets.

MLR Major Rugby League Growing Popularity

MLR has witnessed progress in all major metrics since 2017, consistently captivating new fans to the sport every year. The U.S. securing the 2031 (Men’s) and 2033 (Women’s) Rugby World Cups hosting will result in unparalleled North American focus on the sport in the upcoming years. This is where Oval 3 pledges to provide long-term support to MLR and its followers.

OVAL3 and MLR Partnership

Leveraging its fantasy rugby background from global operations, particularly with the Ligue Nationale de Rugby, OVAL3 plans to develop MLR\’s inaugural official fantasy game. This one-of-a-kind and captivating game will connect rugby with NFTs. Additionally, it will also tackle contemporary gaming codes using a Play & Own approach. It will provide a distinctive and immersive experience for both rugby enthusiasts and gamers.

Nic Benson CEO MLR on the Partnership

\”We are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage with our fans and invite new people to our exciting game. This partnership with OVAL3 is key to that initiative, and to our efforts to position the MLR among the most forward-thinking sports properties in North America.”

The Launch Window for MLR NFT Game

The NFT game will officially be out and make a debut in the middle of the 2023 MLR Season. So, the MLR Fantasy NFT game is set to become official anytime soon. OVAL3 intends to expand the game in the future to enable gamers and fans to create teams using players from both French and American leagues. By offering more flexibility in selection and strategic planning, OVAL3 is forging a path for a matchless gaming experience. Moreover, they are currently in advanced talks with various other notable rugby leagues eager to participate in the initiative.


\”We are very proud to have been chosen by Major League Rugby. After the Ligue Nationale de Rugby (French League), this is the second league to join us, validating our concept and confirming the relevance of our project. Our ambition is to sign, in the near future, new leagues, not only in Europe but also on other continents, in order to offer a never before seen and ever richer experience.\”

More About OVAL3

OVAL3 has solid backing as Bamg Sports, a leading company in Rugby fantasy games is behind them. Bamg Sports designed and created Fantasy Rugby World, a game with over 40,000 users worldwide. The high-profile shareholders and associates at Bamg Sports involved in OVAL3 include:

Antoine Dupont, captain of the French team and best player of the world 2021

ERA2140, a Venture studio Web3 responsible for technical development

Markchain, a communication agency devoted to Web 3.0

Pyrats Labs, a Web3 startup studio and advisor

OVAL3 strives to introduce rugby to the Web 3.0 realm and guarantees an extraordinary immersive experience.

More About Major League Rugby

Major League Rugby, a professional sports league that represents the highest tier of rugby competition in North America, is entering its sixth season. The league\’s team count has risen from seven in 2018 to 12 in 2023, featuring 11 teams from the United States and one from Canada. Games are broadcasted on several national and local market platforms, including Fox Sports. North American viewers can stream select matches live on The Rugby Network, and international fans can watch all matches on The Rugby Network. MLR takes pride in promoting intense and high-stakes competition while uniting a passionate community that upholds the values of Respect, Inclusivity, and Tradition.

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