P2Earn Inc Web3 Hires Jeff Burton

The emergence of decentralized gaming platforms that enable players to receive and exchange cryptocurrencies while engaging in gaming activities has been made possible by the advent of blockchain technology. P2Earn Inc., focuses on offering cutting-edge solutions on a global scale due to its commitment to quality and innovation. The company has grown to become one of the most recognizable companies in the industry.

P2Earn.io stole all the limelight as Electronic Arts Co-Founder Jeff Burton joins this reputable web3 gaming guild. P2Earn, a web3 gaming guild, intends to provide players with an online platform, tools, and access to video game NFTs in exchange for a portion of their winnings. According to reports, the platform will go live on the Polygon Ethereum scaling network by the end of Q2 2023.

Jeff Burton confirmed this incredible news in a statement: “I am delighted to join the advisory board of P2Earn, as play-to-earn gaming prepares to go mainstream. However, I believe that the concept of players earning a share of the profits through gameplay is the future.”

Burton Sees Web3 Gaming as ‘the future’

Jeff is a well-reputed innovator in the world of video games. He co-founded Electronic Arts, the company that creates popular games like Medal of Honour, the PGA Tour series, and the Madden series, and has a market valuation of 35.1 billion USD as of April 2023. He has years of experience to offer, connections, and a passion for how gaming can promote social mobility by sharing revenue from playtime to the Company.

Burton is also optimistic about these \”guild\” frameworks, which resemble traditional gaming and esports industry organizations or \”orgs.\” Additionally, he believe that play-to-earn gaming can promote \”social mobility\” and develop a distinct economy. Apart from that, Burton sees a lot of opportunities in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He had the opportunity to serve as the Board of Advisors for BitDegree, which offers crypto courses, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He is also serving as the chairman of the board of advisors for Lithuania-based crypto game Engines of Fury. It is a combination of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre and role-playing games (RPGs) where players can raid dungeons and battle monsters.

P2Earn Welcomes EA Co-Founder Jeff Burton

Alex Lineton, CEO of P2Earn, highlights the value Jeff can add to prepare for public launch of the P2Earn Gaming Guild:

 \”We are excited that Jeff has joined the Company as we prepare for our full public launch of the P2Earn Gaming Guild. Jeff\’s experience and network are not only legendary in the industry, but also proving invaluable to us as we begin to enter the next phase of growth of our Gaming Guild. We look forward to expanding the advisory board under Jeff\’s leadership as we are bringing more experts.\”

Lineton also shared that the guild intends to hire more seasoned members to its board.

According to Brand Essence Research, the global play-to-earn industry has witness massive growth from the current 2021 estimation of $790 million to almost $3 billion by 2028, at a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.41%, .

P2Earn Gaming Guild

P2Earn Inc sponsors experienced players who just need a platform to showcase their skills and compete at a global level. The company gives these gamers the tools and resources they need to improve their performance in different play-to-earn video games. Moreover, the profits generated from them are then divided equally between the player and the company. Play2Earn establishes a relationship that is mutually advantageous and encourages players to strive for greatness while rewarding them appropriately. This relationship also promotes growth and success for the business.

A group of gamers who realized that play-2-earn would eventually be a part of all gaming established the P2Earn Gaming Guild. P2Earn.io further clarifies that they introduces the guild to enable people from all over the world. They can earn massive profits without having to own an NFT. If you are confident about your gaming skills or just love to play games all day, join the fast-paced play-to-earn gaming guild. Revolutionize your gaming experience with state-of-the-art play-to-earn games and start making some bucks.

More About P2Earn Inc

A publicly owned firm called P2Earn offers broad solutions for the quickly developing blockchain gaming and cryptocurrency industries. P2Earn runs an effective Bitcoin mining business that uses renewable energy.

Our state-of-the-art blockchain gaming platform uses special digital assets (NFTs). Players can purchase, sell or trade these real-world assets to earn profit from their in-game achievements and actions. P2Earn is creating a long-lasting blockchain gaming ecosystem and expanding the reach of play-to-earn gaming.

P2Earn Inc Web3 Hires Jeff Burton, the Co-founder of EA Sports

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