Why Should You Play-to-Earn

Why Should You Play-to-Earn?

Play-to-earn games have been the hot potato in the gaming industry for quite some time now. Whether it’s on mobile, web, or PC, play-to-earn gaming, play and earn, play and own, and other new gaming models are slowly but surely penetrating the market. There are a number of AAA games using Unreal Engine 5 that are in development and powered by blockchain technology. Moreover, indie games on mobile are also using blockchain technology to offer their players valuable rewards. But the question arises, what are play to earn games and why should you play to earn?

Why Should You Play-to-Earn?
Why Should You Play-to-Earn?

Play to earn games is the evolutionary result of games that has the potential to completely change the dynamics of gaming. Playing video games was and still is considered a passive activity with a sole focus on entertainment. Gamers would pay to play with no ownership rights when it comes to in-game items. Then came the free to play mobile games era where players would begin playing the game for free. However, free-to-play mobile games held back in-game items or stages to which players had to pay to get access.

Play-to-earn games definition

The idea behind play-to-earn games is very simple. The players collect cryptocurrencies, or NFTs, produced in the blockchain-based game. Next, players can make some nice money by selling in-game NFTs or start earning cryptocurrency via rewards, both of which can be exchanged for normal cash.

So, the in-game assets in play to earn games are valuable. These in-game assets may comprise skins, characters, weapons, cards, and other digital items. The more a player grinds, the more valuable rewards are on the table. So, play to earn games have valuable in-game assets in the shape of cryptocurrencies (existing or native), or NFTs. Players can convert these digital assets into real-world assets by selling them for real money in marketplaces.

Another important feature in play to earn games is decentralization. It means that the developers do not control everything from their power center. The gaming community also has a lot to say about how a game shapes up. Moreover, the in-game assets are distributed among players, and player participation in the in-game economy generates value for all.

Why You Should Play to Earn?

There are several reasons why a player should opt to play to earn games.

The first and foremost selling point of playing to earn games is simple: you can earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs by playing a game. This means that you will have the opportunity to earn real money, go for a side hustle, generate lunch money, or even carve out a career out of gaming. So, why not earn money while doing something you absolutely love? If you are skeptical about the quality of play-to-earn games, there are a lot of AAA play-to-earn games in every genre coming out next year. Check out our P2E games listing here and find a play-to-earn game that suits you.

The Gaming Community Expands and Develops

By playing “play to earn” games, you will take part in and even become a part of one of the most dynamic and robust gaming communities around. Games like Axie InfinitySplinterlandsGods Unchained, and many other upcoming titles have solid communities with a lot of active participation in decision-making as well as in-game challenges. This is because the common interest among the gamers is to make money, and players can join hands to overcome game challenges and may split the winning reward.

Web3 gaming is seeing an increase in the number of free-to-play games

One of the most difficult aspects of play-to-earn games is the substantial initial investment required to begin playing. The barrier to entry for gamers is quite high; however, the play-to-earn gaming domain is seeing an increase in free-to-play games. Players will just need to download or register to begin playing the game and earning rewards.

The “play to earn” gaming industry is in its early phases and will undergo tremendous improvement in the coming years.


Definitions of Crypto, NFT, Blockchain, and P2E

We have written some pages where you can read up on some of the definitions in this news article. We hope it helps and maybe makes you decide to try some of the video games in our P2E Games section. is a website where we keep an overview of all games in the genres of P2ENFTCryptoWeb3, and Blockchain games. Check out our games page or find a “play-to-earngames list here. More information about W3 Play can be found on our about us page. Our news is daily updated on all video games and game developers. Stay tuned.

"Battle of Guardians": A PvP Fighting Blockchain NFT Game that Will Break the Fighting Game Genre

“Battle of Guardians”: A PvP Fighting Blockchain NFT Game that Will Break the Fighting Game Genre

Welcome to another game review where we take a closer look at one of the most promising blockchain games, Battle of Guardians. “Battle of Guardians” is a first-of-its-kind PvP real-time online multiplayer fighting game. The game also offers PvE, Esports, and fighting tournaments. Battle of Guardians is more of a skill-based game than a “play-to-earn” game. The game is highly competitive, and skilled players are always on the prowl to beat opponents and earn rewards. So, enjoy this next-gen blockchain multiplayer NFT game where you train, fight, and earn.

Battle of Guardians uses the Unreal Engine and is powered by Solana Network. This game is a treat for fighting genre gamers who play games like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and more. However, the catch here is that “Battle of Guardians” offers several rewards to its players that have real-world value. So, the grinding and practicing in Battle of Guardians are worthwhile. Moreover, players engage in multi-dimensional, multi-realm battles in an expansive open world.

Battle of Guardians’ Lore

“Battle of Guardians” offers a mythological, fantasy setting where mankind lived with a higher being called the Guardians. These extraordinary creatures were a lot stronger, fiercer, and more ferocious than their counterparts. Moreover, their stature was massive, and the Guardians were godlike figures. Due to their astronomical superiority, the human race worshipped the Guardians and regarded them as higher deities.

However, the twist in the tale happened when humans gained prowess technologically. Humans grew apart from the Guardians as science, engineering, and technology advanced. Their reliance on Gods gradually waned, and these god-like figures were reduced to fables. This resulted in the Guardians receding into the unknown, leaving the humans independent and by themselves.

However, the peaceful era wasn’t for long, as mad curiosity made humans conduct an ominous experiment. The experiment opened a portal to hell, and all hell broke loose. All manner of demons and unearthly creatures began to descend upon Earth’s realm, invading and overwhelming Earth’s defense mechanism. The result was catastrophic, and human civilization was on the brink of extinction.

"Battle of Guardians": A PvP Fighting Blockchain NFT Game that Will Break the Fighting Game Genre
“Battle of Guardians”: A PvP Fighting Blockchain NFT Game that Will Break the Fighting Game Genre

Then began the reign of terror, darkness, and horror, and Hell was upon the residents of Earth. It seemed that it was the end, as humans were feeble and powerless. As soon as humans started to lose their remaining hope, the Guardians descended to protect them and undo the catastrophic mistake humans made.

Game Modes

The game offers three modes as of now:

Tournament Mode: Tournament mode allows plenty of players to take part in it, ranging from 8 to 16 or 32. These players are put into a bracket where 1v1 fights determine the winner. The tournament mode works on the knockout system.

PvP Mode: Then we have the PvP mode, which uses matchmaking ratings to match players with equal skill sets. This mode allows a 1v1 battle where the opponents are randomly selected.

Story and Training Mode: PvE mode helps players learn the basics of the game and also helps in updating levels. However, the fight against AI gets more difficult with every passing stage. This mode contains a total of 10 stages.

“Battle of Guardians” Characters

There are three main races in the game: Guardians, Humans, and Demons. Each race has unique attributes and features, making the game more interesting. One attribute counters another, and vice versa. Humans are more advanced in technology (intelligence); Guardians are super powerful (damage); and Demons have massive health pools (health points).

"Battle of Guardians": A PvP Fighting Blockchain NFT Game that Will Break the Fighting Game Genre
“Battle of Guardians”: A PvP Fighting Blockchain NFT Game that Will Break the Fighting Game Genre

The characters are based on three tiers:

  • Elite Fighter: Barebone characters
  • Legendary Warrior: Equipped with a combo
  • God of War (Ultra rare): Full set of combo and ultra skill level

Battle of Guardians Features

Battle of Guardians offers its own NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell NFT characters and in-game items, as well as rent them out.

The game uses Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) and Fighting Points ($FP) as in-game currencies. Players will be able to use these currencies to buy NFT characters, in-game items, and stake. $BGS is also the game’s governance token.

The renting option in the game lets players earn passively by renting out their in-game assets to other players.

Finally, Battle of Guardians also offers a scholarship program, taking into account the popularity of guilds. Guilds and scholars will enter into an agreement prior to leasing NFTs where they will share the profit equally.

Check out our in-depth game review on Moonville Farming Simulation here. Moonvile Farms offers competitive play and earn farming with a lot of rewards. Do check out its review. Until next time. is a website where we keep an overview of all games in the genres of P2ENFTCryptoWeb3, and Blockchain games. Check out our games page or find a “play-to-earngames list here. More information about W3 Play can be found on our about us page. Our news is daily updated on all video games and game developers. Stay tuned.

Play-To-Earn Games

Play-To-Earn Games: What You Can Do With Them & More!

Play-to-Earn Games is a brand new way to make money while having fun playing online games!

It’s easy to sign up and start earning today. This newest gaming business model is revolutionizing the gaming world, with the games giving back to gamers a lot more than just fun and entertainment.

For the past so many years, video games have acted as an escape from ordinary, boring, and tedious lives. It served the purpose of having a fun time out, however, it is undergoing evolution. With blockchain technology now in play, video games now reward gamers with NFTs and cryptocurrency. The in-game digital assets have a real-world value attached to them, with the ownership rights resting with the gamers.

P2E games, also known as crypto or blockchain games, are NFT and token-driven. Players have the opportunity to take ownership of in-game digital assets. The developers of the game mint these digital assets into NFTs on a blockchain ledger. So the NFTs are unique, and their ownership is proveable. So, players can trade NFTs in open marketplaces or a game’s own marketplace.

play to earn games thalon, P2E Games, PlaytoEarn, play-to-earn
play to earn games thalon

How Does Play To Earn Games Work?

Let’s understand the basic mechanics of play-to-earn games and how a gamer can make it a side hustle. One of the most significant differences between traditional games and Web3-based gaming is decentralization. Play-to-earn games are foundationally decentralized in nature. This means that the developers collaborate with the gaming community and adhere to their feedback. Play-to-earn games have discord channels and a player governance system where players share their concerns and take part in decision-making.

The player’s participation in the game is a continuous feature of play-to-earn games. Every update of the game considers the community’s feedback, which makes it a regular feature. Moreover, giving players ownership over a part of the game also shows how player-centric this model is.

That is decentralization, but how does it work? Will it cost you something upfront?

Some of the play-to-earn games are absolutely free to play, and you won’t need any investment. P2E games like The SandboxPoly WorldPortal Fantasy, and many others require no investment, and you can play them for free.

On the contrary, some P2E games, like the popular P2E game Axie Infinity, require a player to buy NFTs to begin playing. In Axie Infinity’s case, you will need to buy a set of Axies and then start playing the game.

The idea is simple: the game will reward you with cryptocurrencies or tokens and NFTs that hold real-world value. You can sell these digital assets in an open marketplace and get real cash in return. So, basically, P2E game developers use mainly two types of approaches in a play-to-earn game.

Pecland metaverse blockchain game play to earn game
Pecland metaverse blockchain game play to earn game

Native Cryptocurrency or Token

In this case, developers start on a blockchain like Ethereum, design one or more tokens, and execute the deal in smart contracts. The native tokens have a real-world value attached to them, but the value fluctuates depending on the market. An example of a native cryptocurrency is AXS and SLP, two native tokens of Axie Infinity.

Existing Cryptocurrencies

The other method involves developers rewarding players with existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The upside of using existing cryptocurrencies is that they are well-established and have solid goodwill attached to them. But the downside is that the game requires a lot of grinding, and it takes a lot of time to accumulate one.

All you need to do is get hold of a digital wallet like MetaMask and connect it with your P2E game, and voila! Start playing and earning.

What can I do with Play to Earn Games? (And why should I?)

Well, who doesn’t like to do a bit of side hustle by doing something that they already love? Playing video games is a healthy pastime that allows you to unwind, have fun, and now earn money for lunch. Moreover, there are AAA play-to-earn games already in development, and the fun part will explode in upcoming blockchain games. These games will allow you to own whatever is yours in the game with no fear of being wiped out.

  • You will have ownership and autonomy over in-game items.
  • You will have proof of record over NFTs on blockchain ledgers.
  • You will earn while you play your favorite game by selling NFTs and other in-game assets on a marketplace.
  • You will participate in decentralized governance and have the opportunity to provide feedback to the developers.
  • You will have the opportunity to grab NFTs and NFT collections that are super rare.

Web3 games or play-to-earn games are still in their infancy. Several big names have already entered the P2E gaming space, and many others are weighing in on the opportunity. Stay tuned for more information on play to earn games and blockchain gaming news.

The Most Anticipated Upcoming Play to Earn Games 2023

The Most Anticipated Upcoming Play to Earn Games 2023

Brace yourselves gamers as today we bring you new and exciting upcoming play to earn NFT games. Next year will see some of the most promising upcoming NFT blockchain games ready to roll out in the market. Moreover, the P2E domain will also see directional changes as well from play to earn to play and own. A lot of new impactful stuff will happen next year. Let’s have a look at upcoming play to earn games that you would definitely want to have on your checklist.

Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes, the first game on our list, is a third-person shooter NFT game with eye-catching graphics and super exciting gameplay. The cats are the NFTs in the game better known as Nyans. Moreover, Guardian robots are also NFTs, which players will use to get into fights with other players. The game offers battle royale mode with a lot of in-game rewards. The NFTs, Nyans, and robots, bring with them a lot of other perks like getting air drops, access to early beta tests, and Solana blockchain sales and pre-sales offers.

The game offers several Nyan classes each with unique powerful abilities. Moreover, the game has different modes, PvE adventure mode, APVP battle royale mode, guild mode, and finally an RPG mode. The game has two tokens, Catnip and Nyan, utility and governance tokens respectively. Check out the game’s brief review by clicking here.

Nyan Heroes play to earn
Nyan Heroes


The next game on our list is the Genopets, a move to earn MMO RPG that lets you earn whilst remaining fit. Genopets are digital spirit animals a user will choose and do daily activities to evolve their genopets. Besides genopet’s upgradation and evolution, the daily activities will let the players earn daily rewards.

Your daily movement and exertion will result in in-game progression. Moreover, your genopet is your NFT which is also customizable. The game also offers a battle arena where players are up against themselves, competing with their reaction times, memory, and other cognitive skills via minigames.

BR1 Metaverse Game

BR1 is a metaverse third-person shooter game that lets you shoot, loot, and engage in an immersive adventure. The game uses Solana blockchain technology and is arguably the world’s first risk-based shooter game. Moreover, it is highly competitive with PVP mode where the winners will earn rewards.

The game offers exciting game modes, especially the Infinite Royale. Infinite Royale is the developer’s flagship mode with no start, closure, or timer. The collapsing circle mechanic of this battle royale is pretty unique that forces players inside the circle without health damage.

Monkey League

Monkey League is a soccer/football game where players will choose four monkeys and pitch them up against another team in a soccer match. The aim is to score three goals and win the match to earn $MBS and XP points. The Monkeys are the main NFTs of the game and each monkey has its own unique genetic makeup and abilities. The NFTs are common, rare, epic, and legendary. The game modes are PvE, PvP, and Team vs Team.

Monkey League

Synergy Land

Synergy is a play to earn action RPG game featuring adventure, dungeon, exploration, pets, and biomes. The game also allows players to own land, harvest, craft materials, and more.

The ARPG mode lets you play as a character with the aim to explore the dungeons and solve intricate puzzles. The game also enables you to play solo, or if you need your friends on your side, party with your family and friends and play in a group of 4. The game customizes every time and becomes random making it dynamic with no repetition. Moreover, there are a total of 4 biomes and each biome has its own characteristics and enemy outlook. The game’s NFT sale will kick off next month.

What’s More on Play to Earn Games?

Check out our directory of games that will help you identify which game you want to play. Today’s news will act as a heads-up to you so you may add games to your watchlist or playlist. So, which games are you looking forward to playing and sharing with your friends and family. There are some more games that we will cover in our upcoming blog of play to earn NFT games. Stay with us for more on blockchain and NFT games. Meanwhile, check out the 10 best cryptos NFT games of 2022 blog by clicking here.

What is Play To Earn OR Play-To-Earn?

The term “play-to-earn games” gives you a good clue of what these games are. players can really earn money by playing games. Play to earn is a business model that works on blockchain technology. Put simply, players can play a game and potentially earn cryptocurrency.

What exactly is a play-to-earn NFT game? With NFT-driven P2E games — also known simply as “crypto games” — players now have the opportunity to take real ownership of their in-game assets, which P2E game developers mint as NFTs on the blockchain.

There are even digital economies that pay you for playing! Play-to-earn games are defined as crypto games that allow players to enjoy them in terms of gameplay, such as conducting battles, breeding their in-game characters, completing quests, or other tasks.

Benefits both gamers and developers: Play-to-Earn games offer lucrative means to both players and developers alike. While players earn money through in-game assets, developers who design and create these games get more revenue as the P2E ecosystem grows.

Some games you might want to try;

  • CryptoKitties: Developed by Canadian studio Dapper Labs, CryptoKitties is an Ethereum-based blockchain game that lets players purchase, collect, breed and sell virtual cats. It is considered one of the first attempts to gamify decentralized finance.
  • Axie Infinity: One of the most well-known play-to-earn games on the scene right now, Axie Infinity lets players collect cute creatures known as “axies.” Axies can be bred with other axies, or battled against each other to earn crypto tokens called “smooth love potions,” or SLP for short.
  • Decentraland: This is a 3D world in which players can buy up virtual land, build on it, and then rent or sell it to other players in exchange for MANA, a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. At peak popularity, parcels were selling for upwards of $100,000.
  • DeFi Kingdoms: Set in Gaia, a fictional medieval world, DeFi Kingdoms requires players to farm NFTs and its cryptocurrency Jewel. It is essentially a game, a decentralized exchange and a liquidity pool all at the same time, and is often credited as a driving force behind GameFi’s meteoric rise.
  • STEPN: Pitched as a “move-to-earn” app, STEPN essentially wants to pay people to be active. To participate, players must buy a virtual pair of sneakers in the form of a NFT. Then, every time they go on an actual run, jog or walk, the STEPN app tracks how far they’ve traveled and rewards them with tokens, which can be spent in-game on upgrades or cashed out for money.

Again, play-to-earn games are video games where the player can receive rewards with real-world value.

While people have been earning money from playing video games for many years through practices such as “gold farming” and unofficial marketplaces for in-game items, the emergence of blockchain technology and NFTs has, quite literally, changed the game.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are cryptographically unique tokens that can be used to prove ownership of content such as images or music. In blockchain games, they enable users to take ownership of in-game items, such as virtual clothing or plots of land.

Browse our games list or check our games list to learn more about current and upcoming NFT GamesP2E games and their P2E developers