Pokémon Enters Blockchain Gaming: Searches Web3 Expert

The Pokemon Company is looking for a Web3 expert. The listing shows that it has plans to get into blockchain and NFT gaming, as well as the metaverse.

Blockchain developers make assumptions as The Pokémon Company is hiring a Web3 gaming expert. A recently posted web3 job listing amazed the game developers as the Pokémon Company is looking for someone who will explore technological discoveries and offer strategic advice to the company\’s leadership. Also, the company is seeking someone with established connections in the Web3 community. This news predicts the entry of Pokémon Company into the web3 gaming world. However, there is still no proper evidence or official declaration initiated by the company itself.

The Pokémon Company was founded in Tokyo in 1998. Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, which were each their own business, started it off as The Pokémon Center Corporation. Each game is made by Game Freak, which then gives the finished product to Nintendo so that it can be sold all over the world. It changed its name to The Pokémon Company in the year 2000. The company has made a popular kids\’ TV show, more than a dozen animated movies, a trading card game, a line of merchandise, and a number of games that are hard to put down.

The Pokemon Company Embracing Web3?

Game developers and businesses are making guesses about what will happen when Pokémon joins the blockchain. The Pokémon Company hasn\’t started selling on web3 yet. But we\’ve already seen other developers work hard to bring the genre into the blockchain gaming world. But they have also had some big failures along the way. A recent job posting, on the other hand, suggests that things might be about to change.

In the job description, it says that the company is especially looking for someone who knows a lot about web3 games, such as blockchain platforms and NFTs, and is very good at them. But it needs applicants who are \”well connected to a network of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in the technology fields mentioned.\” This means that they want someone who already knows a lot about the field.

When it comes to Web3, the listing doesn\’t make it clear what The Pokémon Company might do, whether it\’s with NFTs or a blockchain-based game. People were even asked to contact the company with their thoughts on possible Web3 goals. They did not get an answer right away, though.

Pokemon NFT Game in Web3?

In general, the listing looks like it\’s for a job that will help a 24-year-old business be more innovative. People generally agree that this business is the most valuable entertainment brand in the world. The Corporate Development Principal will make a \”innovation challenge\” for people inside the company. It will also look into the possibility of working on new technology with companies from outside the government.

The Pokemon brand has been around for a long time and has led to a wide range of video games, media, and products, like toys, clothing, TV shows, movies, mobile games, and tie-ins. The Pokémon Company is the company that they all work for. Even outside of Japan, Nintendo sells all of the Pokémon video games for consoles, but it does not own the company itself. The Pokémon idea of collecting monsters could work well for NFT games or even unique digital products.

The Pokemon NFTs in Web3 Games Case: Pixelmon

Pixelmon made a whopping $70 million in NFT sales at the beginning of 2022. However, the artwork came under severe criticism and trolling. Even the founder of the artwork came to terms that it was a horrible mistake.

Syber, who started the project, said that the release was \”unacceptable,\” but he insisted that work will continue on it. NFTs are unique blockchain tokens that make it possible to find out who owns a digital asset. In Pixelmon, each NFT shows that the player owns an in-game asset. Syber said over the weekend that the NFTs that were made did not really represent how the in-game assets looked. He said he was sorry and told the OpenSea NFT about \”a horrible mistake\” on Discord.

In another tweet, he said, \”The plan was always to use the money from mint to make better and more accurate models.\” He also says that the NFTs \”can be changed, and we know that what they look like now isn\’t very good. They will be made better.\” He also said that the money raised would be used to make Pixelmon.

In September of last year, a new management team took over the project to try to save it. It came out with new artwork and a new timeline.

The Pokemon Company is on the outlook for a Web3 expert, the listing shows plans where it might enter the blockchain and NFT gaming or metaverse.

Nintendo\’s Outlook on the Metaverse and Web3

In February of last year, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said, \”The idea of the metaverse—a more dynamic and immersive form of the internet used for gaming, social connections, business, and more—seems to have \”huge promise\” for the game industry.\” He stressed that Nintendo is not in a hurry to make games for the metaverse. In the meantime, Niantic, the company that made the popular mobile game Pokémon Go, is putting money into augmented reality games that take place in the \”real world.\”

Other companies may benefit from the framework Niantic puts at the offering for NFT experiences. An example is the music metaverse game Elynixr by Pixelynx. The firm has a popular electronic music creator behind it, Deadmau5.

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