PUBG will see NFT integration soon as Banger Games announces the Alpha Test

UPDATE: There is no such partnership between Krafton PUBG and Banger Games. Krafton rejected the news and planned to take legal action against Banger Games accusing them of using their popular game\’s name for their own benefit. Afterward, Banger Games also denied any such partnership via its official Twitter account.

PUBG is set to revolutionize the gaming industry once again as it announces its partnership with Banger Games, a Web 3.0 platform, to integrate NFTs into the popular battle royale game. This move will allow PUBG to utilize blockchain technology and introduce a new level of ownership and uniqueness to in-game items. Banger Games, a gaming hub that provides a gateway for traditional games to access Web 3.0, will handle the blockchain side of things for PUBG. The Alpha test for PUBG NFTs is currently open, with plans to launch the NFTs in 2023. Players who register for the Alpha test will have the opportunity to be among the first to experience the integration of NFTs in PUBG and will also receive a special, non-tradeable Banger NFT as a reward. PUBG\’s decision to pursue NFT integration, even in the midst of a bearish market, is a testament to the potential of Web 3 technology and the enduring popularity of the game.

PUBG NFT Integration and Banger Alpha

PUBG\’s partnership with Banger Games and the integration of NFTs will bring a new level of excitement and reward to the popular battle royale game. The alpha test will pave the way for PUBG to introduce NFTs, which will feature player asset ownership and play to earn features. This means that players will be able to earn rewards for their time spent playing the game. The partnership between Krafton and Banger Games will also allow PUBG to have a Web 3.0 version, empowering its player base to fully utilize the benefits of blockchain technology.
Banger Games Tweet
Banger Games tweet

The Alpha will introduce three modes for users:

Mad Max:

In Mad Max, players are given the opportunity to engage in intense and frenzied combat, using weapons to take out their opponents and climb to the top of the leaderboard. The game rewards players for their kills, with bonus points given for successful headshots. Those who are skilled at hitting precise shots will have a significant advantage in the game. With its focus on fast-paced, deadly combat, Mad Max offers a thrilling and satisfying gaming experience.

Kill Frenzy: 

In this game mode, players have the option to forgo traditional weapons and instead use their vehicles to take out their opponents. By driving over enemy players, you can rack up kills and emerge victorious. This adds a unique twist to gameplay and allows players to use strategy and skill behind the wheel to defeat their enemies. So, grab a car and get ready to cause some destruction on the battlefield.

Ghost Killer:

Ghost Killer is a game mode that caters to players who prefer a more stealthy and tactical approach to combat. In this mode, players are encouraged to use stealth and take out their opponents from a distance using a sniper rifle. The farther the distance of the kill, the more points the player will earn. The top ten results for each player will be recorded and displayed on the leaderboard, so it\’s important to make each shot count. If you enjoy taking a stealthy approach and making long-range kills, Ghost Killer is the perfect game mode for you.

What’s in it for PUBG Players?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that have real-world value and can be collected and traded like physical items. The Banger Alpha test will provide PUBG players with the opportunity to earn NFTs without any upfront investment. Banger Games is committed to ensuring that the integration of NFTs into PUBG will not negatively impact the gameplay experience for players. As an added bonus, players who participate in the Alpha test at the beginning of this project will receive special, limited edition NFTs as a reward. This is a great opportunity for PUBG players to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new development and start collecting valuable NFTs.

\”We are excited to offer PUBG players the opportunity to benefit from our platform without requiring any initial investment or disrupting their gaming experience,\” said Nicolas Gonzalez, Chief Product Officer at Banger. \”This Alpha test is an important step in demonstrating the potential for players of popular games like PUBG to take advantage of Web 3 technology. Based on the success of our previous platform test runs, we expect high participation in this Alpha, especially with the added bonus of limited edition Digital Collectibles that we are offering to early adopters who want to be a part of the Banger journey from the beginning.\”

About Banger Games

Banger Games is a gaming hub that aims to bring together developers, publishers, and players on a single platform that allows for ownership, income, and self-expression. As a Web 3 platform, Banger Games is specifically designed to allow Web 2 games to integrate blockchain and NFT technology, giving players a greater sense of ownership over their in-game items. The more time a player spends playing games on the Banger platform, the more rewards they can earn. Banger Games is focused on providing players with the opportunity to earn rewards by playing and investing time in popular games like PUBG and Counter-Strike. It will be interesting to see how Valve, the developer of Counter-Strike, approaches the use of NFTs in the future, as the Steam platform currently bans all crypto-related items.

In addition to its plans for NFT integration and the ability for players to earn rewards through gameplay, Banger Games has also announced a number of other exciting features and initiatives. These include the introduction of an anti-cheat client to ensure fair play, the implementation of P2P cloud gaming for a more seamless and stable gaming experience, and the introduction of new rewards such as Banger Coins and a battle pass system. These features demonstrate Banger Games\’ commitment to providing players with a comprehensive and rewarding gaming experience.

2023 is an important year for crypto and blockchain games, industry experts are positive that gaming will drive mass adoption of crypto in the future.

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Weekly Blockchain Games, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 News Roundup

Weekly Blockchain Games, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 News Roundup

We are here again with the weekly gaming news roundup, with a lot of developments happening in the Web3 domain. Earlier this month, we saw the FTX collapse, which has had a considerable impact on the Solana blockchain and many other blockchain gaming projects.

The FTX collapse aftershocks continued this week, where we saw Star Atlas reach a standstill as its funds got stuck in FTX. Moreover, this week also witnessed layoffs in Web3 industry companies, especially in Splinterlands.

However, it’s not all bad news; several positive developments are also running in parallel. Several blockchain games have launched their demos, updates, and first releases.

 The topics of today;

  • Star Atlas intends to return and has begun sales.
  • Splinterlands lays off 45% of its employees.
  • According to a Deloitte study, the metaverse is a trillion-dollar market.
  • Sandbox launches land sales featuring Snoop Dogg, Playboy, and more.
  • Last Expedition, a AAA blockchain FPS game, has received updates and more.

Star Atlas, the promising metaverse sci-fi RPG game, apparently finds itself between a rock and a hard place after the FTX drama. FTX was Star Atlas’ primary exchange, and almost half of their total capital is now frozen in FTX. This means that the project will face a considerable lag in its development phase. However, the developers assured the community that the development of the game will continue, as will support for the Solana blockchain.

In order to make up for the lack of funds, Star Atlas plans to launch a series of NFT sales in the coming months. The sale will feature ships, land claims, and claim stakes. Keep you posted on further developments.

It is not auspicious for Splinterlands either, as it laid off 45% of its total staff amid challenging times in the crypto market. However, it is not only about the crypto winter; the ongoing worldwide recession is also playing a role. Tech giants like Twitter, Amazon, and Meta have fired hundreds of employees. Although Splinterlands’ decision to lay off employees came after the FTX debacle, it has nothing to do with it. The company made an official announcement to clear the air that they did not have any investments or money in the FTX exchange or other similar high-risk exchanges. Additionally, Splinterlands also made it clear that they do not have any debt or employ leverage. According to the announcement, the decision was solely made to cut costs amid the worsening crypto market.

Splinterlands took the decision proactively so that they could stay on track in terms of their roadmap. Moreover, the company is positive that they are in a much better financial position and will continue to serve the community.

On the contrary, the Web3 domain continues to progress, with research reports reiterating its significance. According to a recent study on Metaverse by Deloitte, Metaverse is a trillion-dollar industry opportunity in Asia. It can add $1.4 trillion to the Asian GDP annually by 2035. The study selected 12 Asian countries to conduct an in-depth look. These countries include China, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

According to the report, the metaverse could add $US 0.8 trillion to $1.4 trillion per year by 2035. It also adds that the Asian market will take the lead in shaping the metaverse globally. Asia has 60% of the world’s youth, and youth are also the primary users of the metaverse. So, this presents Asia with a massive opportunity in the Web3 domain. However, the development direction is still unclear.

There are already small metaverses where users can socialize, go to concerts, and play virtual goods. Some of these platforms are Roblox, Fortnite, PUBG, Decentraland, Zepeto, and Sandbox.

Besides the report, metaverse projects continue to show promise and work to develop their respective virtual worlds. The Ethereum Metaverse Sandbox launches its land sale under the name “California Dreamin’.” The sale brings on celebrities like Playboy, Tony Hawk, and Snoop Dogg. This means that users have the opportunity to live in the neighborhood with Playboy, the FaZe clan, Snoop Dogg, and Tony Hawk. At the time of writing, registration for the LAND sale raffle is still open.

Finally, Gala Games gave a sneak peek and leak of its upcoming AAA blockchain FPS game, Last Expedition, during a live stream session. Gamers got to know about map blockout updates, character updates, environment updates, and the Operator License Bundle. The fans also got to meet the common character variant of the game, Alice. Moreover, specific details were also added to the weapons in the recent weapon update. The Last Expedition Operator License was also made public, which will help operators run their own customized game servers.

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