Polygon Dominates Web3 Gaming with New Releases: ArcheWorld, Mighty Action Heroes, LimeWire, and Gala Music

Get ready for new web3 gaming experiences with exciting launches, betas, and platforms from Polygon, ArcheWorld, Mighty Action Heroes, LimeWire, Mojo Melee, Gala Music, and Razer.

Hello, P2E community! It\’s the weekend, and that means it\’s time for our Super Sunday roundup of the week\’s Web3 gaming. There has been a lot going on in the world of blockchain games, from free mint events and land sales to open betas and early access.

The big news is that Polygon has moved up to become the second-best blockchain for video games. Archeworld\’s NA and SA servers are now accepting pre-registrations, and Mighty Action Heroes is in an early access Playtest. Eldarune\’s free mint event went well, Mojo Meele is in open beta, Sinverse sold land, and Wildcard put out its Genesis Wild Pass.

Also, the famous musician David Bowie will be at Gala Music. In other news, Baby Shark Bubblefong Friends has finished its closed beta and is getting ready for its global launch. Unstoppable Games is also getting ready to launch its sci-fi MMO on Starknet. The Web3 projects of Razer and LimeWire are finally moving forward. Happy gaming!

Polygon Becomes Second Biggest Blockchain Gaming Network

The blockchain gaming network Polygon has reached a big milestone by becoming the second-largest gaming blockchain network. This is because the number of people using its chain has gone up, with 138,081 unique wallets being used for gaming. BoomLand\’s Hunters On-Chain game is a big reason why Polygon has grown so quickly. In the last 30 days, the number of unique active wallets on Polygon has grown by more than 17,000%.

Even though on-chain gaming dropped by 3.33 percent in March, it still made up 45.6 percent of the DApp industry in Q1 2023. Polygon\’s strategic partnerships with global giants like Warner Music, Starbucks, and Adobe for NFT projects, and the launch of its open-source Ethereum Virtual Machine equivalent zero-knowledge rollup on March 27, have made it a key player in the NFT, gaming, and metaverse industries. Polygon is now ready to grow and be used by more people.

ArcheWorld NA and SA Servers

ArcheWorld, the much-anticipated MMORPG that uses blockchain technology, is finally getting its start on April 19, 2023, when servers for North and South America go live. On the ArcheWorld website, you can now sign up for these servers before they are even made. Gamers can invite their friends and win fun prizes like Fandom Card NFTs and Land NFTs.

The Land NFT minting for the NA&SA servers sold out in just three days. It included very popular places like Gweonid Forest, Marianople, Dewstone Plains, Solis Headlands, and Solzreed Peninsula. Even though it uses the ArcheAge name, ArcheWorld is a separate game that has nothing to do with ArcheAge 2, which is coming out soon.

ArcheWorld has already been out for six months on servers in Asia, and its unique features and creative use of blockchain technology are sure to make a splash in the Web3 gaming world.

Mighty Action Heroes Early Access Playtest

Get ready for Mighty Action Heroes, an exciting new battle royale game that will run on the Ethereum blockchain and have an early access playtest from April 28 to April 30, 2023. To add to the excitement, interested players will have a chance to try out the game if they go to the Klick game night on April 21.

Mighty Action Heroes is a third-person shooter with different hero classes that each have their own skills. Some cosmetic items and heroes at the novice level will be off-chain, while premium heroes and equipment will be on-chain. Players can get rewards based on how they did at the end of each match, and they can get even better rewards if they buy a Season Pass. The game also plans to add a token called MGHTY that will be used in its ecosystem.

Don\’t miss this chance to try out a brand-new blockchain game with its own features and way of playing. Mark your calendars and sign up for the early access playtest of Mighty Action Heroes to be one of the first people to try out this exciting new game.

LimeWire Brings Web3 Game

Pay attention, LimeWire, a popular service for downloading music in the early 2000s, is back as a browser game in the Web3 world. Players can relive the good old days by simulating LimeWire software and searching for music and movies to \”download\” to earn points. The top 1,000 players can win prizes like the new ERC-20 token from LimeWire and \”merch packages.\” You can play the game until May 15, so be sure to do so before it\’s gone.

LimeWire has also changed into a creator membership platform and NFT marketplace where artists can paywall their exclusive content for fans and sell every piece of content they upload as an NFT, earning royalties on secondary sales. Since the marketplace opened last year, $1 million worth of goods have been bought and sold. There are 3 million users and 20,000 creators on the waiting list. LimeWire wants to change the music business by giving creators a more fair and open way to make money from their work.

Web3 Game Mojo Meele Open Beta

Mojo Melee has given more details about its upcoming open beta, but it hasn\’t said when it will be available. During the beta, players can earn spots on the whitelist for the beta chest sale. There will also be a new way to move forward, and all player stats will be reset. The Battle Pass system will let players earn Gems, which can be used to buy new in-game items, as well as Experience and Ore, which can be used to level up Mojos and Champions. When a player gets a character to level 20, they can even make an NFT version of that card. Keep an eye out for more news about when Mojo Melee\’s open beta will start.

David Bowie Coming to Gala Music

Hey, gamers! Gala Music is a great way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of David Bowie\’s hit song \”Let\’s Dance.\” For a limited time, the music streaming service is giving away a version of the famous song that has never been released before. This version was made by Larry Dvoskin. To make things even more exciting, the release will be \”pay what you want,\” with all the money going to Music Cares, a non-profit that helps musicians.

To join the sale, you only need a Gala Music account and some ETH in your Gala Wallet to pay for transaction fees. The sale started on April 14 and will go on for 40 hours. Don\’t miss out on this great chance to get a rare song and help a good cause at the same time. Plus, Gala Music is sure to get a lot of new users with this exciting addition to their already impressive music library. So, why don\’t you just do it? Let\’s dance!

Razer Web3 Plan

Razer, a well-known maker of gaming hardware, is starting a new program called zVentures Web3 Incubator (ZW3I) to help developers make high-quality blockchain games and projects. The goal of this program is to improve web3 games, which are often not very good in terms of how they play and how they make the user feel. ZW3I will give priority to developers who have already shown that they can make great web2 games. Participants in the program will be able to use Razer\’s marketing and partnership programs as well as its ecosystem of hardware and software services. The ZW3I selection process will look at the game\’s overall quality, safety and security, roadmap, team experience, and, most importantly, how much fun it is to play.

Polygon Dominates Web3 Gaming with New Releases: ArcheWorld, Mighty Action Heroes, LimeWire, and Gala Music

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