Web3: The Future of Branding Your Project 2023

Web3 offers a lot when it comes to marketing a brand, the use of NFTs, blockchain, and tokens have a lot of utility in marketing your brand. We enlist three approaches that will help you market your brand.

The term Web3 has been mainstream for quite a while now, and many of us have heard about the features it can bring. There is a lot of buzz around Web3 with so many partnerships, celebrity collaborations, conferences, talks, and whatnot. However, 2023 is different, as it is a make-or-break year for blockchain and Web3 as a whole. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding blockchain and the revolution it is bringing. But all the talk has reached a point where the industry experts would either show a concrete project or deflate it. Blockchain is the best shot to achieve ownership and authenticity outside of corporate control. But how can blockchain and NFTs play a part in the branding and marketing of a Web3 project? There is a lot on the table when it comes to utilizing blockchain technology to market your product. There are a whole lot of ideas beyond celebrity collabs, let\’s check out the top ones.

What Web3 Has to Offer to Market Your Brand?

To put it precisely, Web3 is not just a future change for brands, it is already transforming the way they operate. While many people have talked about the impact of Web3 on businesses, they haven\’t provided concrete examples. If you are hesitant about this new concept because of this lack of information, your brand could suffer, and decline rapidly. Don\’t make the mistake of thinking that Web3 is only about costly pictures of apes.

Below we will discuss the three approaches which you can take to brand and market your blockchain project better. So, gear up to stay on the right side of the revolution that is coming.

NFT Utility is Important

NFTs are a lot more than cool PNGs, JPEGs, and profile pictures. However, the start was quite similar to it but it had a blessing in disguise. Their exorbitant price tags brought attention to the new medium. Also, one of the most interesting things about NFTs is that many brands use them as they are. However, every new venture has to begin somewhere, and the profile pictures of NFTs represent just that—a starting point. The next significant leap for brands is to create NFTs that offer more than just proof of PNG ownership. In other words, they must develop utility NFTs.

A utility NFT is a form of token that provides access to something with inherent value beyond the token itself. For instance, it could serve as your entry passes to an exclusive server, enabling you to cast your vote on merchandise and in-game designs, and structures for your favorite team or video game. Moreover, permit you to interact with a digital recreation of a renowned historical figure. Our company has discovered that people desire utility NFTs from their preferred brands. 

A recent survey by Dibbs on NFT mainstream adoption in an NFT community sample population shows an interesting take. The majority, 51% of respondents were of the opinion that an NFT should have more utility. Moreover, in response to another question, 60% of respondents said that they would love to bag an NFT of their favorite brands.

How Web3 Could Help Brand and Market Your Project

What Kind of NFT Utility?

It depends on your product and target audience. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous possibilities to consider, and new ones are emerging every day as different yet transformative sectors like artificial intelligence (AI), entertainment, and others, discover their next stage of growth in Web3. If you\’re having difficulty determining where to begin, a simple solution is to look at the products and content you already generate.

Token Gate Your VIP Products

For any business, the ultimate goal is to create repeat customers who consistently spend more. Additionally, it is more cost-effective to keep them returning than to attract new customers. To increase customer retention, you need to find new ways to engage with them that expand your relationship beyond the traditional \”we make, you buy\” dynamic.

Token gating your most in-demand products or content could be an excellent approach to transforming customers into long-term community members. Some brands have already had success in offering exclusive apparel drops for NFT holders.  As well, as providing enthusiasts with unique glimpses of emerging entertainment properties.

These types of Web3 initiatives transcend the standard realm of access to exclusive communities and other club-like gatherings. They foster engagement through multiple channels, offering your most ardent supporters something to talk about and potential new customers more reasons to join your brand.

Integrate the Blockchain Element

The adoption of blockchain\’s distributed ledger technology has the potential to revolutionize processes that require proof of ownership and transfer. By embracing this technology, established brands can position themselves to take advantage of new ways of doing business. Blockchain\’s built-in smart contracts simplify complicated processes such as royalty payments, as the token itself knows where to send the payment. Web3\’s decentralizing power transfers online communication and commerce from a few large corporations to peers, creating a smarter and fairer way to conduct business. Brands that get on board with blockchain now will have a head start in this new business reality and can avoid scrambling to find their footing in the future.

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Mirandus: Is Materium token a Buy?

The question is more on the investment side of things which is different from what you should exclusively look for in Web3 games. However, this article is an exception as today we will discuss the potential of Mirandus MMORPG blockchain game’s token Materium and how it may perform in near future. An important note here is that this is not financial advice. This article is just an analysis of the Materium token where we highlight the positives and the negatives. We will analyze where Materium stands at the moment and where it can go if everything happens according to Gala’s plan. Thanks to On Chain Gaming’s data, we will critically analyze what Materium holds for blockchain gamers.

Gala is a big name and a solid player in blockchain gaming development. They are rolling out some of the most promising Web3 games. However, when it comes to tokenomics, Gala games, and their respective tokens are enduring challenges when compared to others. As of now, the crypto industry is still in a bearish trend. However, we have seen a lot of positives in Web3 gaming right from the start of this year.

Top Blockchain Games Alt Coins

Axie Infinity AXS Standing

Just to put the numbers in context for Mirandus’ token, we start with the market cap of ETH. Currently, the market cap of ETH is more than $200 billion, it is massive. Now, moving on from cryptocurrency to top play to earn games, we start with Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity was the most popular and successful play to earn games in the past couple of years. However, it took a nose dive from its top high of $160 to $11 per AXS. However, in the last 30 days, AXS is up more than 80%. Its current market cap is more than $1.3 billion. So AXS stands 200 times smaller than ETH. These numbers are impressive as the game continues to fall to date.

The Sandbox SAND Analysis

The Sandbox is currently a non-playable game, keeping that in mind, let’s check how it is faring up. It’s current market cap is $1.2 billion and when fully diluted it reached over $2 billion market cap.

GALA Standing

GALA is a major player in blockchain gaming with experienced developers on its side. Its current market cap is more than $420 million. The company has more than 50 blockchain games so far with promising gameplays. Despite its portfolio GALA is one-third when compared to Axie Infinity.

Illuvium ILV Token

Illuvium is also rolling out AAA games with a lot of promise attached to them. Their current market cap is more than $153 million.

Mirandus Materium Current Standing and Future

Mirandus is a flagship game of Gala and is a promising MMORPG metaverse game. The blockchain game has a super talented and experienced team of developers working on it. Its team comprises top developers from Fable, Fall Out, World of Warcraft, and more. Its current market cap is approximately $2.5 million despite a solid team, fun gameplay, and super graphics. Materium token is available for sale for 15 cents at the moment. Its past history shows that its price pumps when it releases gameplay testing. And, we have a scheduled gameplay testing in March next month. Moreover, the token is up 93% in the last 30 days. So, the catalyst here is the hype surrounding the playtest.

The Point of Concern for Materium Token

As we have already discussed the potential catalyst for Materium hype and pump. Let’s have a look at the downside, shall we? One of the most important pieces of information missing about Materium so far is its tokenomics. There isn’t any official whitepaper or Litepaper for the Mirandus game. Moreover, there aren’t any confirmed reports about the total supply of MTRM. So, this means that Mirandus developers may manipulate Materium later on. Heck! They can even cancel it altogether as they did with Town Star. Moreover, the Gala is also a regular one when it comes to delaying game launches or even playtests. So, these are some of the points that gamers and investors need to keep in mind.

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Thalon, Immutable X's Upcoming Web3 Game Project

Thalon, Immutable X’s Upcoming Web3 Game Project

Thalon is an upcoming promising free-to-play blockchain NFT game under the banner of Immutable. The game offers venues to earn while having fun getting into the genre of real-time strategy in a sci-fi world. The game promises an exciting trilogy of games with Thalon getting out as its first part. It is an NFT RTS game where players must eye for Thalon ($THL) and other NFT collectibles. The game offers several game modes with a concrete story and smooth gameplay. Join us today in a science fiction adventure to the unknown lands and resources of humans and find out what’s in store for all of us.

Thalon, The Storyline Begins

‘Harness the power of Thalon – an advanced, yet unstable energy source. Use it to develop and execute combat strategies for your colony to survive and thrive, in a turbulent and competitive landscape.’

First and foremost, the game is absolutely free to play with no pressure of investing a hefty amount of money early on. It offers a fresh take on a classic real-time strategy where you will harvest resources, lead armies in combats, and ultimately fight for glory, and bounty rewards.

The game revolves around a mysterious, ultra-powerful, and new energy resource that is beyond human’s wildest imagination. The Finder, a cult hero, discovered Thalon on an abandoned alien vessel roaming at the edge of a known space. The vessel’s cargo had this new powerful energy source that could affect everything organic and inorganic in existence. This means that it could prove beneficial for everyone like farmer to help a better yield crop, a thinker to boost his cerebral activity, an engineer in his structures, a general and his troops, and many others.

Thalon, Immutable X's Upcoming Web3 Game Project
Thalon Creature

Keeping in view the power of Thalon, many powerful players across the universe tried to harness it. The competition between them lead to major technological advancements that resulted in Thalon’s distribution, transportation, and storage.

Thalon Gameplay and What to Expect

Thalon is a classic real-time strategy game where players compete against each other to earn $THL and other NFTs. The game offers two modes: PvE and PvP. The PvP multiplayer mode allows you to team up with your family and friends. You have the option to go 1v1 or fun fest with 4v4.

You will choose between three factions to being with; Humans, Aliens, and Android. Thalon will introduce the human faction first with the other coming later in the game. So, the game begins with players teeing off with mining resources to generate funds for their base. The idea is to expand the colony fast and create combat units to fend off any attacks. A match takes around 10-20 minutes until one of the players surrenders or succumbs to total destruction.

Thalon, Immutable X's Upcoming Web3 Game Project
Thalon Soldier

The winner then gets a bounty box which requires a small fee to open and redeem the prize inside.

NFT Collectibles in the game

The game has the following 5 NFT collectibles on which a player can get their hands.

  • Battle Unit: tanks, soldiers, artillery, etc.
  • Upgrade: Features and properties boost like damage, armor, speed, etc.
  • Land: Virtual land that a player can own
  • Skins
  • Seasonal Prizes: Rare in-game assets, rare skins, cosmetic items, etc.

The game never gets tedious or boring, the upgradation of in-game assets and battle units allows players to maneuver assets and craft a perfect strategy. A strong battle unit is assessed with the help of Power Points algorithm which considers various properties. This mechanism allows a healthy game balance between players for a level playing field.

Thalon Tokenomics and Economy

THL Token is the main token of the game with a robust price depending on utility and demand. The developers have come up with a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. The cap is final and no more tokens will come into existence. Moreover, the $THL token helps players in in-game boosts and land upgradation. Players can also stake their tokens which will help in stability via less token circulation in the open market.

Thalon Land

The game offers virtual land ownership to its players but it is not a requirement to begin playing. The land has a maximum supply of 50,000 starting from Tier 1 to Tier 4 depending on the rarity. The highest-tiered land brings several benefits like customization, revenue distribution, battle units & upgrades, and Bounty Box claim fee.

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NFT Games Meaning

What is the meaning of NFT Games

In the past few years, a new kind of gaming phenomenon has emerged in the market, where players can earn an income on their playtime via NFT games. But, what is the meaning of NFT gaming? How do you play NFT games? These games are developed on a decentralized network and all in-game characters, weapons, items, and even land are tradable, upgradeable, and even in some games rentable. If you haven’t heard about this before, it all may sound a bit daunting at first, but I assure you by the end of this article you will firmly grasp the concept.

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What are NFTs?


NFT meaning here is simple, NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens which are a form of digital assets that can be bought or sold in exchange for cryptocurrency. These digital assets are all one of kind codes that are identifiable, traceable, and verifiable. This means that these NFTs are impossible to duplicate or hack. This uniqueness is what gives NFTs so much value.

Now, an NFT is a digital asset in a game, a collectible piece of crypto art, or even a real-world object like real estate. You would be surprised to know that some of these NFTs have been sold for thousands of dollars and the most expensive ones for millions. This trend is expected to grow in the future, with new technologies coming into the market soon, these NFTs will only get more popular.

Even the renowned video game developer Zynga is eyeing play to earn and NFT games by launching blockchain incubations. So, relax, learn, and then play NFT gaming.


What is Games NFTs?

Unlike simply keeping cryptocurrency collectibles in your wallet, NFT games offer far more options. NFTs will be used in an NFT game’s regulations, mechanics, and importantly the player interactions. A game might, for example, represent your individual character or avatar as an NFT. Moreover, the items you find along the way while playing the game can also be an NFT. After collecting the NFT, you can potentially make a profit by trading or exchanging your NFTs with other gamers.

Recently, most players have been making a killing of the play to earn gaming model. Here players are not only rewarded for their gaming skills, they are given complete control over what they can do with their winnings. Be it investing in the game or exchanging it for cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

So how do developers technically integrate NFTs into the game environment?

Well, the developers build smart contracts that define the rules for the NFTs used, which are then used to exchange, generate, and implement NFTs within games. These smart contracts are self-executing pieces of code that are kept on any particular blockchain.

Let’s take an example from Axie Infinity, you will understand the meaning of NFT. Here you breed your Axie with another to create an offspring that has traits similar to its parents. Now a specific combination of genes makes up the value of a particular Axie. The rarer the combinations, the more valuable your Axie NFT.


Try out some of these NFT games


Plants vs Undead


Plans vs Undead - Video Games
Plans vs Undead – Video Games

The world has been taken over by the undead and the plants are alive ready to fight them off the land. This is a tower defense game with the goal of saving the mother tree. In this game, your NFTs are the plants and gardens you create. Moreover, in this game, the token and the in-game currencies are also interchangeable. This means you can potentially earn more or invest more in the game.

Besides the tower defense game, this is also a farm simulation game where you can grow your gardens in exchange for the In-game currency LE.


The Sandbox


Sandbox NFT - Video Gaming
Sandbox NFT – Video Games

Experience NFT gaming in a metaverse like no other. Here players can socialize with one another and create experiences using the game’s tools. You can own property, create events on it and even charge a fee to users for the experience. Moreover, you can even create PvP competitions with reward incentives. Here everything you own or create is an NFT.

The game is quite similar to Minecraft in terms of building. You can also rent out your land and the experiences you have created for other users. Those users utilize your resources to profit for themselves while paying you a small fee.


Axie Infinity


Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity – Video Games – NFT meaning

If you ever loved the classic pokemon game or the series this is the game for you. Here you own adorable critters called Axies, which you use to battle other players with their Axies. In this game, you can breed, upgrade, buy, sell, trade, and fight to earn money. Here your Axies are the NFTs.

You can get Axies by either buying them from the marketplace or catching them in adventure mode. Moreover, each season has leaderboards and those on top are rewarded quite handsomely for their efforts.

Plan to play the NFT game, you won’t regret it.