Cantina Royale Update: New Ultimates, Rewards, Map, and More!

Cantina Royale is back with its latest update, bringing new ultimates, rewards, maps, and gameplay modes. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what’s in store for the players in the upcoming release. From character ultimates to end-game rewards, and new gameplay modes, there’s plenty to be excited about.

Character Ultimates in Cantina Royale

The new update brings unique and fun ultimates for every character in Cantina Royale. The ultimates have gone through multiple rounds of playtesting to ensure that they feel different for each character and provide a fun experience in battle. Let\’s take a look at each ultimate and its effects during battle.

Alex (Tiger) – Roar of Fury

Alex, also known as Tiger, is a ferocious fighter with a mighty roar that strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. His signature move is the Roar of Fury, which unleashes a devastating sonic blast that can knock back multiple opponents at once. With his lightning-fast reflexes and sharp claws, Tiger is a formidable opponent in any battle.

Bonnie (Bear) – Ground Slam

Bonnie, or Bear as she\’s known, is a powerful fighter with incredible strength and endurance. Her signature move is the Ground Slam, which sends shockwaves through the earth, stunning and damaging all nearby enemies.

Cranky (Cat) – 9 Lives

Cranky, also known as Cat, is a wily fighter who\’s always one step ahead of her opponents. Her signature move is 9 Lives, which allows her to dodge attacks and avoid damage up to nine times in a row.

Aldo (Gator) – Barrier Shield

Aldo, or Gator as he\’s known, is a tough and tenacious fighter with an impenetrable hide. His signature move is Barrier Shield, which creates a protective barrier around himself, deflecting all incoming attacks.

Lola (Bunny) – Rabbit Hole

Lola, or Bunny as she\’s known, is a speedy and agile fighter who can outmaneuver even the quickest opponents. Her signature move is Rabbit Hole, which allows her to disappear into a small burrow and reappear at a different location, catching her enemies off guard.

Rocky (Ape) – Banana Bomb

Rocky, or Ape as he\’s known, is a massive fighter with incredible strength and durability. His signature move is the Banana Bomb, which sends a flurry of explosive bananas raining down on his opponents, causing massive damage to anyone caught in the blast.

Cantina Royale End Game Rewards

Cantina Royale introduces three types of modes in which players can earn different resources

Normal Mode

The Normal Mode allows players to earn valuable resources by playing different game modes. Players can choose the game mode they want to play.

Events (Missions) in Cantina Royale

The Events (Missions) are time-limited missions that offer players valuable resources and rewards. Completing various objectives within the normal game modes allows players to earn these rewards.

Arena Royale

The Arena mode is a competitive mode that allows players to test their skills and strategy against other players. By competing in this high-stakes environment, players can earn rewards and push themselves to new levels of mastery.

Why the Separation?

The current gameplay structure in Cantina Royale makes it challenging to enjoy the game simply for fun or exploration. Every match with a contract directly impacts a player\’s earnings, leaving little room for experimentation. To provide a fair and balanced gaming experience, the latest update introduces both competitive and non-competitive modes. However, players need to engage in both modes to maximize their progression in the game. This separation will also encourage players to try out all available characters within Cantina Royale.

New Gameplay Modes in Cantina Royale

The latest release of Cantina Royale brings new gameplay modes, expanding the players\’ experience beyond the current structure. The new modes offer exciting challenges and opportunities to earn rewards while trying out different strategies and characters. Let\’s take a closer look at the new gameplay modes.

Team Deathmatch

The game mode requires teamwork to achieve a specific number of kills against the opposing team. When players die, they will respawn at their team\’s base.

Team Killstreak

The game mode assigns a score to each player based on the number of kills they achieve without dying. The team with the highest score wins the game.

Co-Op vs AI

This game mode is a place for players to get familiar with the game, test out characters, weapons, and builds, but does not offer resources or rewards.

New Map

The latest update also introduces a new map that provides a unique setting for the players to explore. The new map features different environments and obstacles, adding a fresh perspective to the game. Let\’s take a closer look at the new map.
With the latest update, Cantina Royale offers a more engaging and exciting experience for the players. From new ultimates to end-game rewards, and new gameplay modes, there’s plenty to explore and enjoy. So gear up and get ready to enter the competitive fray with Cantina Royale!

Cantina Royale Character Ultimates, End Game Rewards, New Map & Important News

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