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Pokémon Enters Blockchain Gaming: Searches Web3 Expert

The Pokemon Company is looking for a Web3 expert. The listing shows that it has plans to get into blockchain and NFT gaming, as well as the metaverse.

Blockchain developers make assumptions as The Pokémon Company is hiring a Web3 gaming expert. A recently posted web3 job listing amazed the game developers as the Pokémon Company is looking for someone who will explore technological discoveries and offer strategic advice to the company\’s leadership. Also, the company is seeking someone with established connections in the Web3 community. This news predicts the entry of Pokémon Company into the web3 gaming world. However, there is still no proper evidence or official declaration initiated by the company itself.

The Pokémon Company was founded in Tokyo in 1998. Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, which were each their own business, started it off as The Pokémon Center Corporation. Each game is made by Game Freak, which then gives the finished product to Nintendo so that it can be sold all over the world. It changed its name to The Pokémon Company in the year 2000. The company has made a popular kids\’ TV show, more than a dozen animated movies, a trading card game, a line of merchandise, and a number of games that are hard to put down.

The Pokemon Company Embracing Web3?

Game developers and businesses are making guesses about what will happen when Pokémon joins the blockchain. The Pokémon Company hasn\’t started selling on web3 yet. But we\’ve already seen other developers work hard to bring the genre into the blockchain gaming world. But they have also had some big failures along the way. A recent job posting, on the other hand, suggests that things might be about to change.

In the job description, it says that the company is especially looking for someone who knows a lot about web3 games, such as blockchain platforms and NFTs, and is very good at them. But it needs applicants who are \”well connected to a network of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in the technology fields mentioned.\” This means that they want someone who already knows a lot about the field.

When it comes to Web3, the listing doesn\’t make it clear what The Pokémon Company might do, whether it\’s with NFTs or a blockchain-based game. People were even asked to contact the company with their thoughts on possible Web3 goals. They did not get an answer right away, though.

Pokemon NFT Game in Web3?

In general, the listing looks like it\’s for a job that will help a 24-year-old business be more innovative. People generally agree that this business is the most valuable entertainment brand in the world. The Corporate Development Principal will make a \”innovation challenge\” for people inside the company. It will also look into the possibility of working on new technology with companies from outside the government.

The Pokemon brand has been around for a long time and has led to a wide range of video games, media, and products, like toys, clothing, TV shows, movies, mobile games, and tie-ins. The Pokémon Company is the company that they all work for. Even outside of Japan, Nintendo sells all of the Pokémon video games for consoles, but it does not own the company itself. The Pokémon idea of collecting monsters could work well for NFT games or even unique digital products.

The Pokemon NFTs in Web3 Games Case: Pixelmon

Pixelmon made a whopping $70 million in NFT sales at the beginning of 2022. However, the artwork came under severe criticism and trolling. Even the founder of the artwork came to terms that it was a horrible mistake.

Syber, who started the project, said that the release was \”unacceptable,\” but he insisted that work will continue on it. NFTs are unique blockchain tokens that make it possible to find out who owns a digital asset. In Pixelmon, each NFT shows that the player owns an in-game asset. Syber said over the weekend that the NFTs that were made did not really represent how the in-game assets looked. He said he was sorry and told the OpenSea NFT about \”a horrible mistake\” on Discord.

In another tweet, he said, \”The plan was always to use the money from mint to make better and more accurate models.\” He also says that the NFTs \”can be changed, and we know that what they look like now isn\’t very good. They will be made better.\” He also said that the money raised would be used to make Pixelmon.

In September of last year, a new management team took over the project to try to save it. It came out with new artwork and a new timeline.

The Pokemon Company is on the outlook for a Web3 expert, the listing shows plans where it might enter the blockchain and NFT gaming or metaverse.

Nintendo\’s Outlook on the Metaverse and Web3

In February of last year, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said, \”The idea of the metaverse—a more dynamic and immersive form of the internet used for gaming, social connections, business, and more—seems to have \”huge promise\” for the game industry.\” He stressed that Nintendo is not in a hurry to make games for the metaverse. In the meantime, Niantic, the company that made the popular mobile game Pokémon Go, is putting money into augmented reality games that take place in the \”real world.\”

Other companies may benefit from the framework Niantic puts at the offering for NFT experiences. An example is the music metaverse game Elynixr by Pixelynx. The firm has a popular electronic music creator behind it, Deadmau5.

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Ubisoft\’s Rabbids NFTs and Wallet-Free Gaming

February continues to see plenty of blockchain gaming activity. We have new in-game content, NFT airdrops, beta testing, new partnerships, ease of access, and many more. The biggest news is that Ubisoft is still making progress in Web3, having launched its Rabbids NFTs on the Sandbox. Moreover, we have super news for gamers that do not want to indulge in any digital wallets, Champions Ascension goes wallet free. Top blockchain game Gods Unchained launches its pre-alpha mobile test, Genopets adds minigames, and Planet IX brings new in-game drops. Let’s check out these blockchain gaming developments in detail.

  • Ubisoft Launches Rabbids NFTs
  • Planet IX Making Further Progress
  • Audius and Mini Royale Nations Enters Music Partnership
  • Genopets Hosts Mini-games
  • Gods Unchained Going Mobile
  • No Wallet Required to Play Champions Ascension
  • Another Migration to ImmutableX

Ubisoft Launches Rabbids NFTs

Ubisoft is looking into Web3 technology. This is the company that made the popular Assassin\’s Creed series. The Sandbox blockchain game now has Rabbids NFT avatars, which is one of its recent moves into the space. Ubisoft is one of the most well-known traditional video game companies that is trying out Web3 and has already made a few steps in that direction. In December 2021, Ubisoft became the first major video game publisher to release in-game NFTs with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which received mixed feedback from fans. But the company is still committed to Web3 and has just released Rabbids NFT avatars for The Sandbox, a metaverse game built on Ethereum.

Ubisoft is offering 2,066 Rabbid avatars on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network. The NFTs are priced at 100 SAND, equivalent to approximately $78 at current rates. This release is timed to coincide with the Lunar New Year, specifically the year of the rabbit in 2023. The Rabbids are in various styles, and buyers can view them in four different tiers on the Sandbox game website.

Planet IX Making Further Progress

Planet IX is one of the most successful blockchain games in Web3 and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The game where players strive to revitalize a desolate planet, is expanding its range of options. The latest release, Cargo Drop 3, offers players even more possibilities for expanding their Mission Controls, as well as the addition of Rovers – autonomous vehicles that help players harvest tiles.

Cargo Drop 3 from Planet IX features a variety of NFTs and packs. Each Cargo Drop 3 pack includes a Rover, an Avatar Pack, and a Large Pack, providing players with plenty of new options to explore.

There are three types of Rovers in Planet IX, and they aid players in gathering resources, while also being capable of discovering M3ta-M0ds that help improve facilities. Avatars, on the other hand, are non-playable characters that provide in-game benefits and access to future airdrops and bonuses.

Furthermore, Cargo Drop 3 introduces the C-Tile contract, which offers players a third layer of hexes that are stakable around their Mission Control. Each Cargo pack is priced at $199, with a maximum of 100,000 Cargo Drop 3 mints available. Players can buy these packs on the official Cargo Drop 3 page.

Audius and Mini Royale Nations Enters Music Partnership

Mini Royal is combining Web3 games and music by teaming up with Audius, a decentralized music streaming platform. With this collaboration, Mini-Royale players can now listen to Audius\’ music streams while playing the game.

The partnership between Mini Royale and Audius is a cross-app, cross-chain collaboration that combines the worlds of streaming music and Web3 gaming. Through a built-in player on the Mini-Royale site, players can now stream tracks from the Audius platform while they play the game.

Genopets Hosts Mini-games

Two new minigames have been added to the pet-owning game Genopets, where players walk to earn rewards. These mini-games, called \”Feed and Fetch,\” are designed to help players keep their Genopets fed and happy. By doing so, players can achieve better Step to Energy conversion rates. In addition to these mini-games, Genopets has also added Food and Toy items to the game earlier this year. Players can receive a random selection of 3-6 items once a day when they convert their steps into energy. However, there are some changes expected on these mini-games in the upcoming Genopets update. Player feedback on losing inventory has ultimately made the developers rethink it.

Gods Unchained Going Mobile

This week, Gods Unchained opened its pre-alpha testing for the game’s mobile version. The gaming community is testing the game’s Android version and giving feedback to the developers on bugs and experiences.

The initial Gods Unchained mobile alpha test is available first to those on the elected Council of Mortals and those with Mount Olympus access, which is granted to players with large collections of GU cards. Access to the mobile pre-alpha for these players begins on February 24th, while others can join on February 28th. Anyone who played during February has a chance to receive an invitation.

No Wallet Required to Play Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension recently made a major accessibility improvement by eliminating the need for players to own a Web3 wallet in order to play the game. This comes after they made the pre-alpha free to play and got rid of the need for an invite code. Developers are continually striving to reduce the barriers to entry for web3 games, and many are finding ways to allow players to enjoy the game without the need for blockchain tokens or NFTs, while still providing access to these features for those who are interested. Champions Ascension is the latest game to join this movement.

Another Migration to ImmutableX

Chainmonsters has announced that they will be transitioning from the Flow blockchain to Immutable X just before their official launch. The move was made to ensure that the game is set up in the most suitable space for its requirements, with players soon being able to mint NFTs from the game.

In a statement, the Chainmonsters team said that they were interested in Immutable X because it was always making and using new developer tools, like the Immutable Passport that was just released. These tools enable the team to focus more on developing the game and implementing updates than on technical aspects.

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Trident\’s Risk to Earn Approach

The Trident Risk to Earn Approach in Blockchain Gaming: Will It Bring a Change?

Trident ecosystem with its three challenging free-to-play blockchain games brings a new economic approach; Risk to Earn. The team at Geyser Forge Studios created Trident, a Free-to-Play blockchain game with the goal to cater two things. First, the crypto industry, and second the conventional gaming industry. Their GameFi Structure, called Risk-to-Earn (R2E), aims to address the major issues they have identified in web3 crypto gaming. It allows players to bet tokens on in-game matches, providing a solution to these issues.

As of the second week of February 2023, Trident is building a steady fanbase. It has registered 5,000 player accounts, with over 6,800 members on its Discord server. And more than 10,600 followers on its Twitter account. Moreover, the game originally launched in March 2022, but it has since been relaunched on the Arbitrum One Chain as of February 1, 2023.

PSI Token and Trident Economic System

Within the month of February 2023, Trident plans to launch their OasisSwap DEX. This decentralized exchange, designed to prioritize the community, was developed to provide liquidity pool (LP) contributors with a share of the protocol\’s revenue. OasisSwap will offer a tiered LP fee-sharing system, which will be based on the amount of PSI staked by users.

What is Risk to Earn?

To address the issues they have identified in the web3 gaming industry, Trident has introduced the concept of \”Risk-to-Earn\” (R2E). They believe it will provide a solution to the tokenomic problem of the P2E model. The problem is evident in both Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Free-to-Earn games. Moreover, the team aims to attract players who are willing to focus on the game itself. Rather than just those who are solely focused on making money as a job from playing, which is a common phenomenon in the P2E sector.

Many Web3 games present significant barriers to entry, requiring players to make an initial payment to participate. This requirement is often in the form of purchasing NFTs to gain access to the game. As the game\’s popularity increases, the value of these NFTs also tends to increase, making it even more expensive for new players to join.

Trident overcomes this problem by offering a Free-to-Play model. It will enable players to join and start playing in the Trident ecosystem without the need to make any purchases. However, players are required to connect their wallets to participate, and Trident currently supports MetaMask and Coinbase, while for other wallets, the WalletConnect modal must be used.

How Risk to Earn Brings a Solution?

Risk-to-Earn (R2E) is a zero-sum game meaning only one of the two will earn. Players enter into bets (Risk-to-Earn contracts) against each other in games hosted on Trident\’s platform. A small transaction fee is levied on the amounts wagered, which goes into the Trident Treasury. It will finance the operation and growth of the Trident ecosystem – paying for salaries, server expenses, game development, and so on. The remaining amount constitutes the prize money, which the winner receives.

In R2E, the winner takes the entire pot, and the loser forfeits all the money wagered. Thus, players do not earn tokens from playing in Trident, and there is no increase in the token supply generated solely by participating in the game. Some argue that R2E is essentially gambling. However, Trident contends that it is a skill-based game where players compete against each other, and the better player prevails.

Trident Ecosystem and Blockchain Games

Trident MMO is the first one in the Trident ecosystem. According to the roadmap, the pre-Alpha version of the Trident Massively Multiplayer Online game (\”Trident MMO\”) is currently under development and is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2023. The game will feature a procedurally generated universe with various planets for players to explore. Players can engage in bounties and chase each other through different planets, with the opportunity to take equipment off players they defeat.

The Trident Ecosystem also offers a super grinding and challenging game; Trial of the Trident. Finally, the last one is a pet mini game; Spirit Duel.

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Crypto Still In Limbo

Crypto Still in Limbo But Investors Stay Confident in 2023

Last April, Fidelity Investments customers got the news that they will have the feature to add the digital commodity to their retirement plans through a first-of-its-kind service. At the time, Bitcoin was trading about $38,000, below 45% of its highest value.

When the company\’s 401(k) plan came to light the following fall, the value of Bitcoin took a steep dive. Prices fall due to the deteriorating financial conditions and the $60 billion collapse of the digital currencies Luna and TerraUSD. Bitcoin saw another bad year as it fell down to $20,000 in November. Meanwhile, the once $32 billion-valued cryptocurrency exchange FTX got a massive hit on the jaw and reached Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It imposed a shadow over the industry as the fallout from its collapse spread like wildfire. The quick demise of the exchange would further undermine investor trust in digital assets, driving Bitcoin\’s price to $15,480, its lowest level in two years.

Several U.S. senators, notably Dick Durbin and Elizabeth Warren, encouraged Fidelity to review its support for Bitcoin. The reason was that the digital assets exposed retirement funds to unjustified risk. “Any investment strategy based on catching lightning in a bottle, or motivated by the fear of missing out, is doomed to fail,” they stated in a letter. “We are already in a retirement security crisis, and it should not be made worse”.

One of many major companies that stands tall till now is Fidelity. It still claims openly that digital assets have a lot of potential. Ironically, given that Bitcoin\’s aim is to eliminate financial brokers and enable people to control their own money, traditional banking titans are gradually adopting cryptocurrencies. Their entry could cause crypto to deviate from its fundamentals and weaken the characteristics that make the sector unique, like asset\’s self-custody and transaction clarity.

Big Companies are Moving into Web3

Big enterprises are entering the market because they have the expertise to provide products that customers would instantly trust, including BlackRock and Fidelity.

BlackRock, the biggest investment manager in the world with $8.6 trillion in assets under administration, and Coinbase signed a collaboration agreement last August. The partnership will allow Aladdin clients to own and exchange digital assets including Bitcoin.

Nasdaq Digital Assets, the cryptocurrency initiative, came to market in September. The platform believes that its new venture would enable a greater level of institutional involvement in digital assets. It will start by providing businesses with a secure way to store cryptocurrency.

We have also BNY Mellon, the oldest bank in America, holding Bitcoin and Ethereum for its customers. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the first and second largest cryptocurrencies by market value right now. BNY Mellon has $1.8 trillion in managed assets and $42.2 trillion in assets under administration as of September 30.

Moreover, we have Wall Street giants Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and Citadel Securities founded EDXM, a crypto exchange. The facility combines cutting-edge technology with best practices from conventional banking, including an emphasis on regulatory compliance and conflict-of-interest mitigation.

These institutions have made it clear to use digital assets as a substitute for stocks/bonds when making investments. The bulk of funds that made investments in cryptocurrencies last year aimed to diversify their portfolios more by using digital assets.

Crypto\’s Inclusion in Investment Portfolio is a Necessity

Some businesses are learning about blockchain technology with the goal of using it as the foundation for future mainstream market operations. In the tokenization process, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink predicts that blockchain will help generate digital assets that replicate securities such as stocks and bonds.

Last year, despite a global market collapse, cryptocurrency remained more appealing than it was before. In a poll conducted by Fidelity of more than 1,000 institutional investors, the results were interesting. It came to light that 51% had a positive opinion of digital assets in 2022 as opposed to 45% in 2021. The significant advantage of digital assets was the major attraction for institutional investors. Majority of the institutional investors are of the opinion that Digital assets do have a concrete role in investment portfolios.

Despite cryptocurrency\’s severe volatile market in the year 2022, financial institutions and banks are happily involving themselves in the market. These institutions are positive and expect to drive higher trading volume. While financial firms trade tokens, retail traders are more likely to purchase and hold cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are more transparent than conventional money. Experts have argued that ownership information is maintained on public digital ledgers. Theoretically, this also makes it simpler to follow the flow of cash among market players. However, many financial organizations are reluctant to reveal their plans in advance. Adam Struck, managing partner, and founder of Struck Capital said some people prefer to trade cryptocurrency with businesses like Galaxy Digital or Genesis to mask their tracks.

Despite the crypto winter and FTX collapse, many big names in investment firms and institutions are confident. They believe that crypto will bounce back and is here to stay.

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Super Bowl Sunday Gaming News

It is almost Super Bowl Time. Ready for the commercials? It did hit the news this week: Super Bowl LVII will Not Feature Crypto Ads: Deals Fell Apart and Limit Break Invests Millions in Live NFT Minting during Super Bowl 2023.

For our USA friends; Happy Sunday. Go Eagles, Go Chiefs.

Welcome to another edition of Super Sunday news with all the important news on blockchain gaming from this last week.

The momentum from last week continues this week, with several new alpha gameplays being released, new partnerships and fundings, new NFT launching and Mint, and much more. The past week we also saw FTX fallout in Super Bowl advertisement deal cancellation for the crypto industry. So, this year people will see only beer ads instead of crypto or blockchain. As for the gamefi, we have Project Red inviting players to play and test gameplay for free. A couple of other games like Faraway Lands, BattleFly have alpha and early access respectively. There are also plenty of alpha gameplays already live and running so a lot is happening in Web3 games. In another update, we have Illuvium eyeing to introduce yet another game to its already pumping IP.

Let’s check in detail what’s new in blockchain this week:

●     Illuvium Announces Illuvitars

●     Planet IX Launches New Missions and Updates

●     Project Red Announces Free to Play Weekend

●     Shrapnel Announces Free Mint

●     Bullieverse New Soulbound Reward Badges

●     The Sandbox and ZepetoLabs Enter into a Partnership

●     BattleFly Early Access is Open

●     Faraway Land’s First Public Alpha is Out

Illuvium Announces Illuvitars

Illuvium is on a roll and continues to impress its fanbase with new, unique, and exciting features. This week Illuvium came up with Illuvium: Beyond where players will enjoy customizable NFT avatars based on in-game characters. These customizable NFTs are Illuvitars that will work everywhere in the Illuvium DAO. These Illluvitars will work as your profile picture which of course is customizable with plenty of cosmetic items. You can check the news in detail here.

Planet IX Launches New Missions and Updates

Planet IX has just released a new Tile Contract that offers players the chance to expand their Mission Control by 12 extra hexes. This exciting development provides ample space for growth, and for the time being, accessing these tiles is offered at no cost.

Planet IX has gained a massive following in recent months, becoming one of the most sought-after web3 games. This PIX-collecting, click-mining, and building game continues to thrive, with the latest update featuring an improved Mission Control and the ability to construct n additional twelve hexes.

Project Red Announces Free to Play Weekend

Project Red, which recently launched its public alpha, now presents free-to-play weekends for everyone. Starting this weekend (Feb 10th-12th), Project Red becomes part of the growing list of high-quality FPS games in the web3 arena.

Every other weekend, the public alpha of Project Red will be accessible to all, allowing anyone to download the game and participate in playtests. This Mafia-themed FPS is still in its early stages, with the current alpha limited to the Blood Arena, an FPS competition within the game world.

While Project Red is currently in alpha testing and hosting contests with prizes, free-to-play players will not receive rewards at this time. However, this is an excellent opportunity to try out the game, offer feedback, and get a glimpse of one of the latest FPS games in the web3 space.

Shrapnel Announces Free Mint

Shrapnel, a super promising FPS extraction NFT game announces its free mint for Sigma Containment Units or SCU. You need to get a hold of the whitelist spot if you are eyeing these limited NFTs. These NFTs will will provide additional benefits like:

●     Membership to a holders-only community

●     Early access to the Creator Tools

●     Exclusive content for the Creator Tools

●     Limited Edition content from Partner Collabs

●     Rare in-game SCU skins

Making it to the Shrapnel Whitelist has multiple ways. The quickest and most straightforward way is to possess an Operator NFT and verify your wallet on Discord. Additionally, keep an eye on contests, giveaways, and community collaborations on Shrapnel\’s social media channels. They also plan to launch an application form in the near future.

Surprisingly, this mint will take place simultaneously on three different blockchains – Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche. The NFTs will be divided evenly among each chain, with a total of 3,333 SCU units available on each. One lucky minter on Avalanche will even receive a rare 1/1 SCU airdropped directly to them!

Bullieverse New Soulbound Reward Badges

Bullieverse never forgets its early supporters and loyal fanbase as they dedicate new Soulbound badges to them as BLISS tokens. BLISS, or Bullieverse Soulbound Badges, serve as a perpetual community recognition system through soulbound (account bound) rewards.

These badges keep a record of an owner\’s involvement in various activities across the Bullieverse. The first badge is awarded to those who participated in Beary\’s Bootcamp, a staking event for holders of hibernated BarBearian NFTs. In addition to the Badge, the Bootcamp event also granted hibernating Bear owners with CuraBull tokens, which vest into BULL tokens over a 12-month period.

The Sandbox and ZepetoLabs Enter into a Partnership

This week we also saw the Sandbox entering into a partnership with ZepetoLabs. For those of you who don’t know, ZepetoLabs is a world-renowned gaming company responsible for hugely popular games. Some of the games are Cut the Rope, CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, King of Thieves, and Bullet Echo.

As per The Sandbox\’s statement, the partnership will expand the metaverse, bringing new offerings and Web3 engagement opportunities to the ZeptoLab community through engaging experiences and true digital ownership-based collectibles. This collaboration will help drive the growth of The Sandbox and further establish its presence in the Web3 gaming world.

BattleFly Early Access is Open

The web3 gaming space has welcomed a new auto-battler game with the launch of BattleFly\’s early access. This play-to-earn game, which features butterfly-themed ship customization, is open to anyone with a BattleFly NFT and a few MAGIC tokens. To participate in the early access, you must need at least one BattleFly NFT available at Moreover, you will also need at least 5 MAGIC tokens to stake with your Battlefly. So, there is a little investment early on. Furthermore, you will need to join BattleFly Discord channel and complete the onboarding formalities.

Faraway Land’s First Public Alpha is Out

Faraway Land, a town-building game under Mini-Royale, opens up its first public alpha. The game offers players to craft NFTs for Mini-Royale. Please note that Faraway Land is not the official land gameplay for Mini-Royale but rather a separate, cross-project game.

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Trend Report: Yoda Labs and BGA Analysis

Gaming Trend 2023: Yoda Labs and BGA Analysis.

Yoda Labs and BGA share their insights on blockchain gaming trends in 2023. Today we present you their take on 2023 and what we need to expect as a gamer this year in blockchain games. The Web3 industry continues to be powered by gaming, accounting for approximately 50% of all blockchain activity, despite the crypto market downturn in 2022. In 2022, Web3 gaming and metaverse projects attracted US$7.6 billion in investment, a 59% increase from 2021. Of the $7.6 billion invested in the blockchain gaming space, 33.5% went towards blockchain gaming infrastructure, 27.3% was invested in individual gaming projects or metaverse worlds, and 19.1% went to guilds and incubator programs.

Despite the crypto winter, the leading gaming and metaverse projects continued their development. Alpha or beta phases were launched for several prominent metaverse gaming dapps. Illuvium, The Sandbox, Big Time, Axie Infinity Homeland, The Fabled, Phantom Galaxies, Star Atlas, My Neighbor Alice, Treeverse, Mirandus, and many others.

According to the BGA 2022 Member Survey and Report, blockchain gaming industry professionals predict that gameplay enhancements will be the key driver of adoption in 2023. Web3 developers are focusing on making blockchain games more enjoyable and engaging.

Following gameplay improvements, the other two factors likely to drive the industry forward in the coming year are the entry of traditional gaming studios and existing gaming franchises into the Web3 space.

Exploring the Funding Trend in the Blockchain Gaming Industry

The BGA report indicates that funding was the most significant positive factor for the blockchain gaming industry in 2022. 21.3% of respondents agreed to it. Moreover, increased funding and incubation programs support can speed up the growth and development of projects. This will lead to rapid advancements in innovation in the Web3 gaming sector.

Major venture capitalists are investing in Web3 gaming, drawn by its growth, with the aim of capitalizing on the trend. Web3 gaming is emerging as a standalone industry, separate from the broader cryptocurrency market. It serves as a crucial entry point for institutions entering Web3, along with Web2 gaming studios. Examples include Square Enix\’s partnership with Oasys Blockchain, Epic Games\’ Blankos, and Mythical Games partnering with Ubisoft as a publisher.

Unpacking the Growth of the Blockchain Gaming Industry: An Analysis


In 2022, the WAX protocol remained the most widely used blockchain for web3 games, attracting an average of almost 350,000 daily users. Hive and BNB Chain followed with 235,000 and 167,000 daily users, respectively.


In 2022, Polygon solidified its position as a blockchain for games. It attracted an average of 97,000 daily users, a 340% increase from the previous year. The growth was driven by game dapps such as Arc8 by GAMEE, Benji Bananas, Crazy Defense Heroes, and Pegaxy.


ImmutableX saw a 250% increase in NFT trading volume, reaching $87 million, compared to the previous year. Gods Unchained ranked among the top 25 most traded collections across all blockchains.

Axie Infinity

The launch of Axie Infinity: Origins and the introduction of Lunacia in Axie Infinity Homeland fueled $325 million in NFT trading volume for Axie Infinity.

Yuga Labs\’ Otherside

After its launch on April 30, Yuga Labs\’ Otherside became the most actively traded virtual world project, overtaking Decentraland and The Sandbox. Otherside saw over $1 billion in trades.

Gala Games

Gala Games ended 2022 with a portfolio of 18 games, including two on Steam and one in the Epic Games Store.

Alien Worlds

In 2022, Alien Worlds was the most widely played dapp, averaging almost 200,000 daily users. It recorded 4.8 billion on-chain transactions that encompassed gameplay, trading, and DAO activity.


Splinterlands, the Hive-based trading card game, was the second most popular game by wallet activity. It maintained a player base of 160,000 daily users during the latter half of the year. The game also reached significant roadmap milestones, such as the launch of node validator licenses and the release of Runi NFT and Land Deeds.


STEPN initiated the \”move-to-earn\” concept with a gamified reward system for physical activities. Although STEPN\’s growth slowed in the 4th quarter, other dapps such as Genopets, Step App, Dotmoovs, and Dustland have followed suit.

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Web3 Gaming in 2023: A Look Ahead

This article is in continuation of the previous article which you can find here. In this series, we present you with an analysis and insight into the blockchain and Web3 gaming industry. The analysis is based on Yoda Labs and Blockchain Gaming Alliance\’s work. What should you expect as a gamer regarding the blockchain gaming industry in 2023? Where is the Web3 gaming industry headed? In this edition, we discuss the game developer\’s take on Web3, mobile gaming, and AI integration in Web3.

Web3 Adoption by Game Developers: A Trend Analysis

Investor capital support and technological advancements in the gaming industry will provide game developers with more power. Critics, including traditional players and game designers, argue that blockchain games lack aesthetic appeal and prioritize transactions over visuals. However, it will change in the near future. In November, Game7 launched a $100 million grant initiative to accelerate the development of Web3 games. They also revealed details about a new Web3 Github plugin for Unreal Engine, the widely-used 3D creation tool and game engine from Epic Games.

Game7\’s new Unreal Engine plugin will release in 2023. It will allow developers to effortlessly integrate Unreal\’s features into blockchain games. This will lead to the creation of scalable immersive environments and enhanced aesthetics. This could spark a revolution in the world of Web3 gaming! The competition between traditional and blockchain gamers continues. But it\’s clear that in 2023, game producers interested in the Web3 space will have a wealth of options to choose from.

Mobile gaming has emerged as the leading segment in the gaming industry. It captures 60% of the market share and generates more income than PC and console gaming combined. This is a massive progress when we look back to 2005 when mobile gaming was viewed as a fleeting pastime for casual players with limited graphics and control capabilities.

The mobile gaming sector leads by a mile when compared to others in the gaming industry. It experienced rapid growth, accounting for 60% of the market and outperforming PC and console gaming in terms of revenue. The ease of use, convenience, and affordability of mobile gaming has made it widely accessible to players, despite its limitations in graphics and control. Today, games like Fortnite and COD are successfully adapted for mobile devices and have gained popularity among dedicated gamers.

Experts expect Web3 gaming to follow a similar trajectory similar to mobile gaming\’s growth in the past. Although Web3 gaming currently faces accessibility issues, it is predicted that in 2023, Web3 games will exist alongside desktop and mobile games. The exact technology that will make Web3 gaming more accessible is debatable. However, the industry remains hopeful about its future prospects.

Exploring AI in Blockchain Gaming: Advancements and Impacts

The integration of AI into Web3 gaming is providing game developers with new avenues to create sophisticated, captivating, and immersive player experiences. By incorporating AI, Web3 games have the potential to become even more engaging. It will have dedicated players who are more likely to be fully immersed in the games.

The Immutable team is enthusiastic about the opportunity that technology presents for creating more compelling counter-play in games like trading card games and RPGs. Their goal is to design a sophisticated and immersive AI that is customized to meet the needs of players and provides a learning experience that matches their progress in the game. To this end, they are experimenting with ChatGPT and creating a narrator that will narrate stories in the card game using GPT-3 software.

Web3 studios are at the forefront of using AI technology to elevate their games, while traditional game studios face the challenge of the \”innovation dilemma,\” making it more costly for them to integrate AI features. Delysium, one of the first Web3 open-world player-owned games, is constructing its own metaverse with AI-created characters and content. These characters, known as AI-driven MetaBeings, have a neural brain system that governs their virtual world existence and are able to possess assets, engage in in-game activities, and earn cryptocurrency income.

The gaming industry is getting into significant transformation as AI continues to evolve, unlocking new possibilities such as self-sufficient character growth, learning, and adaptation. In the near future, we may expect a growing number of games, both traditional and Web3, will integrate AI into their design.

Web3 Gaming with AI: A Real-World Example

Delysium, one of the first Web3 open-world player-owned games, is constructing its metaverse with AI-created characters and content. The game\’s AI-driven MetaBeings have a neural brain system that governs their existence in the virtual world and is able to possess assets, participate in game activities autonomously, and earn cryptocurrency income.

Web3 studios have a greater drive to adopt new technology compared to other development studios. While all game developers desire to utilize OpenAI to improve their games, large studios face the challenge of the \”innovation dilemma\” which increases the cost of integrating AI features. As a result, Web3 and NFT games aim to lead the industry\’s use of AI technology in the future.

AI technology is bringing about a revolution in the gaming industry, leading to new advancements and opportunities. The integration of AI will allow for the exploration of autonomous character growth, learning, and adaptation in games. In 2023, an increasing number of both traditional and Web3 games will feature AI integration.

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