Mobile Game Marketing Agency

Mobile Game Marketing Agency

Reinout te Brake runs a Mobile Game Marketing Agency. Therefore he consults gaming companies on various topics like Marketing, Strategy and more. Video Games are his passion!

But what is a Game Consultant? A consultant is someone who provides expert advice professionally for a fee. Specifically, a game consultant‘s job is to provide insights and recommendations that help game companies improve their products’ chances for success.

User acquisition, or UA, is the process through which new users or customers are acquired for a game business through marketing-driven activity. Successful user acquisition is extremely reliant on continuous data-driven optimization. It is especially driven by ongoing testing and re-adjustment of campaigns with time.

Business development is a high priority topic to meet the game studio objectives. Through my network I can assist with making the right connections in the games industry. It is a mix of marketing, sales and other services.

Game Consultant, Reinout te Brake, assists game studios in acquiring new gamers (or users) and selling additional products or services to existing user database.

Reinout te Brake - Video Games Expert - Mobile Game Marketing Agency
Reinout te Brake – Video Games Expert – Mobile Game Marketing Agency

Game studios rarely achieve all of their objectives concerning business development alone. We work together with developers, publishers, technology partners, funding and many others to get your games and services to market.

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