Team Video Games Consultant

Team Video Games Consultants

As a game consultant, I consult and offer consultancy and services for the games industry. Next to myself, I have some industry experts at arms length. People with years of gaming experience in the field of marketing, game design, funding and more. I also lay out blueprints for corporate strategy and undertake detailed research in creating the right story telling for your games company.

Video Gaming Consultant - Reinout te Brake
Team Video Games Consultants

Team Video Games Consultants

‍My discoveries, conclusions and endorsements are based exclusively on my own qualitative and quantative research, highly detailed analysis and decades of experience in this games industry. I don't like to tell my clients necessarily what they want to hear. I rather tell them what they need to know to ensure overall satisfaction .

I actively help game studios to reach their target audience so that they achieve their business goals. All of the services executed by me as your consultant are strictly confidential and my firm will request to work with your company under a NDA.

‍It goes without saying that holds all the information about your services, products, game portfolios and (future) strategies including related data in the strictest of confidence

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Our firms mission statement is to consult shareholders, founders, management teams and game development teams to create AAA+ video games and with that achieve outstanding business results within the gaming industry.